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Demon to Demon

Chapter One

Gold eyes met amethyst in a heated moment. It's a color coordination that would, under normal circumstances never complimented each other. Gold simply did not look good with amethyst, it wasn't rock science, and it just looked unnatural and odd. Today they met. It was the beginning of something, whether it was good or bad no one could tell.

Raven knew right away that he was a demon, and likewise he knew she was as well. He smelled old and that wasn't even the half of it. He didn't really look old. He looked a year or two older than she was, but his aura pulsed with hidden and subdued power. Anyone else would have simply ridden it off as he was just an ordinary half demon, but Raven knew better. Her demon side was screaming at her to get away, let him pass and neither would be harmed. Her human side was just too curious to let this moment pass. Raven was the only half demon she knew of and this could be the beginning of a friendship. This could help her get answers of how to cope with her existence.

She knew he knew she was staring. What an awfully awkward situation, she mused. The bookstore was too small to escape each other's notice. The more she looked at him the more she realized he wasn't even paying attention to the books, that his gaze was locked heatedly on her, almost like he was trying to burn her image into his brain. It left her with a chill, and shivers raced down her spine, she couldn't tell if it was out of excitement or fear, it could have very well have been both. Again her demon side was screaming, almost painfully, tearing at the corners of her conscious begging to be heard, to be listened too. One thing Raven was good at however was ignoring her feelings.

He was garbed in an odd assortment of clothes. His silver hair was long but tied into a ponytail which hung loosely on his back and on top of his head a red baseball cap with a white letter A. He wore long jeans and a white t-shirt. Something you would expect a middle aged married man to be walking around in. Despite the white hair he looked young, and for one heart breaking second Raven was reminded of Malchior, but then she met his eyes again, those golden eyes that resembled those of a friendly dog. How odd, she thought almost getting lost in the unique color. He smiled then, fang tips protruding out. Raven's demon screamed she smacked her head and looked down, shaking her head trying to rid herself of the demon's feelings.

She must have been frozen there for a moment fighting her inner demon because her head cleared the next second, and his aura was overwhelming close.

"You okay?" a gruff voice bit out.

It was his voice. It seemed to have a hint of arrogance and anger touching it even as he voiced his concern to her. Another shiver shot through Raven and her thoughts clouded as she felt his swarming emotions.

"Yes," Raven whispered breathlessly. "I just need some fresh air I think," she would heed her demon this time as the urge to simply get away from him was primal. His aura was even more overwhelming the closer he came to her. He made to move to grab her and she flinched. The shop keep lifted up her head out of the book to give her a curious glance.

They both smiled wearily, both realizing they can't make a scene here. At least that is what she hoped he was thinking too.

"Here I'll help," he said as he reached out again and this time he laced his arm under her waist and pulled her to his chest.

She weakly protested, but he silenced her with a glare. She felt as if though she was getting shocked and jumped lightly at the contact. She let him guide her out not wanting to cause a scene in her favorite bookstore. She gave the shop keep a sympathetic smile that promised another visit soon as she departed with the stranger. He guided her outside into the cool April air.

"Feel better?" he asked and he immediately released her once they were a few feet away from the store.

He fidgeted uncomfortably, swaying from foot to foot as he studied her out in the open air. Raven merely nodded. She was now focused on getting as far away from him as possible. There was something about him that just screamed danger, and it wasn't just her inner demon that was sending off red flags now. Who just barges up and grabs strange girls like that? She is a member of the teen titans; she knows the stereotypical type of creep that leads stray girls away from large crowds is normally for sinister reasons. Demon, half demon, or not wasn't an excuse to let her curiosity get the best of her. She didn't know this man.

"Well thank you," she said awkwardly and rounded around a corner that led to the park's entrance. If she could get through there then she would have no problem teleporting back to the Tower unseen. She felt rather than saw him following her.

She wanted to run and was about to until she heard her demon side speak up again. Walk, it stated simply. Running would show fear, even though he could probably taste it coming off of her. Control, it hissed when it realized she was right. Immediately Raven began chanting her mantra. Her fear calmed and her emotions fell into step with her quick pace into the park. She could still feel him behind her but she didn't dare look to check. His pulsing anger was twinged with curiosity now, and made him seem less threatening. Raven would not be fooled. She kept trudging forward. The trees in the park were in her line of vision now.

Suddenly the idea of the park as a use of escape seemed like a horrible idea. It was a Tuesday morning on an April day. The park was literally deserted. Raven felt her mouth go dry but she kept walking. She would simply teleport, she told herself. No reason to fear.

"Hold up demon," she heard him hiss behind her. She didn't want to turn and face him but something about his tone made her.

"What," she turned and hissed back. She couldn't explain where her own anger had come from. Maybe it was the fact that his aura was so … arrogant and the way he had said demon was so… demeaning.

A long pause met her as the two demons from completely opposite worlds stared each other down. The air around them cracked with energy and for a moment Raven half wondered if they were about to launch into a battle.

"I think we should talk," he said after several moments. He never once lowered his gaze away from hers. "You know, demon to demon," and the acknowledgement of what they both were seemed to be the relaxing factor.

"I'm Raven," she said simply. She walked forward and put her hand out for him to shake it. He looked at the hand with slight disdain before he lightly grabbed it in his own hand and shook it. The moment their hands met in the friendly greeting an electrical current seemed to zap through both of them. Both jumped momentarily surprised but neither let go.

"InuYasha," he stated simply "Looks like we have a lot more to talk about than I originally thought."

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