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Pieces of a Puzzle: Duelist Kingdom

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I will forget


This was bad. If we had no way of defeating Zork then how were we supposed to get out of this? I looked to everyone seeing the worry on their faces. If we weren't able to figure out something, and soon, this would be all over.

"Are you calling me a coward?" Bakura asked. I could hear the confidence in his tone. "This whole game world was created by me, the master. I am the law! The ruler! God!" I glared up at him. Could his ego get any larger? "The game continues. The least you guys can do is perform well when you die!" He reached down for his dice but I noticed something change about him. Something wasn't right. "Now, Zork attacks in the next turn. Now to determine whether the attack hits your players."

"Super Critical." I heard Other Yugi say. There was a brief pause before we were all hit with a large blast of energy sending us all flying back. "Everyone!" I could hear Other Yugi but then everything just turned off. Light, sound, touch; nothing. I was simply in nothing. It was void of everything. It was terrifying, yet I couldn't feel the emotion I knew should be happening.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you." It was a voice. Yet, it wasn't Other Yugi's voice like last time.

"Who . . . who are you?"

"Someone looking after you."

I suddenly felt light again. Just as the thought came to me the feeling was gone. I tried holding onto the voice but there was nothing, just emptiness.

"What?! There's still one hit point left?!" I could hear the anger in Bakura's voice. Clearly we were meant to die that round. I slowly pulled myself up. Everything hurt and I could feel the urge to cough.

"MARIA!" I looked up at Other Yugi startled but he wasn't looking at the board, he was looking away at what I assumed was my body since we weren't able to see those from down here.

"What's wrong?" I asked but it came out slightly gurgled, like there was spit or something.

"Stop talking!" His voice snapped but there wasn't anger, it was fear. Something was wrong with my body.

"What happened? I thought I was going to die." Honda and the others were beginning to get up as well. Other Yugi seemed relieved but this however when his eyes met mine I could see panic. He looked away noticing something happening with Bakura.

"Is everyone alright?" Yugi asked while we all nodded.

"The game continues." Bakura said shakily. The waver in his voice held less confidence, something was going on.

"Damn it! Just how can we defeat Zork?" Honda cursed.

"Zork's defenses are too high!" Anzu and I shared a glance while she spoke. "The difference between our levels is too great!"

"Our hit points are down to one. We're finished the next time we're attacked." Yugi said looking at the ground.

"So, on the next turn, sorceress Anzu can act." Bakura said continuing the game. "but Zork can act at the same time. In this situation, we decide who goes first by using the dice. We both roll dice, and the one closer to 00 goes first. Here we go." He said while both of them rolled their dice. As they landed everyone held their breath. "The duel is over Yugi. Prepare yourself! Zork attacks first!" Bakura yelled. However, Other Yugi smiled looking down at the dice. "What's so funny?"

"Do you have holes for eyes? Take another look at the dice!"

"What! Ten!? It can't be! That . . . that can't be!"

"The dice don't lie, Bakura. The sorceress goes first." Other Yugi finished. Anzu lifted her staff and pink dust began to surround us.

"That feels good." Miho said brightly. I nodded feeling myself getting better. The urge to cough went away as well but my throat still felt clogged, even if it was simply a faint feeling. I felt my stomach twist with the idea that something was very wrong with my real body if I could feel a ghost of it through this doll.

"What's wrong, Bakura? You're looking pale." I was pulled out of my thoughts by Other Yugi's voice.

"What are you saying? Even with restored hit points, you guys are still microbes compared to Zork. On the next attack he'll completely obliterate you guys!" Bakura finished.

"Everyone, be careful!" Yugi said as Zork moved towards us. "Zork is going to counter attack." As Bakura threw the dice something seemed wrong and when they landed he ended up with a 99, a fumble. Zork began his attack but something went wrong and he blew himself up.

"Alright! Zork failed and blew himself up!" Honda cheered. Our happiness was broken however from a scream from Bakura. I looked up seeing him puncture his left hand onto one of the castle towers forming a hole in his hand. "Now you can't act as you'd like, Ryou Bakura!" Bakura said making my eyes widen. So I was right, this Bakura is the 'Other Bakura' similar to Other Yugi. Although, this other seems to be evil, instead of good.

"Next is the beast tamer, Yugi's turn. So hurry up with it already!" Other Bakura was getting impatient now.

"Beast tamer will try his hand power on Demon King Zork." Other Yugi explained.

"What? Hand power is a spell used for turning enemy monsters into comrades. Do you think that would work on Zork?" Other Bakura hissed out. Other Yugi rolled the dice and Yugi began his attack.

"Fool! If you want Zork to join you, you'd need to be over level one million!" Zork said. However, as soon as he stopped his left arm began to smoke. Out of the smoke came a figure and as it jumped down I saw that it was Bakura.

"You're Bakura-kun, right?" Yugi asked making sure it was his friend.

"Thanks, everyone! You got me out!" He smiled to us. "I am white mage Bakura." That's fitting. I thought thinking of how nice Bakura normally is, unlike is Other. "I really want to join you guys!"

"Of course!" Yugi said without a second thought.

"Alright!" Jounouchi cheered raising his sword. "We got another comrade!"

"Thank goodness!" Anzu sighed out.

"Everyone, let's do our best!" Miho cheered.

"Alright! Let's go, everyone!" Other Yugi said. "The robber attacks." He rolled the dice landing on a 05. I rushed forward slicing at Zork with both of my blades seeing large slashes across his chest and a large part of him missing from where I dragged both of my blades.

"That was amazing!"

"What happened?"

"Zork doesn't have the same defense power. I used my white magic to lower his power!" I suddenly felt a lot of energy, it made me sick. Looking at Zork I noticed something happening to him.

"Zork is transforming!" Yugi explained.

"This is bad! Zork is using his last resort!" Bakura continued. Once Zork was finished transforming we all stared in horror. Zork had developed bone like armor with wings. He had become larger with claws and sharp teeth, it was horrifying.

"Do you see?! This is Zork's final form!" Other Bakura shouted. "His attack power has leveled up! And on this turn, Zork attacks first."

"Everyone be careful." Jounouchi warned as we braced for the attack.

"What is that?!" Honda stared as the center of Zork's chest began to glow. Other Bakura rolled the dice and rolled a Super Critical. Just as the attack was about to hit us, Bakura raised up a shield, once the attack was over he fell to the ground.

"Bakura-kun!" Yugi yelled as he and I ran over to him. "You sacrificed yourself for us!"

"Bakura-kun, just wait! On my next turn I'll bring you back!" Anzu said.

"I'm fine." He said softly turning to face us. "Anzu-san, if you have magic for healing me then please use it to attack on this turn instead! I don't have the power to protect you all anymore. We'll surely be wiped out unless we finish this on the next turn!"

"I understand, Bakura. I won't let you die alone!" Jounouchi said looking down at him.

"Alright! Time for our counter-attack!" Honda nodded to Jounouchi. As Zork stood from the attack we all noticed then an eye had appeared where his attack had come from.

"There! That's his weak spot!" Other Yugi said.

"That eye is the weak spot?" Honda asked skeptically.

"It's closing!" Yugi shouted and sure enough it was, and quickly.

"No! It's too late! It'll be closed before we can attack!" Honda shouted.

"Poki!" Poki suddenly flew forward and wedged itself in the hole keeping it from closing.

"Poki!" Yugi and Miho shouted.

"What are you doing, Poki?" I asked forgetting about Other Yugi's warning.

"Use this chance to destroy both of us! Poki!" Poki said looking at Yugi. "Everyone, thank you for letting me join you. Now hurry!"

"Thank you Poki!" Jounouchi said. "But we won't sacrifice a comrade who has fought with us in battle! We can't defeat evil if we do it by selling out our comrades' lives!"

"Just wait, Poki! I'll definitely save you!" Yugi began an attack while looking at me and I nodded understanding I jumped on top of the fist and held myself as close to it as possible, my cloak concealing what I was doing. "Guiding hand jet stream punch!" Yugi shouted sending the fist flying towards the hole and Poki. This better work! Right before we made contact I jumped off falling back as the fist made contact with Zork's weakness. I landed on my side with my cloak covering me.

"Maria!" I sat up looking at the little thing in my arms.

"Poki." I smiled down to him nuzzling him. I had placed the second teleportation item in front of the fist so that Poki would be teleported to me.

"Ah! Poki is!" Anzu started

"He did it!" Jounouchi cheered.

"Furthermore, the solider attacks!" Other Yugi rolled the die and landed a 15 allowing Jounouchi to slice Zork in half causing a lot of damage. Zork fell to the ground once more.

"He did it! Zork is defeated!" Miho shouted.

"No, not yet." Other Yugi said.

"Zork isn't dead yet?" Jounouchi asked.

"Stubborn bastard!" Honda huffed out.

"Not finishing Zork in that attack will cost you your lives!" Other Bakura yelled. "On the next turn, Zork and the players have the chance to simultaneously attack!" He pointed to Other Yugi. "This is the last dice roll! We both roll, and the winner gets the first attack!"

"You're on, master!" Other Yugi said calmly.

"This is our last chance!" Jounouchi said as we all looked at Zork.

"I'm counting on you Yugi." Honda said looking to him.

"You can do it, my other self." Yugi said while the others looked to him encouraging him. I looked up to Other Yugi and smiled to him.

"I believe in you." I said softly.

"Everyone be careful! Zork's still got some power left!" Jounouchi warned.

"Your next adventure will be in Hell!" Other Bakura shouted as the two rolled their dice. We all held our breath as the dice fell. Other Yugi rolled a Super Critical. If Other Bakura rolled anything else, we won. I watched as his dice stopped.

"A super critical." Other Yugi said in disbelief.

"This is the cruelest outcome for you guys. From the heights of victory to the dregs of defeat! I also get a super critical, so Zork is blowing himself up with you gu-" He stopped seeing something odd happening to his dice. I looked closer seeing that they were glowing white. The dice began to crack and suddenly Bakura was in front of us.

"I don't want to lose any more friends. I won't let you have your way anymore!" He said standing up to his darker other.

"Bakura!" Other Yugi shouted.

"Even if it means my soul will be broken apart!" Bakura said strongly.

"So you're in these dice?!" Other Bakura spat out in disgust. "I won't allow it!" He shouted as the dice cracked further. "I'll use my Millennium Ring to drive your soul out!" Other Bakura said. Another Millennium Item?! "Disappear, Bakura!" Energy shot out and began to hurt Bakura however we all reached forward and placed a hand on his back supporting him. The energy broke off with us all fighting against it. "What! Your souls are also in my dice?! How!? How are you guys able to do that?!" Bakura yelled.

"Nothing is impossible as long as we care for our friends!" Jounouchi said. The dice shattered.

"Your dice are gone! We get first strike!" Other Yugi said as we all prepared to attack. "Sorceress magic attack!" Anzu moved forward and attacked Zork with everything she had!

"We did it!" Anzu shouted. We all smiled to each other but there was once again that weird pulling sensation. I felt myself slipping into black.

I felt pain, a lot of pain in my throat and I couldn't breathe. I could hear the voices of the others but I wasn't able to calm down enough to breathe in my nose.

"We won?!" Jounouchi shouted.

"Alright, we did it! We're back to normal!"

"Maria?" It was Anzu I slowly lifted my head hearing Miko shriek.

"Maria you're bleeding!" Jounouchi shouted coming over to me.

"Maria!" Yugi's voice. I tried getting air but there was so much blood build up and my throat was raw and dry. Since I wasn't able to cough or control my body the blood built up and irritation spread. That was that feeling! That must have been when Other Yugi told me to stop talking! I stood quickly and ran out of the room for another and quickly found my way to the bathroom locking the door. I rushed over to the sink spitting out all of the blood in my mouth seeing blood clots. That much have been what was cutting off my air. I started to breathe and cough pulling out a handkerchief to cover my mouth. I heard banging on the door but refused to open it.

"Maria! Maria open the door!" It was Other Yugi's voice. I felt tears come to my eyes from the pain but the coughing slowly subsided. I could breathe again and I quickly rinsed out my mouth watching as the blood ran down the drain. I stood looking at myself in the mirror thankful that I was able to keep the blood off of my shirt, however my face still had dried blood on it from what had fallen out of my mouth during the game.

"Maria!" He was banging louder. I took in a deep breath and rid myself of my blood and quickly unlocked the door walking out in front of him. "Maria are you-" I cut him off by smiling and looking up to him.

"We did it! We're all ok." I signed seeing him nod. He reached forward and hugged me pulling me as close to him as he could.

"I was worried you were . . . ." He stopped apparently not wanting to finish the thought. "Will you go to the hospital again?" He asked softly against my hair. I nodded knowing that I would need to be looked over because of this. He held me a bit longer before we pulled away. "My princess." He kissed my forehead then leaned his against mine. I could hear the others coming closer to the door leading into this room. "Soon." Was all he said before a bright light made me pull back covering my eyes.

"Maria-chan are you alright! You ran out suddenly!" Yugi asked making me smile to him.

"I'm ok. I just had to cough and didn't want to in front of everyone." I said seeing him nod.

"I'm glad you're ok." The others came in asking if I was alright and I noticed that Bakura looked like himself again. We all smiled and laughed feeling wonderful after our new adventure together.

We went our separate ways all heading home needing some rest after that. I ended up checking myself into my hospital needed to have my throat examined. They needed to keep me for about a week and this time they placed me in a room by myself with other empty beds. The gang visited the next day after noticing that I hadn't been at school and once the week was up it seemed that everything went back to normal.

"This is bad! We're late again!" Jounouchi yelled as we all ran down the road being late for class. Since it was my first day back we all decided to meet up and walk together. We made it to the school gates only to have Jounouchi trip causing the rest of us to fall over.

"Hey! You guys are late again? You're all getting crew cuts!" Karita said while looking down at us as he stood by the gate. We all grumbled and hurried off to class.

"That damn Karita jerk!" Jounouchi said slamming down his bag while I stood next to Yugi and Anzu. "Does he know who restored him to normal?!"

"Really. We should have left him trapped in the game." Honda complained.

"Good morning, Yugi-kun." I looked up seeing Ryou walking over to us holding a box.

"Bakura-kun! Good morning!" Yugi greeted.

"There's something I want to show you guys today." He said putting the box down.

"Something you want to show us? Yugi asked looking at him.

"What is it?" Anzu asked getting excited.

"This." He said lifting up the lid showing a diorama of our characters and Other Yugi. It was adorable! "This diorama is a record of the adventure from that day. The proof of friendship that everyone fought for!"

"That's right. It's just as Bakura-kun said. It's the proof of our friendship." Yugi said softly.

"Proof of our trust in each other, our everlasting bond!" Anzu said making my shoulders shift in a chuckle.

"Jounouchi and Honda . . ." Miho said.

"Anzu and Miho…." Jounouchi continued.

"Bakura-kun and Yugi…" Anzu said.

"And Maria-chan." Yugi finished. "It will never change. The memorial to the day when we forged the bonds of this friendship!"

I looked at the diorama looking at the figures then up at my friends. Yeah . . . . coming here wasn't such a bad idea. Mom, Dad, …Aiden . . . . I've made some wonderful friends here. I know that I've put myself in a lot of dangerous spots since coming here and I know that I still have a long way to go until I'm okay again, but they're helping me. They've shown me that it's ok to get close to others again and that people won't let you down. I trust them and . . . . I think they're going to help me pick up the pieces, one by one.


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