"Do you believe in Angels?" he asked while staring out of the window.
I paused the shooting game, took my earphones out and looked up from the screen.
"I'm sorry, what did you say again?" I asked.
His green eyes slowly turned to me, kept staring in mine for a while and looked then out of the window again.
"Nothing," he said.
"Don't lie! What did you ask?" I hissed.
"It's not like I don't know the answer anyway. Forget about it" Arthur said while rolling his eyes.
"You're so mean. Making me pause my game and everything for nothing," I mumbled.
On the moment I wanted to start the game again he grabbed my shoulder.
"I will ask you again if you will answer it seriously. Only then," he said with a dead serious look in his eyes.
A bit surprised of Arthur being so serious so sudden, I could only nod. He took that for an answer.
"I asked if you believe in Angels," he said, still with the same expression on his face.
First I wanted to laugh out loud and make him out for a fool, but I couldn't because of his deep green eyes that looked serious and sad at the same time.
"Uh... no, not really," was the only thing I could say.
He let go of my shoulder and started looking out of the window again.
"As I thought," he whispered. He took a large breath and blew it all out of the window glass. The window covered immediately. With his finger he drew a little heart on the glass. With a slight blush on my cheeks I started gaming again but for some reason playing it didn't feel as fun.
We both stayed silent while time passed by. I knew Arthur wasn't mad at me for not believing in Angels, but for some reason I felt like he was disappointed in me. When I had lost the game for the fifth time (which never had happened to me before), I put everything out and rose from the floor. Arthur was still looking out of the window with a sad expression in his eyes.
"You know," I tried to start a conversation again.
"I may not believe in Angels..."
His green eyes stared again into mine and were waiting for what would come.
"But I do believe in you," I said.
First I thought I had said something really stupid, but I realized I didn't when Arthur slowly begun to smile.
"I believe in you too, Alfred."