Chapter; 1

One day, the People of the Kingdom where touring Britain, hoping maybe their Lords memory would be found. It was the night of the full moon, the 2 werewolves whom had grown close enough to the people in there kingdom would not dare to attack the others, even if they were not animals themselves, suddenly caught the scent of another.

The Bird ran off, trying to find the smell. In the haze of being a wolf and not having of the human mind, the beast in him caught sight of a small malnourished young boy. The wolf in him was furious! Who could do that to a child.

This person was not normal. Nor did they belong. That's what the beast in him believed.

And so, the wolf side of him did the only thing it could do. It bit him.

Rays of sun poured down.

The Army Ruler had joined the kingdom.*

"What do you mean you didn't mean to?" A woman who looked around the age of 22 screeched, as she glared at a male with platinum silver hair and light blue eyes. He shrunken down a little, looking younger then his suggested looking form of 21.

"Exactly what I meant Leia!" He said whimpering a little. Another male who looked exactly like the other except he had pitch black, sighed, putting a hand on 'Leia's' shoulder. She looked at him imploringly.

"You tend to forget, Leia, that Altair and myself don't keep our human minds when we transform," He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Bu-But Alistair!" She whispered. "He bit someone, meaning this little boy is now a werewolf too!"

"I know… I know, alright! Its just… through my link with my brother I felt it, his beast seeing this little boy as an out cast as much as we are. And his beast wanted away to fix that and what better way then to give him a family, give him us.."

"I guess that makes sense…." The wind blew, her hair blowing all over the place, uncovering her ears… her pointed ears. But Leia was not your typical elf. She didn't look like an elf even with the ears, she was clumsy, was not in tune with the nature around her. The list could go on.

"We have to take in to, our Lord," She stated, glaring at Altair for a second. Altair whimpered once more, before standing up shakily.

"I-I'll carry him!" He said stuttering, picking up his cub.

His cub. Was he already thinking of this boy, who he still didn't know the name of, as his cub. He stared off in space, before following the other 2 to where their lord was. He just knew he was going to get in so much trouble!

A/N: Okay, so for this chapters are going to be really really short, updating is no real set time, so yeah. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, It revealed 3 of the members of the Kingdom

Altair- The bird

The Man Protector- Alistair

Leia- The weary

Their names mean those things.

* Harry means 'Army Ruler'