"Now don't worry Maria, everything is going to be fine at this new school. I promise." Sophia told me in a reassuring way. It wasn't that I didn't believe her; it was just that none of the other students knew sign language. It was bad enough that I had to learn Japanese to come here, but I can't even talk so what was the point in traveling half way around the world to see a specialist. I would never talk again.

"Sure it is" I signed to her rolling my eyes. I pulled my long copper braid over my shoulder playing with the end of it.

"Don't talk like that. I'm sure you'll make a friend." She said softly smiling.

"How can I make a friend when I can't even talk to anyone." My hands moved in an annoyed manor telling Sophia that I wasn't in the mood for this.

"Who knows, maybe one of them knows sign language. " She tried lifting my mood but it just wasn't going to work. The car we were in pulled up to my new school and all I could think of was how much I wanted today to be over already. Sighing I got out of the car and stood next to Sophia while she looked over my uniform. "Alright, let's try and make a good first impression shall we?" She spoke cheerfully smiling the entire time. I cringed inwardly at the idea of completely embarrassing myself as well as looking like I couldn't do anything on my own.

"I'm not a kid Sophia, I can do this myself!" My hands moved quickly and sharply tell her that I was mad.

"You really want to stay by that statement, because I can let you do this yourself." She said glancing at me from the side while we walked to the office to get my stuff. I just glanced away from her and huffed. She knew she had won so I kept my hands to myself.

"Oh hello, you must be Maria. Well welcome to Domino High and I hope that your first day goes well." The secretary forced out giving us a fake smile.

"Where is Maria's classroom located?" Sophia asked the woman politely not wanting to make a big deal about all this.

"Up the stairs and down the hall, third door on the left." She continued to say in a forced happy tone. We nodded then began to head for my new classroom. We walked up to the door and Sophia took one last look at me.

"It will be fine I promise, you'll make friends and love it here. Now remember your appointment is at four and then have them call me when you're done. I'll drive you to where you'll be staying." She said giving me one last hug before she knocked on the door. Sophia wasn't family, but she was the only thing I had in this new place and I wasn't even staying with her. The door opened and I assumed my teacher was the one who had opened it by the fact she was an adult.

"Oh yes, I forgot about you. Come on in and I'll introduce you." She said in a nice way showing me that I was welcomed. "Class, I forgot to mention this but we have a new transfer student all the way from Ireland. Her name is Maria and I want you all to welcome her. She can't speak so everyone try you're best to welcome her." I felt my eyes twitch when she told them I couldn't speak. I mean they would have figured it out sooner or later. Now they all thought I was some sort of freak or something. I glanced around at the other students to see some of them giving me looks of sympathy, others looked bored, but then I noticed a boy in the back. He had tri-colored hair and really pretty lavender eyes. He smiled at me with a welcoming look that made me feel like we could be friends. I also noticed he wore an odd puzzle like pyramid necklace.

"Hello, I'm very happy to be here and I hope we can all be friends." I signed out while Sophia said the words. That was her job for today, or at least this part. Then she had to leave and head to her office to check in and get everything set up at the clinic for me, but more on that later.

"Oh and this is Sophia. She will be here periodically to translate for Maria for those of you who can't read sign language. How many of you know sign language?" My new teacher asked while I looked around the room to see two people raise their hands. One of them was a girl with blue hair and a yellow ribbon in her hair, and the other was a girl with brown hair that was cut short. The two smiled at each other so I figured they were friends. "Alright, Nasako, Masaki, you both will translate for her when Sophia isn't here." She said while my eyes widened.

"No that isn't necessary. I don't want to be a burden." My hands moved quickly and in a panicked way. I didn't want two girls who I didn't even know yet having to be around me all the time if they didn't want to. I glanced back to the two girls while the one with brown hair began to sign to me.

"It's fine. I'm glad you came to our school and I hope we can be friends. My name is Anzu and the other girl is Miho. I'll introduce you to the gang later. Welcome to Domino High." She moved her hands calmly and confidently telling me that she knew what she was doing. I smiled to her, which caused her to smile back. She seemed nice; maybe I would get a friend.

"Well looks like this went well. I'll see you at the hospital later Maria, have fun." Sophia signed then waved to the class and left.

"Well since we need one of them to see you why don't you sit next to Anzu." My teacher said. I walked back to the seat and sat down noticing everyone around me smiling to me.

"Are these your friends?" I signed Anzu who simply nodded noticing the teacher going back to the lesson. The class went by relatively well since she didn't call on me for anything, and I figured that would be the case everyday. When it was then time for afternoon break I stayed in my seat not really sure on what to do. Anzu and Miho said they would be back once they bought lunch. They had asked if I wanted to come but I declined not really in the mood to eat. Once they left I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to see the boy who had smiled at me when I first got here. I smiled at him again while he sat down next to me. I then noticed something was in his hands.

"What's that?" I signed then realizing that he didn't know what I said. He gave me an apologetic look that I couldn't help but think was adorable but I shook my head then tapped the object in his hand then tilted my head.

"Oh, this is a game I brought to school with me today. Do you want to play with me?" He asked while I nodded. I loved playing games back home. A sad look fell over my face but I shook it away before the boy could see it. "My name's Yugi by the way." He spoke up after he finished setting up the game. "The rules are really simple. Each of us has a pair of dice that we roll. We then move our pieces by the number of that roll, but the piece stops if you land on that number. The trick is to move the piece across the board and get to the finish first. So it's all about strategy. I'll let you go first since you wanted to play with me." Yugi said smiling while handing me a die. I smiled to him then rolled it gently getting a six. I smirked then moved my piece six spaces making sure to watch my pathway so I wouldn't get stuck next turn. Yugi then took his turn, which he rolled a four. We continued to play for a bit before I even noticed Anzu and Miho come back. I noticed two other boys who I had yet to meet but they all just told me to keep playing because they wanted to see who wins. It was my last roll and I got a one landing me in the finished spot.

"Wow that was really fun. Want to play something tomorrow?" Yugi asked smiling at me. I nodded my head quickly smiling back at him. I had a lot of fun playing the game with Yugi, it was just to bad I couldn't really communicate with him without Anzu or Miho having to tell him what I said.

"I can't believe you beat Yugi. Nobody beats Yugi." Jonouchi whined smiling to me. Anzu had introduced me to them halfway through the game.

"Hey Maria-Chan we're all going to Burger World after school today to eat. Want to come?" Anzu asked me putting her pointer finger in to the side to look cute. I giggled silently but frowned a bit.

"I wish I could but I have to go to the hospital to get my tests done along with getting all my medications." I signed to her. She seemed to want to apologize but I gave her a look that said it was fine. I noticed that Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda seemed a bit confused so Anzu told them what I said.

"Ah, Maria-chan you have to go to the hospital? What's wrong?" Yugi asked in a panicked voice. I looked down at the floor not really ready to share the fact that the reason I couldn't talk was because I had been in a serious car accident that I was the only survivor to. I felt tears begin to brim my eyes and my hands ball into fists. I shook my head a bit and closed my eyes trying to keep the tears back. "I'm sorry Maria-chan I didn't mean to make you upset." Yugi said softly. My eyes shot open while I looked at him. I shook my head and gave him a sad smile.

"It isn't you Yugi-kun, it's just that the reason I have to go to the hospital is a very touchy subject. You didn't know so it's ok." I moved my hands slowly and calmly trying to calm him down. It seemed to work as he smiled at me after Miho told him what I had said.

Classes started again and as I thought I wasn't called on at all today. Anzu or Miho would sign me something that Jonouchi, Honda, or Yugi would want to tell me. They seemed to like the fact that this gave them an excuse to say things during class without making noise. The end of the day finally came and I said goodbye to the gang then headed for the hospital. It was in walking distance of the school so I made sure that Sophia didn't drive so she wouldn't waist gas.

I walked into the large building asking the lady at the desk where I would find the room I was supposed to go to, thank go she knew sign language otherwise I would have been in trouble. Once I had my directions I headed for the room with a sad look on my face. The gang was most likely at Burger World by now having fun talking and joking around. I sighed shaking my head to try and cheer myself up. It didn't work though and it only seemed to give me a headache. I entered the room to see Sophia and a man I assumed to be the specialist at vocal surgeries.

"Ah Maria-chan, come in and have a seat and we'll talk about the test while everything gets set up." He said motioning to a chair right next to Sophia. I took the seat thinking that the sooner I got this over with the sooner I could go to my new home.

Yugi's PoV

I walked out of the store I was just in smiling to myself. I hadn't told the others where I was going even when Anzu had asked if I wanted to walk home together. Normally I would have taken her up on that offer any day but I wanted to get something before heading home. I looked down at the bag in my hands with a smile. Wouldn't everyone be surprised when my plan worked? I hoped it would at least make Maria feel better. I turned the corner and headed down the road towards the shop hurrying a bit so Grandpa wouldn't yell about being late.

"I'm home!" I yelled opening the door to the shop.

"Yugi welcome home, where did you venture off to today?" Grandpa asked giving me a look that said I was caught.

"I went to the store to pick something that I needed." I said quickly trying to get up the stairs to my room before anything else was asked.

"Yugi, what did you buy?" I turned to look up the stairs to see mom smiling down at me. Shoot, now I can't get away!

"I bought a notebook for a friend so she can write in it when she wants to talk to me." I said feeling a goofy grin form on my face.

"Oh do you have a crush on her and this is a secret notebook that you both can share?" Mom teased causing me to blush.

"It's not like that. Maria-chan can't speak so I thought that this way I would be able to talk to her when Anzu and Miho aren't around. It will be a way for us to become closer friends if we have a secret notebook." I said sadly. I still felt bad about making Maria tear up when I asked her why she had to go to the hospital. Both of them looked at me and smiled.

"That's a very sweet thought dear." Mom said when I reached the top of the stairs. I smiled then headed for my room.

I shut the door then walked over to my desk and placing the notebook right in front of my chair. I looked down at it and smiled at the one I had picked. The notebook was a nice size but it was small enough that she could fit in her bag as well as hide in a desk.

The cover was a dark green shade, which I picked because it was the same shade as the bow she had in her hair at the top of her braid. There were shamrocks and gold coins decorating it which I thought was nice because she was Irish. I took out the two keys that went with the lock on the notebook. I picked one out with a lock so only the two of us could read it. One key was on a chain and looked like a necklace, so I would give that to Maria tomorrow along with the book. The key also had on it a small charm that looked like some sort of knot. I didn't really know what it was but I bet Maria did.

The other key was on a key-chain. This key also had the knot thing on it; I was defiantly going to have to ask her what that was tomorrow. I wanted to see what the pages looked like so I opened it and smiled when I saw them. The pages were a transparent green color. There was a transparent picture of a keyhole with shamrock around it. I thought it looked cute and hoped that Maria liked it and wanted to use it. I closed the book and smiled dangling the necklace infront of me. I was so happy that I made a new friend, I just wished there was an easier way for us to talk, and hopefully this book would help me get to know Maria better.