Goodbye, Severus Snape

Author's Note:

Hi this is for the Sincerely, Hermione Granger challenge from the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges forum on this website *coughgocheckitoutcough*. Anyways this probably won't be like the other challenge fics, it'll be a bit different, but all the qualifications will be met and for certain reasons words will be bolded (the prompts and quotes from what I was given). I was just letting you all know. Anyways I hope you enjoy!



The funeral of Professor Severus Snape was held separately from the rest of the funerals of the people who died during the final battle. His service was held at Hogwarts, like the others, but there were less people. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and some other students. The remaining teachers of Hogwarts were also there, along with a few unrecognized faces. The Malfoy family was there as well, but that was all.

A few of the teachers spoke about his knowledge and his work as a Potions Master. Harry Potter told everyone how Snape helped defeat Lord Voldemort, and how he was one of the bravest people he'd ever met. Narcissa Malfoy spoke about how he helped their family through a tough period of time. The service ended and as people walked past the casket to say their goodbyes, Hermione Granger lay a rose with a letter attached to it. In finely written script on the front was, 'To Professor Severus Snape'. The letter would remain unread, of course, but if you were to open it and read it, it would say the following.

Dear Severus,

Hello, Professor. I do not believe that you will ever read this, considering your current predicament, but there are some things I wanted to let you know. Although you were rude and biased towards the Gryffindors and particularly Harry, Ron, and myself, I found you to be the best teacher at Hogwarts.

I won't pretend like I did not despise you for being mean to us, but I do respect you far more for you pushing us to do our best. I know it is a contradiction to say that I miss you after I just told you that I despised you. However, that is before I learned how far you went to help Harry with his mission. Your involvement was one of the reasons we were able to defeat Voldemort.

There was a day after the war where all of us who fought stood in the Great Hall, cleaning up wreckage, when someone brought some mead and we all toasted to the deceased. You might either be shocked or amazed that every Gryffindor there said 'Long live' Professor Severus Snape.' when the time came. We toasted everyone like that, because in-fact, you all will live on forever in our hearts, memories, and our history books. (And sometimes in our Potions books, Professor).

I would like to say thank you and I sincerely hope that you rest in peace. I know that your life was not a very peaceful one, and I wish the best for you in the afterlife, whatever that may be. Goodbye, Professor Snape, you'll be missed.


Hermione Granger