Chapter 51

My eyes fly open as I wake up from the endless darkness. I gasp for air as I suddenly experience the killing pain everywhere inside my body. I want to scream but I'm too scared to make even the smallest noise. Cold sweat is stinging my sore skin, but the cold of the sweat is nothing compared to the cold of the knife I'm holding in my right hand. Francis' lifeless body is lying heavily on mine, making it harder for me to breath. Shocked I push the body off me. When Francis is off me I quickly rise up from the black tiles of his kitchen floor. In horror I watch the man lying at my feet. His eyes are wide open, his pupils are small, but there seems to be no life inside his eyes. The tiles around him are covered in blood, but as far as I can see he doesn't have any cuts in his body.
"What happened?" I breath out softly.
I want to keep on staring at the body, trying to get answers, but my left arm is hurting so much that I can't ignore it anymore. The sound of the bloody knife I was holding hitting the black tiles leaves the kitchen afterwards in a killing silence. Terrified I stare at my left arm. Mysterious characters are cut deeply inside my pale looking skin. Blood is running all the way down my arm until it drips off my fingertips. My eyes shoot from my arm to the blood on the ground. This is my blood, so maybe...
Carefully I walk towards Francis and bend down my knees. With my right hand I check his pulse. It's only a dull heartbeat I can feel through his artery, but he's still alive. Not knowing if I have to be happy or sad about that, I slowly rise up again and turn away from him. Without hesitating I grab the knife from the ground.
"What happened..." I say while studying the cold metal inside my hand.
Apart from the blood, it doesn't look like a regular knife. The handle has mysterious characters carved in it. After a quick look at my arm, I see that the characters match. With my fingertips I follow the lines on the handles. By doing that I feel a shudder go through my spine, but I don't experience it unpleasantly. Contrary, it felt great. As if by touching the knife a strong dark power made his way through my body and became part of me. A grin crept on my face, and I felt like a whole other person. A better and stronger person.
"Well then," I paused to hear the knife whisper her name inside my ear. "Krasota. I think we are meant to be."
I look at Krasota as if I'm staring into the eyes of my lover, as if she is my precious. Lovingly I stroke the blade, but instead of giving it a kiss, I lick it to taste my own blood. A soft crazy laugh passes my lips.
After some time of admiring her, my eyes wonder back to the body lying on the ground.
"What do we have here?" a low dark voice from inside me speaks.
The grin on my face becomes bigger. Amused I come closer.
"Shall we make him our first victim, my love?" I say to Krasota, while giving the unconscious body a kick.
Francis doesn't react, he still seems as dead as before, but I know he's not dead… yet. For the second time I bend down next to him.
"Oh Francis," I whisper while stroking his face with my hand covered in blood. "Where did we go wrong?"
Francis doesn't answer, he doesn't even seem to notice my presence, but that little fact doesn't stop me from asking more questions.
"You seemed to love me so much, Francis. Was that only an act? Sometimes I wonder what your plans with me were. Such a pity…" With Krasota I make a small cut in his throat. It starts bleeding badly. "I'll never be able to find out."
Suddenly, his hand grabs mine and stops me from making the cut any deeper. His eyes stare right into mine, scared, shocked, but alive.
"What are you doing, Matthew?" he cries.
I want to tell him I'm ending our relation for good, but I just don't get the words past my lips. Francis didn't slap me or anything like that, but I have the feeling he did and I become the Matthew I was before. Shocked I quickly take Krasota out of his throat. I want to throw her away, but I just can't let go of her. Francis noticed my change in behaviour and lets go of my arm.
"I don't know," I whisper while a tear drips of my face.
Francis wants to embrace me to comfort me, but just as he is about to do that he notices my left arm.
"Oh mon Dieu, Matthew! What happened?" he asks, all shocked and confused.
I want to repeat myself, but before I get the change Francis touches my left arm. Again I feel that shudder go through my spine. I want to stop myself from doing it, but it's already too late. In a blink of an eye I stab Francis in his stomach. His shocked blue eyes fly wide open, he spits out blood. A part of me is watching in terror, the other part is enjoying this to the very last second. I pull Krasota out and watch how more blood drips on once spotless black tiles, ready for another stab.
"Goodbye love!" the crazy voice inside me says before stabbing Francis a second time.
This time however, his strong hand grabs my arm to stop me from doing that. His grip on me is harder than the other time, much and much harder. He is almost breaking my bones. Surprised I look into his eyes, and see how they have changed into purple ones.
"Sorry Matthew," I hear a whole other voice than Francis' speak with Francis' lips. "I can't let you do that. I might need this body later."
Suddenly, I remember what happened before I got sucked in an endless deep sleep. Francis' eyes had became purple, just like now. After that the same voice at spoken to me, saying the craziest things. I don't remember it clearly though, but I do remember him saying something about needing me. After that he had kissed me roughly, not how I had excepted our first kiss to be at all. The only thing I remember after that is darkness.
My attention gets back to Francis when suddenly the wound I made starts healing in front of my eyes. One moment there was a big hole, the other moment there is not. He lets go of my arm, leaving a clear handprint of red skin, and grins. He takes my other arm, my left, inside his hand and kisses it. The deep cuts heal immediately, but if you have a good look, you can still see the lines of the characters, scars. Slowly the purple inside his eyes vanishes. He has only one more thing to say before the last bit of purple is gone.
"Until we meet again..."