This was written for the 'Man of Few Words' challenge over on NFA. The challenge was centred around Gibbs truly being a man of few words but, the least for me...was to write in in less than 500 words to fit in with the theme.

Anyway, this is what I came up with so I hope you all enjoy and I have to say, that if you don't like and just have to leave a review, then please be constructive in your criticism and make sure you read the summary properly because the one thing I can't stand is Flamers (Sorry if that's harsh)

Thanks Guys xx

He sat there watching his lover closely as he slept. It wasn't often he got to do this given their schedule and recently, well recently there had been no time to even see other, let alone be together.

Long lashes fluttered against soft skin as his lover woke briefly before sighing and moving in closer so that he could wrap his arm around Gibbs. The older man couldn't help but smile when a leg snaked it's way over his and knew that was what mattered. Not the case; not the psycho who marred that beautiful temple with a bruise and not the fact that in half hour, he'd have to wake his lover for the concussion check. No, what mattered was that they were alive. He was here and they now had a full two days to reaffirm their love. Half an hour passed and he gently rubbed a calloused finger over the youthful cheek.

"Hey. McGee." He said gently. "Time to wake up."


"Uh huh." Tim's bleary eyes gazed up at him and he frowned at the exhaustion that he saw there. "You know the drill. Then you can sleep some more."

Tim sat up groaned as the pain in his head made itself known. The concussion was mild, but the checks were necessary and Gibbs hated having to do this.

"Timothy McGee, work at NCIS, have a dog called Jethro and I wanna sleep." With that, Tim lay back down and snuggled up sighing with contentment when Gibbs started to card his fingers through his hair.

"S'nice." Tim muttered before his eyes fluttered shut and his breathing evened out.

"Yeah. It is." Gibbs agreed and lay there thinking about their relationship. It was strange that this man had captured his heart so readily. What was stranger was the fact that Tim had accepted him wholeheartedly and despite his gruffness in life, he loved him. A conversation from yesterday morning came back to him and Gibbs couldn't help but smile happily.

"Good morning." Tim's happy voice filters through as he sits there trying to answer an email from the director. A coffee appeared before him and when he glanced up, Tim winked at him happily.

Gibbs nodded and gave a small smile with a nod.

"Hey, McGee! What's this?" Tim looked over at Tony with a confused frown and took a sip of his coffee.

"Um..Damn, you must have mine"

Gibbs watched the exchange knowing that Tim had been drinking tea that morning.

Tim glanced his way with a glint in his eyes before moving to his computer. Within seconds, he heard a ding and an instant message popped up.

Elflord: You're a man of few words this morning.

Gibbs: Yep. I am, but what more is there to say?

Gibbs sat back knowing that the I love you's that were uttered before they left were the only thing he needed that day and there were no other words that could mean more.