Finn sat in his chair in the choir room, vaguely listening to Mr Schuester go on and on about the new assignment. It was raining outside so, obviously, he was not having a good day. Not to mention he had an argument with Quinn. He found himself glaring at her, but the glare didn't last for long. Finn was slouching back in his seat, staring wide-eyed at his desk. His breathe coming in short, shallow gasps. The teacher stopped talking quickly in the middle of his sentence.

"Finn, are you alright?" He asked, worry evident in his voice. Finn tried to reply, but instead broke in to a fit of coughs.

It was here when he realised, hewas having an asthma attack. His class-mates stood and crowded around.

"Finn?" Rachel asked.

"Finn!" Puck said.

Cries from his peers shook him out of his trance. All of a sudden, Finn stopped coughing, and slowly fell out of his chair.

"Finn!" This time, it was Mr Schuester who called out to him.

He rushed over to the brown haired boy.

"Move out of the way!" Mr Schuester yelled to the Glee club.

They cleared a path for him and he kneeled by Finn's side, placing his ear by Finn's nose and mouth, listening for breath. After a few moments, he felt a quick, shallow breath.

"M-Mr Schue..." Finn coughed. "Please help... c-can't hurts..." Finn whispered, barely audible.

"What do I do?" Mr Schuester replied, exasperated.

"M-...My locker...inhaler..." Finn gasped.

"Mike go get his inhaler!" Mr Schuester ordered still trying to stay calm.

Mike nodded and took off running to Finn's locker. He threw it open and immediately saw a white bag with a medical prescription on it. He snatched the bag and slammed the locker shut, running back towards the choir room.

Once there, he ran in and handed the inhaler to Finn. Finn took the inhaler and pressed it. A few seconds later he stopped coughing and sighed.

"Thanks..." Finn panted.

Mr Schuester smiled and the rest of the club seemed relieved.