Icebergs Cause Fallen Ships

Finally got it done! Lol. Writers block, I guess. Since this is in the Lovely Bones category thought I should add some of the real story into it... enjoy :)

Chapter 1- I'm Sorry, Mother

"Hi mom." Julie said nervously.

"Hi honey, how was your day?" Lindsey, was her mother. Susie was her sister, who was murdered. She knew who murdered her. George Harvey, who is now dead. But nobody believed her... except her father and her grandma Lynn, who is also dead. Soon after she got pregnant with Juliana, she decided to let it go. She told herself to never tell her daughter about Susie... because it would bring her back and bring up so many questions.

"I had a great day... but mom..." Julie started quivering and shaking. "... Do I have an Aunt?"

Lindsey shuttered at that, as she was completely shocked. Reader, would you be shocked if a loved one found out a deep secret of yours? I know I would.

"H-how did you find out...?" Lindsey choked back tears.

"It was a lesson in class today. She used a girl named Susie as an example of some sort... she told me Susie was my aunt," Julie was wide-eyed watching her mother sob into her shirt.

"Yes... shes your Aunt..." Lindsey wiped her eyes. She sent Julie outside, so she can have some time alone. Meanwhile, Julie talked to the nice lady down the street. Ms. Lynette, she couldn't have children and envied Lindsey. Shelby Lynette was in the same high school as Lindsey, but not the same grade. Shelby was older than her. Lindsey was, always, more popular than Shelby. When Shelby found out she couldn't have kids, she turned for adoption. But she couldn't adopt because of criminal records. Not bad criminal records, just minor driving accidents and cat fights.

"Julie... I can you help me move my old couch into my basement? I'd be really appreciated," Shelby lightly smiled.

"I really can't I have to go home and see what my mom is doing. Plus I don't have the strength to move a couch,"

"I'd be helping you. And your a strong girl, Julie. Inside and out." Ms. Lynette slowly persuaded her.

"Well... actually... uh... I have some homework to do. And well my mom...-"

"Oh honey, honey, honey, homework isn't really important. I'll let you call your mom after we move the couch and maybe we can have a snack right after?"

"But I really have to go..."

"It'd be a big favor."

Juliana realized what she was doing. Reader she isn't dumb. I'd bet a situation like this could happen to you. But remember she a small girl. Ms. Lynette was right, she was a strong girl. But she isn't all that strong. She was, yes, very smart. But when it came to P.E. all she got was a big, unrewarding, wimpy, weak, big, fat, F.

After a long silent moment, Juliana started running for her life. Brown hair fleeing, blue eyes clearly reading "fear". Ms. Lynette was still in reach of poor little Juliana. She grabbed her hair and tugged, held Julie close, threw Julie inside her house and closed the door.