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"Say it again," Draco demanded, his fingers forming fists in Harry's Armani robes, wrinkling the lapels beyond recognition.

He watched as Harry's Adam 's apple rose and fell enticingly as he swallowed, a nervous gesture of which he had plenty. Draco had memorized them all over the past several weeks. The way he would fidget when he had some bad news about Draco's file, the way his teeth would chew gently at the inside of his lip when Draco proposed something he found intriguing but didn't want to admit to it right away. Draco learned that Harry was reluctantly eager, up for just about anything Draco suggested after analyzing it nearly to death. Harry also had a spontaneous side to him, arranging moonlit dinners and special rendezvous', each day bringing a new surprise that Draco never tired of. Draco had never had such an attentive and romantic lover before.

"You're my first," Harry breathed, and it didn't look like the tenth time had been any easier to say than the first.

Draco shivered. He'd spent so much of their first courtship assuming Harry had been with plenty of blokes, but to his pleasant surprise, that was not the case. Draco had been the first man Harry had ever so much as kissed, which made every new touch that much more special to him. "Every time you say that, I am instantly hard for you," he purred, making Harry light up like a Christmas tree.

"I'll have to say it more often then. And in public. Make sure to pick really awkward social situations," he teased, but Draco only scooped his arm around Harry's waist and backed him over to the bed.

"If you do that, I'll merely have to find an equally awkward situation to make you take care of the problem you created," Draco smirked, sliding his hand down the front of Harry's trousers and squeezing.

Harry groaned, his whole body trembling at Draco's touch. When his eyes refocused and leveled on him, Draco could see the full intensity in those brilliant emerald orbs. "I'm ready," he rasped, and something feral inside of Draco snapped at the admission.

Before now, they'd done plenty of fooling around and it had never grown boring or chaste, but Harry hadn't been ready to take all of Draco, and he certainly didn't press the issue. They'd agreed to take it slow, not knowing for certain until last week that the file would be buried and Harry's plan had worked. Draco could instantly see the shift in Harry's confidence and his demeanor at the news, and since that day, they'd been more and more open with the public and each other. It was as if Harry had given leave to the guard that protected his heart.

"I want you inside of me," Harry groaned, clearly not happy with how long it was taking Draco to respond. Draco nearly growled, ripping at Harry's clothes so roughly he swore he heard fabric tearing.

Their lips crashed together the moment Harry's shirt was free and when Draco eventually strayed from Harry's mouth it was only to cover his lips over the pulse point of Harry's throat, sucking him, marking him. "Gods, you taste amazing," Draco moaned, as he tore his own shirt off and tossed over to join Harry's.

His mouth trailed downward, sucking and kissing a path along Harry's chest, lavishing each nipple in turn before directing his attention lower. Harry's rock hard desire twitched under his gaze and Draco was aching to swallow him up, instead his mouth slid lower, his tongue tracing a delicate path along Harry's crack. The man shivered beneath his attentions and shifted, grinding himself shamelessly against Draco's face. He seemed to know just how much his confidence turned Draco on, and was rewarded when Draco speared his tongue into his center, tasting the most intimate part of him.

"Fucking hell," Harry cried out, cock bobbing as Draco lifted his legs up further, practically bending him in half. "Draco!"

Hearing his name called out that way, such a primal cry, made Draco impossibly harder. He pulled away only long enough to cast a slicking spell on his fingers, sliding first one and then a second to join it inside of Harry's tight heat, moaning at the sensation. "Oh god, you're going to be so tight," he moaned as Harry took his fingers eagerly and still begged for more.

Draco had little choice but to oblige, who was he to refuse the Chosen One, after all?

He gingerly pumped his fingers inside of his lover, milking a symphony of delicious noises from those full pouting lips. "Are you ready, Harry?" he rasped, so close already and he hadn't even entered Harry yet.

"Draco," Harry moaned, his voice on edge and close to breaking. "Please…."

The plea swayed him over the edge and he extracted his fingers with care, only to line his slick cock up in place, slowly pushing his way into Harry's tight heat. "Harry," he panted, only halfway buried. "All right?" He was so much tighter than Draco had imagined, and he knew he wasn't going to last long.

Harry nodded, though the discomfort on his face was evident. "Great," he hissed through gritted teeth.

"Just relax, Love," Draco soothed. "And if you want me to stop, just say the word."

When Harry's breath left him in a rush, Draco took the opportunity to push the rest of the way inside of his tight lover, groaning as every inch of him was surrounded by delicious and unmatched heat. He remained that way for several heartbeats, letting Harry grow accustomed to being filled, being owned, but when Harry gave a curt nod and shifted, taking him even deeper, Draco knew that the ownership went both ways.

Harry took charge of the pace, canting his hips and opening himself up wider for each thrust. Draco couldn't recall a time he felt so lost in bliss, the feel of it practically curling around him like an heirloom afghan. His every breath was but a reverent sigh of his lover's name, echoing through the room around them in time with the melody of Harry's moans.

All it took was a brief touch of Draco's hand along Harry's engorged flesh and he was undone, stream after stream of pearly fluid glinting over his stomach as his walls tightened and clenched Draco's prick, sending him to follow with a shout. Draco thrust through his orgasm, watching with rapt attention as Harry's prick continued to twitch, his body filled with soft shuddering movements, his eyes closed and lips parted. "Harry," he whispered gently, slowing and collapsing on top of him, "you are magnificent."

Harry shot him an almost smug grin and pulled him closer, capturing his lips in a fiery kiss. "Only the best for you, right?" he purred, and Draco could only smile at him for a long time while they both fought to catch their breath.

"Shit!" Harry leapt up with a start, eyes wide and glancing around for a clock. "What time is it?"

"Nap time?" Draco suggested through a sleepy smile.

"The wedding! We're going to be late!" Harry grabbed Draco's hand and jerked him to his feet, motioning for him to get dressed. "We were supposed to be leaving before…well, before you distracted me with your sexiness," he teased.

"Fine, fine," Draco grumbled as he slid back into his trousers and cast a few mending charms on Harry's clothes, noticing with a smirk that there was a slight awkwardness to Harry's gait. "You're really going to feel that tomorrow," he pointed out, not as regretfully as he maybe should have.

Harry's eyes flashed with mirth as he nodded. "I look forward to it."

Harry sat and watched as his best friends recited their wedding vows in front of a large group of illustrious witches and wizards, most of which they probably didn't even know, with a swell of happiness. He had caught Ginny's eye once or twice throughout the ceremony and each time he was met with a civil smile and she clung just a little bit harder to her date for the night, an Ambassador of something-or-other. Ron's parents were thankfully still speaking to him, Molly just as gushy as ever despite the breakup.

Draco's hand rested possessively on his thigh, a quiet show of coupledom that went nicely with the pleasant ache deep inside of him from their lovemaking. He'd had to do a quick patch up of his suit thanks to Malfoy's exuberance, but it had definitely been worth the fuss. He could still picture Draco's face as he filled him, claimed him and Harry had never been so ecstatic to belong.

"My parents bonded that way at their wedding. It's very uncommon," Draco whispered against the shell of Harry's ear, making him shiver. He looked up to see what his boyfriend meant, seeing a bright white light spun around the couples joined hands. "It cannot be broken as easily as signed documents. It's a life bond," he explained at Harry's questioning look. "They've pledged their very magic, essentially their souls, to one another."

"That's…." Harry was a bit astounded by the idea, his heart beating a little faster. He had no idea his friends had settled on such a ceremony, much less what all it meant.

"Romantic?" Draco offered, a soft smile on his lips. "If I were ever to marry, that's what I'd want. A true marriage."

Harry thought his heart might hammer clear out of his chest. "Do you ever think you might? Get married, that is?"

Draco smirked and ignored the question. "Could you see yourself up there, Harry? Surrounded by all those people, your hand in another, knowing you'll be joined for eternity?"

"No," Harry admitted, watching as Draco's smirk melted and his face took on the look of a kicked crup. "I mean, the people. I'd just want close friends and family. Nothing this elaborate. But…yes. I could see myself bonding with the right person," he finished.

"A small wedding," Draco murmured, as if rolling the idea around on his tongue. "My mother would roll in her grave if she knew I was even contemplating it," he teased, thick mirth in his tone.

Harry swallowed. "Are you contemplating it?"

Draco's eyes met his then, and the world faded away to just the two of them, a soft smile playing on his lips. "Yes, Harry. I am."

The End

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