In a Mirror Darkly

Merciful Lord Jesus, let me live until they come.

So finally the death he deserved had come. By rights he should have received it at the hands of Alliance soldiers twelve years ago. Instead inexplicable mercy had intervened. Oh, it had taken ten years in an abbey to feel that he had been forgiven, that the slate had been wiped clean of all his crimes. Ten years of nightmares, of begging for the forgiveness he knew he had already received and could hardly believe was his, of slowly letting the guilt be washed away and replaced with peace and love.


Now he had come at last to death. And instead of being punishment for his sins, death would be a new gift, a further evidence of mercy, for he would step from this dim world of pain and hardship into a world of goodness and beauty where, finally, he would see the One who was kind to him. He smiled through his pain. Little River—that remarkable child—unable to accept what didn't suit the intellectual world of logic—he pitied her for that. Perhaps his death would help her see beyond.

Shepherd Book smiled again. He heard Serenity coming.

Author's note: If any of my Book facts are wrong, it is because I have not yet read the graphic novel about him.