This is set after the final episode...Everything is back to normal except that all the Cybodies are now destroyed. All of the maiden seals are already broken so...Zero Time is already broken as well making Cybodies able to move in the real world. Samekh, though, is already destroyed and Takuto and the others already destroyed the other Cybodies. Even though this is true, Takuto and Sugata and other Star Drivers that has an original mark still has their mark.

Well, I hope you enjoy it!

In Sugata's backyard where there was a small garden, Wako and Takuto sat in a small round table that consisted of three chairs...obviously custom made for the trio.

"Wako…you know…" Takuto nervously squirmed in his chair. "A-About Sugata…"

"You love him, right?" Wako calmly continued for him then sipped from her drink. She looked up to the red teen and chuckled when she saw he was blushing.

"I-I…really liked Wako…" Takuto tried explaining with a goofy smile on his face. "but…"

"Liked, right? Past tense…don't worry, Takuto. I noticed your feelings for him when you decided to break my seal to save him." She took another sip then leaned against her chair. She gave a comforting smile as Takuto gave her a worried look. "It's okay. I shouldn't limit myself to two guys…I understood. I think what I feel for you two is like having brothers." She giggled.

"Are you leaving the island?" Takuto asked now taking his glass and drinking a quarter of the content. "You can leave the island now, can't you?" Takuto excitedly started.

Wako gave off a fake disappointed look. "Takuto-kun, do you want me to leave?" A pout developed on her face as she crossed her arms.

"N-No!" Takuto grinned at her and waved his hands groggily. "Because…Wako wanted to become an idol."

The pout disappeared and a face full of thought came. "You're right." She gently closed her eyes and smiled. "But not yet…" She looked at Takuto. "I…have to make sure of something first."

"What?" Takuto took his cup again. He became curious of her words.

Wako glanced through him and saw something that made her giggle.

"Wako?" Takuto asked, the straw still in his mouth. He flinched as she creepily smirked at him.

"Hey, you guys seem to be having fun." Sugata emerged behind Takuto, placing his hand on Takuto's shoulder. "What's wrong?" He turned to Takuto, who was now coughing.

Wako took his attention as she began laughing. "He was just surprised."

"Really? I was waving, though." He removed his hand from Takuto's shoulder, instead placing it inside his pocket and sat on the chair to Takuto's left.

Takuto instantly looked at Wako suspiciously who gave an amused look. "Wako…!"

"It wasn't my fault you weren't paying attention, Takuto-kun."

"I'll be leaving in three months." Wako announced at the dinner table, putting another spoonful of food in her mouth.

Silence enveloped the room. Sugata really was the quiet person and Takuto didn't know what to say at such a time.

After swallowing, Wako spoke again. "That's why, we're gonna be busy this last summer vacation, so be ready!" She looked at Takuto and Sugata.

The two boys couldn't help but laugh at her energetic proposal, and who were they to reject her.

"What about you, Takuto-kun?" Jaguar asked as she gave him another serving of rice.

Takuto flinched at the question. He glanced at the corner of his eye. "I…" He looked away as he met Sugata's eyes. He smiled up at Jaguar. "I'll be staying around longer!"

Jaguar had noticed something in those red flushed cheeks and Wako's giggling confirmed it. "I see."

"Bochama, the bath is ready." Tiger affirmed after knocking the door. Sugata emerged out of the room with Tiger and Jaguar waiting outside.

Sugata signaled both to come inside his room. "Don't worry, this conversation won't take long."

They nodded and went inside, closing the door behind them.

"You know, everything is over, Tiger, Jaguar." Sugata started. "I…no, Samekh is no more. You don't have to keep watch over me." He turned towards them. "I permit you to choose your own lives."

Jaguar and Tiger looked up to him and cleared their stoic faces. "Bochama, you don't need to ask." Tiger reassured him.

"We will always take care of you." Tiger continued with a smile on her face.

Sugata answered them back with a smile.

"And I know something interesting is going to happen!" Jaguar cheerfully announced, making the other two look at her. "Please don't mind me." She added.

Takuto went ahead Sugata in the bath. After realizing his feelings for the other…it was awkward to share a bath together.

"Takuto, I'm coming in." Sugata warned and went inside.

Takuto went further down to the bath until up to his nose was submerged.

"What's wrong?" Sugata asked out of Takuto's sudden out of character movement.

"It's nothing!" Takuto replied and sat back up.

The silence between them was too much. "U-Um, Sugata…"


"A-About Wako…" Takuto tried hard to continue. His lips were shaking and his heart was beating fast. "Do you…" He quickly turned to Sugata and gave off his usual big smile. "N-Never mind!"


Three girls were snooping by the door listening hard.

'Go, Takuto-kun!' Wako thought.

'So this was what Jaguar was talking about earlier.' Tiger thought

'Fight!' Jaguar screamed inside.

*Back inside*

"I like Wako." Sugata spoke kind of understanding where Takuto was going with his words.

Takuto flinched. He plastered a smile on his face. "O-Of course! You and Wako are engaged after all." He said. Was his voice shaking? He hoped it wasn't.

"I was engaged to Wako because I was a Shindou, a star driver of Samekh and Wako was a shrine maiden. Wako isn't the South Maiden anymore and I am no longer Samekh's driver." Sugata gave a pause. "So, I don't think the engagement is…" He was surprised as Takuto stood up from the bath.

"S-Sorry, I think I was in the bath for a long time." Takuto knew it was a poor excuse but he wanted to leave now.

Sugata was confused. "Takuto, it isn't your fault that we aren't who we're supposed to be anymore." He tried assuring the red haired boy. "You…saved us from our tragic roles." He reassured him, as he thought Takuto was feeling guilty he messed up their lives when he started interfering with the island's affairs.

"You're wrong…" Takuto replied. "I know, Sugata. I wanted to release you and Wako…but, you're wrong…" He proceeded leave the door, leaving a confused Sugata.

'Does Takuto still like her…?' He thought as his eyes followed the boy's exit. "You three, stop hiding."

"Saying that you like her even though the engagement is annulled…that was why I was upset." Takuto mumbled to himself. He sat alone on the sand, hugging his knees as he stared at the vast sea and shades of blue and black come together in the night sky. He already knew he had no chance. Aside from the engagement, he was a guy…high possibility or even certainty was that Sugata is straight. He himself was surprised he had the odds of becoming a homo, as people called it. But he couldn't help it. At first, looking at Wako made his heart beat…but as time flew those feelings suddenly clung towards Sugata.


His heart fluttered at the tone used calling his name. His head quickly rose and turned to the owner of the voice. "…Sugata…" He was about to stand up but as Sugata sat behind him, their backs leaning to each other, he thought it would be too rude and he already walked out once, it would be pathetic to do it twice. But this contact with the person who you treasure…knowing that they might not love you back…Takuto didn't want it. If this was how he was going to experience his first true love…he would rather…

Sugata was the one who broke the silence. "I heard…Takuto's voice."


"When I was took over by your father, you…quickly raised your hand and tried to save me."

Takuto didn't see it but he felt that Sugata was smiling. He loved how Sugata's voice turned gentle…he also liked the stern one but gentle was nice, too.

"No, you didn't try to save me…you were determined to save me. Breaking Wako's seal…" Sugata gave the notion of standing up to warn Takuto not to lean on him too much. "breaking the last seal just to save me from sealing Samekh and myself…" He stood up and went in front of Takuto, making Takuto look up to him. "Thank you, Takuto."

Takuto admired the sight he saw. Sugata was…shining. Shining against the moon as if, he was an angel of the night. The smile plastered on his face was also…breathtaking. He was at a loss for words…

"Takuto…" Sugata loudly called making Takuto wake from his trance. "It's getting late." He spread out his hand to the sitting boy. "Let's go. I'll let you stay at my place."

Takuto took the hand in front of him, knowing that he really couldn't refuse.

The two walked back to Sugata's house chatting about anything they could…at least Takuto tried because he really couldn't handle the silence.

"Takuto, about awhile ago…" Sugata reminded. "about Wako…"

Takuto just kept quiet this time. It would really be rude if he didn't hear him out this time round and he would seem too childish.

"I liked her since we were kids."

Takuto tried his best not to look at Sugata as he continued. "Well, you were childhood friends."

Sugata smiled at him but noticed Takuto wasn't looking at him and was putting on a hurt expression…which wasn't like him at all. Did he really still like Wako? Asking all about his feelings for her…it does make sense. "But…we broke it." Sugata stopped in his tracks.

Takuto also stopped as he stared at Sugata. "Huh?" That surprised Takuto…more like he was caught when least expected it…

"We talked it over." He continued walking with Takuto following suit. "We decided to break off the engagement and find our own lives."

They approached the mansion and the two girls opened it for them. Wako had apparently already gone home. Takuto stayed at Sugata's old room again, still borrowing the matching pajamas Sugata always lent him. Somehow, Takuto liked it…having matching sleepwear. But that was that, he needed to get some sleep.

"Since Wako is transferring…I decided to accept her request for a play." Sarina announced between the main actors of the club. "I guess St Valentine's is around the corner so I can tolerate this for the female population."

"Wako's request?" Takuto wondered. He glanced towards Wako and Sugata who were sitting together. Sugata looked as if he had a headache since he was massaging his temple.

"Wako's request…"Sugata mumbled. It can't be good. Ever since, he admitted his secret to his childhood friend…he regretted it so very much.

"That's right. The main cast are Wako, Sugata-kun and Takuto-kun! A love triangle."


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