Author's Note: This is my first crossover on fanfiction, hopefully it'll go well! C:

This takes place during the Grey's Anatomy episode "Song Beneath the Song".

Two Years


She looks helpless.

She doesn't look like the Callie he works with. The one he got to know over so many years, in more ways than just one. Her body looks frail, the cuts scar her skin, and the tube down her throat supports her ability to live.

His friends, the surgeons, are frantically trying to keep her alive.

The baby, too.

He can't help. He's not allowed. The only things he can do are watch behind the thick glass from above and pray.

Pray every minute of every hour.

His eyes are brimmed with tears. He's thankful he's alone so no one can see him like this.

It's been about four hours since the accident and she's still on that operating table. She's still unconscious. She's still helpless.

"Are you sure you don't want to go, Elliot? I can book a flight for you later today or tomorrow," Olivia asks as she stuffs clothes and toiletries into a large tote bag.

"Yeah, catch your flight. Send my prayers," Elliot replies. He escorts her out of her building and into the waiting cab.

The cab ride is long and the flight is longer. The only things Olivia can do are stare out the window and try not to think the worst. Two years apart and Olivia and Callie have maintained their close friendship. When they first met, Olivia was working on a case that took place on a plane from New York to Seattle. It was committed in New York and she spent days in the Seattle airport looking for evidence. A good amount of her time was spent with the victim at Seattle Grace Hospital, which is how they met. They all became close. It seemed almost impossible to not be friends with her and her partner. She was closest with Callie and Addison.

The three of them would go out when they could or hang around the hospital when they had the chance. Olivia even stayed a few days after the case was closed. She's never had friends like this – other than Elliot.

During that time, she met Mark Sloan.

Olivia sighs; she forgot that she would see him again. Why wouldn't she? Mark and Callie are just as close as Olivia and Callie got, if not closer. Olivia runs her fingers through her hair. Right now, she just wants to focus on Callie; one of her best friends.

The plane lands and Olivia is sure to be one of the first ones off. With nothing but her tote, she rushes to the nearest waiting cab. As soon as the cab takes off, her phone rings.

"Olivia," the voice is shaky. She's been crying.

"I'm almost there, sweetie. Just…just hang on."

Arizona hangs up her phone. She just took a turn for the worst by getting into an argument with Mark. He called her nothing; a nobody. Not even a mother. He's right. She is nothing. It was his sperm that created the baby. He's the father. Callie's the mother. She's just the partner.

She needs Olivia here. Callie would need Olivia here. Things got a little better when she found out Olivia was able to drop in.

She stares down at the operation and feels the new mass of tears fall. She just wants to be there, holding Callie's hand and reassuring her everything will be okay.

She can't. She's not allowed. The only things she can do are watch behind the thick glass from above and pray.

Thirty minutes pass and she hears the approaching footsteps. She looks over to see Olivia standing only a few feet away from her.

"Your boss is okay with you coming here?" Arizona sniffles and sips from her bottle of water.

Olivia sits next to her, rubbing her shoulder for comfort, "Don't worry about that. You don't need anything else to worry about."

"How about your partner? Is he here too?"

"No, he needed to stay. He'll be praying for everybody, though."

"Callie will be so happy to see you when she wakes up."

Olivia smiles warmly.

Arizona looks down and her shoulders begin to shake, "It's all my fault," she sobs, "I wasn't looking…if I hadn't asked her at that moment, she would be okay. I wouldn't have hit the truck."

"Asked her what?" Olivia asks.

"To marry me," Arizona looks up at her with sad eyes.

She doesn't say anything; she only continues to console her. Olivia has never been good when it comes to marriage. She's only been proposed to once and that was many years ago.

"The answer will be yes," she tells her, trying her best to help.

"Um," she wipes the tears from her cheeks, "Did you see Mark yet? Does he know you're here?"

"Uh, no, he doesn't. I didn't tell him. You're the only one who knows," Olivia looks down, "I don't want me being here to be a big deal. I'm just going to stay long enough to see Callie."

Although she wants everybody to know Olivia is here, she doesn't feel like arguing about anything anymore.

"Hopefully they'll be done soon. Maybe you'll change your mind," Arizona tries to smile confidently but it turns out as a lopsided, broken, smile.

Olivia rests her hand on top of Arizona's, gently, and smiles back at her.

She takes a final sip from her water and stares at the empty bottle.

"Come on, let's go get another one," Olivia suggests and stands.

"I'll stay. Just incase there's any news about Callie," Arizona replies.

Olivia smiles and walks out. She looks around for any nearby vending machine; it's hard since she's not in this hospital everyday like all the doctors are. She walks into an observation room with a large window in front of her. She peers into the window and sees the procedure. She stops and looks at everybody's hands frantically working on Callie. The scars, the blood, the bruises, it's all there. Olivia is so concentrated on the victim, she fails to notice the pairs of eyes focused on her. After she gets an eyeful, she leaves in a hurry. The dismal feeling she felt circulating throughout the hospital when she arrived suddenly catches up to her.

She doesn't know why she wants to cry. She doesn't know why she wishes she were in Callie's position so her friend would be okay. She doesn't know why this very sight brings back the memories she and Callie had two years ago.

Finally, she finds the brightly colored machine and inserts the dollar. Her hands are shaking. She presses the button for water and tries to compose herself while she waits for the bottle. Her head rests on her forearm that supports itself against the machine. She closes her eyes and breathes while a few tears escape.

"Excuse me, are you okay?"

Olivia feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and looks into a pair of all too familiar pair of eyes that are equally as red and puffy.