Daddy's Coming...

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: fix

Summary: When the King of Hell walks the maze of Purgatory, all bets are off...

Set in season 6.

He hadn't exactly planned to enter this realm as a minion.

At first he'd felt like friggin Cinderella. His new stepsiblings had pursued him with wrath and contempt. And Mother hadn't liked what he had done to her breed. No ma'am!

But she wasn't the only one hellbent on vengeance.

After all, this was like any other family. Under all that sugarcoating there was an ongoing battle for power.

It didn't take him long to play them off against each other, gathering allies.

If she was evil Eve, he'd be the snake.

He'd fix everything that had gone wrong.


A/N: Okay, you got me: it's just an excuse to have a tiny glimpse of my beloved Crowley. What's he up to, when does he come back. Does he come back? Oh ye of little faith :-)