A Christmas to remember - Introduction

Right, I'll just give you a quick intro to this story because otherwise you'll have no idea what's going on!

First of all, this is my first Layton fic, so reviews would be fantastic!

Also, I have only completed Professor Layton and the Lost Future, NONE of the others. (Yes, I know, shocker. But I do hope to get them eventually!) Apologies in case I get a few things wrong because of that.

This story is set after the Lost Future. Clive is now out of prison. (Whoop whoop, Clive's my favourite character. Such a good twist in the story.)

I have also added my Own Character. Her name is Carly Smilie and she is the same age as Clive. She is good friends with Layton, Flora and Luke and has been on many investigations with them, including the Lost Future. Clive took her hostage along with Flora but instead of putting her in the same place as Flora, he kept her close to him in the control room (you'll find out why…). When his machine exploded, it was Carly who crawled through the rubble to reach his body then carry him to safety, where Claire and Layton picked them up in the flying car. Back on solid ground, as Clive was being arrested, Carly made a surprising request. She asked him to keep in touch and write while he was in prison. Later Luke asks her why on Earth she would want to stay in touch with the maniac who almost killed them all, she said that Clive will need someone to talk to stop him going mad ("After all, look at what the loss of his parents did to him!").

This story is set the next Christmas after Clive's release.

Okay, I've given you all the background but I won't say too much! Just enjoy!