To say Wally was stunned during the following events of that evening was an understatement.

It started with dinner — just dinner with Wally, Wally's boyfriend of two years, and one of his closest friends. The main course had not even arrived to their table when the outright and clearly hateful glaring between Dick and Roy started between chewing on unbuttered rolls.

Somehow Wally's "good" idea formulated in his head — of spending more time with them, making them both feel important— fizzled out to "REALLY not good at all" when the three of them were forced out of the restaurant for causing a scene (Roy standing over both of them, yelling full-force at Dick who sat wordlessly with his lips pressed together in a thin line before he stood up with his complementary glass of water and tipped it grimly and decisively over Roy's head). And they were STILL fighting on the way home…? Arggggh!

"—what the hell do you know?" Dick snapped, "Besides how to screw up your own relationships?"


"Oh! That's rich coming from the kid that stole mine in the first place!" Roy used his dry jacket as a makeshift towel for his soaked hair. His dark blue eyes hardened as he then addressed Mount Justice's security system, "Computer, I thought I told you to update… It's 'Red Arrow'! Correct your data memory!"

"I didn't steal anything from you, Captain Delusional. And maybe it just likes seeing you pissed you off. It's kind of hilarious."

At Dick's smug look, Roy looked about ready to punch him in the face (not that he hadn't considered it hours earlier), and Wally grabbed both of their arms, dragging them upstairs. "If you are really going to fight, do it in here. You're starting to make M'gann upset," he said, scowling, letting them go in his bedroom and rubbing his hands over his face exhausted. Headache. Ow ow ow ow.

"Way to be considerate, Arrow Kid."

"You just want me to punt you in the balls." Roy eyed the younger, skeptically. "Wait… did they even drop yet?"

Dick gritted his teeth, the space between his eyebrows crinkling. "My balls are none of your concern, thanks."

"Well, when you are rubbing them all over my ex, then it kind of is."

"News flash: Wally's your ex-boyfriend, Roy…" Dick pointed out with very little sympathy, "and that means whatever we do or don't do is none of your concern." When Wally opened his mouth to speak, frowning and shifting from his uncomfortable position on his bed of half-sitting and half-preparing to step between them, the younger boy stared back at Wally, growling, "Stay out of this, Wally."

"Yeah, really, let us handle this," Roy echoed with the same angry intensity.

"Don't talk to him like that."

"Don't tell me what to do, you little jockstrap."

Oh lordy… the headache building behind his temples. This was getting ridiculous. "Guys…" Wally started again.

"Fine. I'll just tell you what you are." Dick's hands spread out to gesture mockingly. "An insensitive and hotheaded douchebag who never bothered answering him when he called worried about you!"

"What the HELL do you know? I called him back every goddamn day!"


Roy ttched, ignoring the frustrated noise from Wally, and crossing his arms. "What the fuck does he even see in you?" he mumbled.

To this, the sixteen-year-old gave him another somewhat cruel look. "That's a stupid question. It was obviously something better than what he saw in you."

With a grunt, Roy got up into Dick's space, clutching the front of Dick's pale shirt and yanking him up to his tiptoes. "…I. will. kick. your. ass. Little Bird." Dick snorted unimpressed, not leaning away, and in fact heatedly pressed himself nose-to-nose to the older man, piercing blue eyes peeking over the sunglasses at his opponent.

"…Not likely. Speedy."

Wally could see Roy's nostrils flare, even from the distance he was from them. He was about to speed over and knock them both into separate corners of the bedroom before this got bloody on top of more dangerously personal it was already was… but Wally remained frozen in place on his bed, frozen with shock, as Roy's mouth then crashed against Dick's with bruising force, as Dick's fingers tangled messily into Roy's damp red hair and yanked. The older man made a small pained noise with his lips roaming hard against equally needy lips. And just like that… it was over

Dick swiped a jacket sleeve over his face, removing his skewed sunglasses and glancing dubiously at the nineteen-year-old who licked his mouth slowly, but also looked over with suspicion. The staring contest went on until an smirk perked the corners of Roy's lips.


Something ignited, crass and laughing, in Dick's exposed blue eyes.

"…Share," he agreed after a moment, a grin spreading.

When both pairs of blue eyes glanced purposeful at Wally, he gulped, "Wh—"

"…Wally," Dick's voice was calm. Soothing even.

But Wally couldn't get his body to stop trembling. Get his heart to stop pounding in his throat and in his eardrums. Every muscle in his body wanted to… but Wally didn't move when his boyfriend settled himself between Wally's legs, covering one of Wally's hands gripping the bed beneath them with his own reassuring hand, and kissed him solemnly with closed lips. Lips. That had been on Roy's only a minute ago. Wally's body trembled — no, vibrated — harder.

"Hey, Wally…" Dick pulled away a little, asking with that fuckingpretty grin. "Were you turned on by that?"

"I…" Roy's weight fell on the mattress. The older man sat wordlessly on Wally's empty side. Wally managed to get himself back under control. No more vibrating. "I…n-…"

Dick leaned in again, cutting him off, and opened his lips to press his tongue flat to Wally's lips, applying gentle pressure.

When the eighteen-year-old gave into it, flushing and highly aware of the fact Roy was watching them intently, he groaned a little into Dick's mouth when their tongues caressed, moving in what felt like as natural rhythm for them. Wally groaned louder when another pair of lips — cooler, drier — faintly brushed up the nape of his neck, tickling the bare skin there with warm, heavy breathing.

When Dick's hands lowered for Wally's belt buckle, unbuttoning and slitting open the jean's fly, earning a sharp hitch of breath, he broke the kiss to ask Roy, "Did you ever figure out about his ears?"

"His… ears…?" A long look of realization. Roy 'aah'ed, clasping one of Wally's shoulders to hold him in place as he came forward to sip one of Wally's reddened earlobes. At the same time, Dick arched down to touch his mouth to Wally's bulge, wrapping his lips around it and sucking through the material of his underwear. Wally could barely keep his gasping restrained into one of his hands. T-this… oh god, it felt like his entire body wanted to dissolve into millions of shivering pleasured molecules, which in theory could have been possible if not a messy reassembly… gahhhwhathehellwashethinking

"St-stop…" he moaned in protest, finally. Roy's teeth grasping and nibbling his lower earlobe removed themselves. Dick looked back up and blinked unruffled at him.

"Doing okay, Wally?"

"What…?" He took a moment to catch his breath, eyebrows bunching in confusion. "What is going on? You both were just fighting…"


Dick paused thoughtfully. Wally could almost see the gears in his head turning. Robin gears. "Do you trust me, Wally?" he asked.

"Of course I do, man."

Speaking of stupid questions

"And you like me?"

"Hell yeah."

Dick scooted himself, dangling his legs over the edge of the mattress, and he glanced at Roy. "Do you trust Wally?" When the older man nodded cautiously, Dick posed another question, this time with a mild smile, "…Could you say the same for me, honestly? Even if it seems easier sometimes to just fight me?"

Roy snorted. "Without getting mushy about it… I guess so. You've saved my neck more than enough times." He added with a low mutter, looking away and rubbing his neck, "And… you aren't half bad looking either for a kid." Dick's blue eyes rolled upwards a little.

"Sure, I'll take the compliment." Dick glanced back at the redhead who twiddled his freckled thumbs nervously. "That just leaves the question between you—Wally—and Roy."

Wally's green eyes flicked to his lap, to Roy who avoided eye contact, and then back to his lap. "I've always trusted him. Even after we broke up, that didn't change."

A surprised, strangled noise came from the older.

"Even after I—?"

Dick reached out to shove Roy's shoulder, giving him a 'don't-screw-this-up' glare.

"I… " Wally felt the cool press of achinglyfamiliar lips on his, and Roy drew back a little, loosening his arm hooked around Wally's shoulders.

"Just… go with it… okay?"

"… " He glanced at Dick (who smiled concerned, the ball of Dick's thumb rubbed gentle circles into Wally's hipbone, and he whispered something low into the shell of Wally's ear that made his body tremor) and Wally nodded minutely at Roy (who bunched his own shirt up with one hand and yanked it over his head, and he began kissing and sucking Wally's neck blindly until his skin was numbed).


That was accurate.

"… … Okay."


YJ isn't mine and fuck endings. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeech. Written for the... well... sexy. And the opportunity of Roy and Dick making out like no one's business in front of Wally. PWP. DEAL WITH IT. Sexy comments welcomed. Teehee. YJ Kink Meme prompt: "Roy/Wally/Dick. Roy and Dick fighting over Wally. Wally is either oblivious or can't make up his mind, situation turns into a threesome, cause sharing is caring. ;) "