"Great" Nami groaned in annoyance, as she rubbed her forehead trying to think. Luffy made a thoughtful face as he too seemed to think it over. Zoro sat back trying to think of the best way to take on the clown. They could try to surprise them but at the present moment trying to surprise the man was almost impossible. A front approach would get them killed faster than you can blink twice.

"Well you kids may be afraid to take him. But I'm not going to sit here anymore and let him destroy my town!" the mayor yelled as he jumped up and took a spear that was lying on the ground. Where that came from Zoro hadn't a clue. The mayor yelled and took off toward where the cannon had fired off earlier.

"Wait come back Mayor!" Nami yelled jumping up and running after him, Luffy look over at Zoro and shrugged and ran after them. Zoro groaned and got up and followed the other three. So… direct approach it was then

Zoro ran along with Nami and Luffy after the mayor, who thankfully couldn't run too fast and stayed within their line of sight.

"Wait does the mayor even know where he is?" Nami suddenly piped up. Zoro shrugged, more likely than not he didn't. But if they went in the direction that cannon fire came from then they had a good chance of finding them. Luffy gasped when the mayor stopped short. Luffy screamed to a halt Nami crashed into Luffy and Zoro crashed into her making them all stumble and nearly fall.

"Old man, don't stop so suddenly." Luffy complained rubbing the back of his head where Nami had knocked into him. The mayor paid him no heed as he glared up at the top of the town hall building in front of them. It was the only building in the immediately area that wasn't level and turned to rubble. This must be where they were.

"BUGGY I KNOW YOU'RE UP THERE! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU DISTORYING MY VILLAGE AND YOU CALLING IT YOUR COMPANY COMPOUND! COME OUT AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!" the mayor yelled as he raised his spear into the air with anger. Zoro groaned and rolled his eyes, the old man was going to take on the entire Buggy Corporation with just a spear. Ether he was fearless or stupid.

"Luffy I need to do something real quick." Zoro stated aloud, Luffy looked at him curiously for a moment but nodded, Nami eyed him wearily as Zoro moved to stand behind the old mayor.

"Sorry old man but I don't want to see you killed during the fight. Don't worry though we'll take care of Buggy in your place." Zoro whispered into the mayor's ear just before he chopped the mayor in the back of the neck. Instantly the old man went limp and Zoro caught him effortlessly.

"Was that necessary?" Nami demanded angrily as she watched Zoro pick the mayor up and lay him safely behind some rubble away from the building and any danger.

"Well, Nami we don't want him getting hurt, for someone his age any wound can be dangerous." Luffy deducted Nami gaped at him surprised Luffy could be so mature all of the sudden. Zoro didn't say anything but he was slightly surprised too. The sounds of laughter made the three of them look back up to the rooftop of the city hall building. There looking down at the over the edge was Buggy.

"Ah it's those Whitebeard brats again. This time you're not getting away! You will die here today!" Buddy yelled down at them. Luffy stepped forward.

"Come on and fight us you big red nose!" Luffy yelled back, Nami and Zoro face palmed when Luffy called him big red nose.

"I DON'T HAVE A BIG RED NOSE! BLOW THEM TO SMITHEREENS!" Buggy ordered as a cannon appeared over the edge of the building.

"Time to go!" Nami cried as the blood drained from her face making her orange hair stand out even more. Zoro made a grab for Luffy's collar to pull him away from the building but Luffy didn't move but had a thoughtful look on his face.

"What are you doing let's move!" Zoro tired to move Luffy again but ended up getting the same result.

"I want to try something." Luffy answered, Zoro stared at him. What on earth could he want to try when they were staring down the barrel of a cannon. Luffy took a very deep breath and suddenly blew up like a balloon; Luffy held his breath as the cannon went off. Zoro panicked it was going to hit Luffy and blow him up! The cannon ball flew at them; it hit Luffy in the stomach and flew back at Buggy and what was left of his corporation that survived the first explosion. Buggy and his crew screamed again in fear as the cannon ball came back at them. it hit and detonated blowing up the entire building and turned it into rumble. Zoro blinked in shock, Nami peeked out from behind the broken building she was hiding behind.

"Wow that worked better than I thought, Shishishishi!" Luffy laughed as he let out the breath he was holding and deflated to his normal size. Zoro punched him in the head.

"Warn people before you do something like that!" Zoro scolded as he ground his fist into Luffy's head.

"Ow that hurts Zoro!" Luffy complained trying to push Zoro off.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Zoro sighed dropping his head into his hands afraid to find out where the teen had learned that over night.

"Johnny and Yosaku!" Luffy chirped, Zoro groaned shaking his head. Suddenly evil laughter came from the pile of rubble that had been the town hall building. Luffy crouched down into a defensive stance and Zoro grabbed the hilt of his white sword.

"Nice try boys. But you're going to have to do better than that." Buggy's voice came from the rubble as he laughed and rose from the rubbed holding up two of his subordinates. They were charred and unconscious but he was unharmed.

"Bastard you used them as shields!" Zoro growled at him in anger. Buggy only smiled at them menacingly and dropped the two men to the ground in an ungrateful heap. To Buggy's right another person rose from the rubble this time it was a lion.

"Ah that lion!" Luffy exclaimed in surprise. But the lion fell away and behind his sat a man on a unicycle. The man had hair swept to one side covering half his face. Around his neck was a blue and white checkered scarf cover his lover face. He wore a sleeveless purple coat that stopped at his knee's, white pants with a light blue sash and a pair of white boots.

"Buggy-san may I slice them up now?" Cabaja asked calmly as he wheeled his unicycle so he was next to the clown. Buggy gave him a sideways glance and nodded before folding his arms. In a matter of seconds Cabaji had shot forward a sword drawn with it aimed at Luffy. The air resonated with the sound of metal against metal. Cabaji glared at the green haired assassin who had stopped his blade from stabbing the straw hat boy through the chest.

"From your looks I would say your Cabaji the Acrobat second in command of the Buggy corporation correct?" Zoro quirked an eyebrow at Cabaji. A smile played on Cabaji's features.

"I see you're well informed about us. But that is to be expected from Whitebeard best assassin." Cabaji wheeled back and away from Zoro and Luffy.

"if you're going to fight with swords you're going to have to take me on." Zoro announced, Cabaji narrowed his eyes but nodded all the same.

"Zoro you shouldn't fight with that wound. Let me take him." Luffy placed a hand on Zoro's shoulder trying to convince him. Zoro shook his head shrugged Luffy's hand off and took the bandana off his arm and tied it around his head.

"Look Luffy, yes bullets can't hurt you. But swords can still cut you. You can easily loose an arm or a leg if you're not careful. So let me take care of him." Zoro didn't let his eyes leave Cabaji as they stared each other down waiting for the ladder to make a move. Luffy grumbled something and pouted but backed away to where Nami was hiding. Nami stared at Luffy like he had grown an extra head.

"What are you guys? You're not human that's for sure! You blew yourself up like a balloon! And that idiot is fighting with an injury!" Nami hissed at Luffy as they watched Zoro glare down his enemy. Luffy looked over at the orange haired woman and smiled before grabbing his cheeks and pulling them away from his face farther and anyone could normally.

"I'm a rubber man and Zoro is an assassin." Luffy laughed. Nami's mouth fell open in shock. Luffy turned his attention back to Zoro and Cabaji. Suddenly Cabaji wheeled forward with incredible speed right at Zoro. Just as the acrobat came up to him he spit flames into Zoro's face.

"GAH!" Zoro shouted as he moved his arms up to shield his eyes from the searing flames. He was temporarily blinded and couldn't see the kick that was aimed at his wounded side. Cabai's booted foot connected with Zoro's injured side. Zoro screamed. Nami cringed at the assassin screams Luffy gasped as Zoro fell to the ground and turned on his back gasping. Cabaji smirked and wheeled back on his unicycle slightly and watched, amused by Zoro's suffering. Cabaji pointed his sword at the ground in front of him.

"Acrobatics! Murder case in the hot spring's steam!" Cabaji announced out loud as he spun his sword around in a circle so fast it created a large cloud of dust hiding himself from Zoro's sights.

"Shit!" Zoro cursed as he grabbed his second sword as a shadow appeared in the dust and blocked Cabaji's blade that was aimed at his head. Zoro had both his swords crossed over his head blocking the attack but he couldn't defend himself against the second licked aimed at his injured side once again. the white boot connect and Zoro cried out again and he was kicked roughly around. He rolled a few times before stopping. Zoro tried to stay still for a moment as he took in the pain.

"You were a fool assassin to try and take us on with that wound." Cabaji laughed as he rocked back and forth on his unicycle.

"How on earth can he win a fight when he's so injured?" Nami whispered as she watched. She then turned to Luffy who looked like he wanted to jump in and help but was holding himself back.

"Why don't you help him!" Nami yelled at the teen. Luffy just set his jaw and continued to keep his eyes on the fight and not meet Nami's demanding gaze. Zoro forced himself to his feet and stood his swords lowered.

"Roronoa Zoro, the best assassin in Whitebeard army. Who would have thought you were this weak?" Cabaji taunted. Zoro remained silent

"Oh well then prepare yourself! It's time to DIE!" Cabaji shot forward again on his cycle his sword raised.

"Damn bastard. Is hitting my wound that much fun to you?" Zoro asked in a menacing whisper as Cabaji stabbed Zoro with his sword right through his old wound. Cabaji sliced Zoro's side open. Nami gasped and looked away and Luffy grit his teeth harder his hands balled into fists at his side. Zoro on the other hand didn't seem fazed by it. In fact this pain was nothing to him. It was as Ace had said he had been through worse than this. Cabaji turned around thinking he would find Zoro on his knee's half dead but he was still standing.

"What?" Cabaji gasped in disbelief.

"Are you satisfied now? Now that you've wounded me even more?" Zoro asked as Nami and Luffy looked up in surprise.

"Now are you done playing dirty and do you want to fight for real?" Zoro turned to face Cabaji with a smirk on his face. But Zoro's eyes were dark and determined he wasn't going to die here! He promised her! He promised he wouldn't die till he reached the top as the best swordsman assassin! He also promised Ace and Marco and even Whitebeard. Zoro unsheathed his white hilted sword and placed it in his mouth and gripped his other two firmly as he glared Cabaji down waiting for him to make the first move. Cabaji growled angrily seeing as Zoro was still alive and could still fight.

"I've been going easy on you due to the fact I had orders not to engage in a fight with you guys. But I also had orders from Whitebeard not to die. So I'll show you a real fight now." Zoro warned a dark smile playing on his face.

"Fine if it's a fight you want then it's a fight you will get!" Cabaji yelled angrily as he reached into his coat and pulled out many different colored spinning tops. With a great sweep of his arms he threw them all at Zoro.

"Acrobatics! Hundred spinning tops wind attack!" Cabaji yelled. The tops began spinning and flew at Zoro. Zoro gripped his sword and swung them with precision and timing. With each movement of his swords through the air 4 or 5 of the tops were cut clean in half.

"Yeah Zoro!" Luffy cheered from the sidelines. Nami was no longer at his side watching the fight. Zoro wondered for a moment where the woman had gone off to but he forced the thoughts out of his mind. He didn't want to get distracted. Cabaji turned and began wheeling over to a building right.

"Acrobatics! Climbing the wall!" Cabaji suddenly shot up the wall and into the air. This took Zoro by surprise that was impossible for any human to do!

"Acrobatics! Rising fireworks!" Cabaji literally almost hung in mid air for some time as he pointed his sword downwards aimed right at Zoro. Zoro could hear Luffy gasp at how high Cabaji was in the air. Buggy yelled out an attack from where he still stood in the rubble.

"Cabaji I'll hold assassin boy down and you finish him off!" Buggy ordered as his hand came flying at Zoro.

"Bastards!" Zoro cursed as everything seemed to fall into slow motion for him. he didn't like options, it seemed doge the hand and get stabbed, dodge Cabaji and get hit by buggy or just take the attack and see what happened…. Shit he still didn't like his options! Then a familiar sandaled foot crashed down on Buggy's foot making him yelp in pain. With the hand stopped Zoro just managed to dodge the attack from the air, barely.

"Thanks Luffy!" Zoro called, Luffy looked over his shoulder at Zoro with a big smile still plastered on his face.

"No problem! But hurry up Zoro I'm ready to fight Buggy!" Luffy urged a slight whine in his voice. Zoro almost laughed at the teen. But Zoro focused on trying to catch his breath.

"Thats it, I'm finished." Zoro sighed.

"Oh? I figured you would put up more of a fight than that Zoro. I guess I over estimated you assassin." Cabaji laughed.

"I meant that I'm finished with this fight it's getting on my last nerve. It's time to finish this." Zoro stood up. His white sword in his mouth the black swords in his hands.

"Fine I'll finish you off in one swipe of my sword!" Cabaji raised his sword once again and charged at Zoro with incredible speed. But Zoro didn't budge he held his ground. Zoro crossed his arms his eyes full of determination.

"Onigiri!" Zoro whispered as he slid by Cabaji at the same time uncrossing his arms. For a moment the two stood still. Then blood pooled on the ground below Cabaji as he gasped in pain.

"CABAJI!" Buggy called out to his second in command. The acrobat fell off the unicycle and fell to the ground unconscious. Zoro straightened up gasping trying to even his breath.

"He took Cabaji out in one hit!" Buggy hissed Zoro moved to stand beside Luffy. Luffy looked Zoro over with a worried gaze. His side was now bleeding freely and blood ran down his side and dripped to the ground. It was also turning Zoro's coat pink again with his blood. But Zoro didn't seem to notice or care.

"Did you kill him?" Luffy asked tilting his head to the side looking between Cabaji and Zoro. Zoro shook his head. no he only wounded him enough to knock him out that was all. But if he had a choice he would have killed the acrobat, he was annoying. But now they had to take care Buggy.

"So you're really Roronoa Zoro assassin from the Whitebeard underground corporation, from Grand line city. And who is the kid in the straw hat." Buggy looked the two of them over.

"Monkey D. Luffy nice to meet you." Luffy smiled as he crouched down into a defensive stance his hands balled into fists. Buggy's eyes drifted up to the hat on Luffy's head.

"You know that hat reminds me of that damn red haired Shanks." Buggy growled as he pulled out his daggers.

"You knew Shanks?" Luffy asked shocked.

"Yes I do and so does that green haired kid there beside you. if I remember he was the one that save you from Sa-" Buggy was cut off as Zoro threw his own dagger at the clown. Buggy moved his head slightly to the side so the dagger flew right by him. it wasn't meant to hit him but to distract him. the clowns eyes moved back to the green haired assassin. Zoro face was morphed into one of anger now.

"Don't say another fucking word about that!" Zoro yelled at him, buggy raised an eyebrow. Luffy also gave Zoro a questioning look.

"Ah I see so you haven't told him about your past yet have you?" Buggy cooed, Zoro grit his teeth.

"No." Was Zoro's only response, so Buggy knew about his past with Shanks did he? Damn Zoro had hoped it wouldn't leave the corporation but that was a false hope. Now Zoro just had to pray that Buggy wouldn't say anything that would give his past away to Luffy.

Sorry everyone! TT_TT I've been trying to get in some of my stories but things are getting harder. But I did drop a slight hint about Zoro's past for you! so please don't kill me!