Icebergs Cause Fallen Ships

All characters by me.

Inspired by The Lovely Bones.


"Hey, throw me the ball!"

But Ashley and Sylvia just kept throwing the ball over Juliana's poor little head. She was small for her age, 10 and in months leaving the 4th grade.

"Sylvia, did you hear something?" Ashley said in a wondering tone, laughing and giggling secretly inside.

"Nope. Must be the wind."

The girls stood throwing the ball back and forth, without giving Juliana a try. Juliana always wondered why people didn't like her, or why she just couldn't fit in. Life was tough for a girl like her. I bet you, reader, have been in a situation like this in one point in your life. Where nobody seemed to get you. Everything was, and all through that time, a dark time.

Juliana decided to walk off, and talk to her imaginary robot-friend Toby on the curb farthest the playground.

"What's wrong with me Toby?"

(Toby-in her mind- says, "Nothing. Your great just the way you are. Great at drawing, long wavy brown hair, I can see a lot of talent in your bright blue eyes, and we can't forgot your lovely obsession with ships, can we? Plus your wonderful voice.")

"Thanks Toby. But people just don't get it,"

Everybody in her grade thought imaginary friends were childish and just not cool anymore. Now Juliana had a mind of her own. She thought up wonderfully good things, and everything bad in life she has turned into good. As she always thought everything happens for a reason. And she did have a great hand for drawing. Her classmates often came to her desk to watch her draw.

She also had a fascination for boats and ships. She had over 100 drawings of them in her bedroom. And she always said goodnight to each and everyone of the sailors on the big boats filled on the lined papers.

But tomorrow would be the day Julie couldn't be able to draw for her classmates anymore. Sing for her mother. Get ready for school. Pick a rose from the park. Hug her father when she went to see him every weekend. Or sleep in her bedroom. Say goodnight to her brave sailors every night. For she would be asleep forever...

Reader, if you found yourself at Julie's age, hanging to the edge of life, trying to run away but is constantly pulled back by heavy forces, what would you do? In this particular situation Julie couldn't scream. Couldn't run. Couldn't let go of what could have been.