WOW fix

A hunt ends up with the brothers in another difficult situation; one which definitely goes straight to the top of the 'Things That Will Never Be Mentioned Again Under Any Circumstances' List.

Disclaimer: I don't own these wonderful boys. The following 100 words demonstrates why this is a good thing.


Dean buried his face into Sam's chest, clutching blindly at the tear-dampened shirt and gulped back hiccupping, despairing sobs as if his heart were breaking. Desperate to soothe his brother's distress, Sam rubbed his heaving back, gently carding fingers across his weeping brother's spiky crown.

Red-rimmed wet eyes lifted towards Sam as Dean managed a snuffling whisper; "m'so s-sorry S-S'mmy," before his tear-streaked face crumpled as he broke down again.

Sam hushed his brother, pulling him close. "Don't worry bro', we'll fix this; an' when I find that witch that hit you with this 'crying curse,' I'll give the bitch something to cry about".