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"You dont have a soul. You are a soul.

You have a body."

-C.S. Lewis

The room they leave you in is big and full of space. As if you needed it, someone as small as yourself. The Arrancar locked you in here with a couch, a bed, and a table. At night the only light you had was the moon. Lucky for you, it has yet to fail.

"I'm coming in," A dull smooth voice muffles outside the door. Ulquiorra made his way into the room. His hands placed in his pockets, his expression always made him look more depressed than nonchalant.

"Your dinner is ready" he announced. He was followed by a servant with the usual dinner tray. The servant placed your tray on the table and left. Ulquiorra stayed and watched you take little bites of your dinner.

"Why are you so quiet?" You ask him without looking up. Why would you bother glancing at him? You could never stare at this man without having him cloud your mind. His eyes left you in awe. His slim yet built figure was like a target for your eyes to follow. And his hair was like black silk, or perhaps it was razor sharp. You could never quite tell because of the silver shimmer that rang from the moonlight.

"I have nothing to say to you, women." His tone was never insulting; Ulquiorra's voice was always smooth. It was his words that made your soul sink. You were nothing to him, and it pissed you off.

"I have a name you know." You shot back at him, finally looking him in the eyes. He was standing closer than you thought...and oddly walking closer.

"I know what your name is, silly little girl. I have no reason to use it. You answer to me regardless of what I address you as." He says uncaring while he stares you down. You put the remains of your food back on the tray and put your hands on your lap.

"It would be polite to address me using my name. You know that, but obviously you seem to be stuck on my gender." You remark with a sudden ache to challenge him.

He tilts his head to the side and pushes the table away with his foot. You suddenly feel exposed, though it's not like the table was any kind of shield. There was nothing blocking this man from you. Ulquiorra's legs meet your knees and he bends over to have his face leveled with yours.

"Your sex has no affect on me. If you think it does then you have it backwards." He says leaning in closer.

Ulquiorra's lips meet your ear, "I know I have an affect on you, though. I'm the one who was ordered to watch over you, remember?" His words jumble in your mind. His breath is cold; it sends goose bumps down your body. Your heart skips a beat; he has never been this close to you.

"Women, do you know what that means? That I have access to you morning, day...and night." Ulquiorra coo's. You slip sideways away from him. His hand grabs your wrist softly, and he spins you around. His other hand pushes on the small of you're back causing you to bend into his chest. Ulquiorra towers over you, his eyes focused on your lips. His hair falls on your cheek; it slithers across your skin. Cold but not sharp, it is smooth.

"How many times have you muttered my name in the dark?" Ulquiorra strokes your cheek.

'He's watched me?' A slight blush forms across your nose.

You're embarrassed, remembering what you did when you thought you were alone. As if you had never expected your privacy to be invaded. 'I can't let him play this way...' You bring his head down to your mouth so your lips can reach his ears. Your finger trails down his neck.

"You should know. After all...you watched, Ulquiorra." You say with a smirk. For a moment his grip tightens only for him to let go and throw you on to the couch.

He turns around and walks out.

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