Demon to Demon

Chapter Eleven

"I'm getting the sword today," InuYasha said as he plopped down in the lobby chair beside her.

Raven flicked her gaze from her book to him trying to fend disinterest. A million emotions seemed to swirl around them, and her tongue burned to ask the question if he wanted her to come with him or not. She kept her peace and waited once she saw the expression on his face. His brow was quirked as he gave her a long hard look.

"And?" she finally broke and questioned.

Silence didn't normally get to her but her patience was starting to crack. She would like answers, she didn't like to leave things half assed. He took a deep breath at her question.

"And I would like you to get ready to come with me," he dead panned.

His flat tone would have alarmed her, but the emotion she felt underneath was too strong to ignore. He was yearning for her and it reached her on a level she wasn't sure she understood.

"I offered that earlier," she took him standing up and smoothing out her wrinkled clothes.

"I'm offering now, are you coming?" he half barked at her.

She felt a swell of affection as she studied him. His ears twitched under his hat causing the loose cap to swivel and rustle oddly. His brows were scrunched together in apparent frustration as he glared at the wall trying to seem indifferent. His arms were crossed as he slumped into the chair he resided in.

Everything about his mannerisms screamed annoyed and indifferent. Yet she knew otherwise. This wasn't the man she had come to know, this was just him trying to put up a small wall between them after the events from yesterday. He was worried about her reaction, and she could tell without reading his emotions. His gaze flicked over to her for a fraction of a second.

"Well?" he growled.

She felt herself smile warmly at him.

"I won't deny our bond anymore once you get your sword," she said in answer and made her way towards the door. She waited impatiently for him to catch up.

The meeting between the two former lovers was awkward but this time Raven wasn't as petty and rode out the awkwardness of the situation. It was a short trip, and it ended in friendly exchanged handshakes between the group. In little less than an hour InuYasha had the sword that he claimed carried all of his strength. Yet once it was in his hands he didn't seem overjoyed, or ecstatic. His emotions were calm as he lost himself in his thoughts.

Just like that their little trip together away from everyone else was over. They had successfully found and acquired the sword that he had so desperately sought. The day passed like any other, but they decided to spend it sightseeing instead of leaving back for Titans Tower immediately.

Raven found her hands traveling down to catch InuYasha's when she least expected it, and when she would gaze up at him his face would have a small blush and a light smile would stain his lips.

The words she wanted to use, the words she felt like she had to say, were in the air between them without being spoken. She would have apologized for the day before, yet he would squeeze her hand gently in reassurance each time before she voiced it. She had never felt so connected to someone, the bond she had tried to serve seemed stronger today than it had the entire time she had known him. She felt safe, and invincible. There were no nagging thoughts in the back of her head telling her that this was wrong, that they couldn't possibly work out, that the odds were against them.

She was calm. She knew what was going to happen from here, just as well as he did.

They made their way back towards the ship just as the sun began to set. Raven felt her heart slowly break before her as she rounded to face him.

No words were spoken. The understanding nearly broke her as it had earlier that day but she shoved down the salty tears that threatened to spill.

She grabbed him swiftly and pulled him into a fierce kiss. Both felt the familiar buzz of electricity dance between them as their kiss turned desperate and frantic. Hands roamed over each other, hair was pulled, until finally both were forced apart from the lack of air. Panting hard Raven pulled him into a hug, glad that her smaller frame was enveloped by his.

"I'm going to miss you," she whispered.

"I'll be around to visit you. Maybe one day you'll change your mind and come travel with me," he said softly.

"Call me if you ever need help," she told him as she pressed a communicator firmly into the palm of his hand.

"Likewise. I'll be there for you if you ever need me."

His forehead came to rest against hers. The intimate moment seemed to spark tenfold as amethyst eyes met gold. This time instead of meeting it was for their departure.

"Our fates are locked. We'll be together again someday," she said out loud.

She said it mostly for her benefit. She wasn't sure how long they would be separated but it was reassuring to know that this was permanent, that they would be together one day. They just had two very separate goals at the moment, and one day they could be together, it just was not this day.

He smiled sadly and nodded in agreement.

They stayed like that for hours, just holding each other without words. Sometimes a kiss would be slipped in and on occasion a murmur of love was spoken. Eventually they parted.

It was a long flight back to Titans Tower. It was too silent, several times she was sorely tempted to turn back around and fetch him. The tower seemed a little bit emptier when she got there, and she ignored her friend's constant questions and bombardment of concern once she crossed into the room. She simply made her way back to her room, closed the door behind her, and slept.

Things went on as normal.

The Titans fought crime, they hung out, ate pizza, and Raven would silently watch them occasionally commenting. It was mundane and boring, yet it was peaceful and she loved them. She ignored the feeling of heartbreak, and focused on the here and now. One day as she made her way to the book store she felt a familiar aura.

She nearly dropped her shopping bags full of books and ran to the park where she felt the presences.

"Hey… I think I'm ready to settle down," he said to her.

The first time he sees her in months and all he could get out was a cocky reply like that? She didn't even care, she had missed his voice so much, she had missed him so much. Without a word she launched herself into his arms as he spun her tightly in a circle, both inhaled each other's scents and breathed in deeply as if to etch each other into their memory forever.

Gold eyes met amethyst in a warm smile.

"Let's not part again," he laughed as she kissed him and barely let him finish his sentence. Sometimes words weren't really needed. They both had each other and that was what mattered.

A/N: Kind of a blunt chapter... I suck at endings... however originally I was just going to have them part ways and leave the story at that. I just couldn't do that. I like these guys together. Thank you all so much for your feedback. This has been an amazing story to write. I hope to read some stories about these two in the future ;)