Same rules apply: PWP written for the smut. Teehee~. Dedicated to those who asked for the final installment albeit its shortness. Eh. You've been patient enough.


Everything about this evening cried "impaired decision-making".

Impaired by what specifically… well, no one had gotten drunk at any point in time.

Though a level of sobriety could somehow still be called into question. Wally's once tidied bed turned into a crumpled mess of sheets and… well, fluids that certainly weren't all his doing. He was a mess. His clothes were scattered somewhere in the bedroom, ah, and Wally could see his discarded jeans hanging off a bed knob not too far away. Robin's white briefs were in a wad by his elbow. The soreness would fade soon from Wally's system… hopefully sooner for his… yeeeeah, his ass.

Oh god. What he wouldn't give for a moist towelette right about now…

"What…" Wally began slowly, as if coming out a trance-like epiphany, "just happened?"

A call of "Sex," spoken in nonchalant unison as Roy lit one of his cigarettes from his jacket draping off a nearby desk chair — he cupped it to his palm and leaned up against the headboard in Wally's boxers with Dick cradled snugly between his knees, frowning musingly and examining the glossed pages of a dirty magazine from a stack under the bed.

"Hey, guys, not an idiot. I figured out that much…" Wally seized the magazine from Dick's fingers and pitched it over his shoulder for the floor. He glared darkly at Roy who sighed and pinched the tip of cigarette out with bare fingertips. Wally added, sarcastically, "I'm just trying to work out when exactly I agreed to this…"

Dick scratched one of the hickeys on his chest through Roy's silk shirt half-buttoned on him. "It must have been around the third time in when you were pushing back on, uh, our," A small, meaningful glance over his shoulder to the older who snorted, "fingers and you were screaming 'oh, yes, yes!' into Roy's armpit…" Dick imitated a very loud, very exaggerated and straight-to-bad-porn-videos whine.

Wally's cheeks burned with humiliation as Roy's snorting started slowly resembling laughter. "…You're a jerk, man."

"And that's why you like dating me," Dick countered, slouching further in Roy's lap and wiggling his toes over Wally's thigh in a slow tease. "I think…" the young teen declared, "I could get use to this. What do you guys think?"

"It's not a bad gig," Roy echoed, shivering slightly when Dick's attentive fingers skimmed upwards his muscular bicep.

Wally's green eyes followed that action.

Did they seriously…?

"This still doesn't make sense. You two were fighting at dinner… and then downstairs…" he insisted.


An arched eyebrow.

"UST?" Wally repeated Dick's statement hesitantly.

"He's talking about unresolved sexual tension." Roy made a face down at a particularly smug-looking Dick. "So resolving it was everyone's excuse tonight?"

Wally shook his head. It wasn't that he didn't… enjoy what happened… it just… aargh, his thoughts were going a hundred miles a minute.

Even worse with being a speedster. A speedster who could only concentrate on his sudden hard-on.

He heard his name murmured. "I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to." Dick grasped Wally's lower arm gently when he scooted closer, eyes dropping. "If you want this to end now, Wally, then… that's it. We pretend that nothing happened here."

A quick glance at Roy confirmed this as the older nodded once. Roy's lips mouthed against his—'Mmmsry—and Roy was never sorry. As long as Wally had known him… he would never admit something like that. Heat pooled down further to his hard-on and Wally jerked away from lip contact, cheeks burning harder.

"This is…" A smile touched his lips, widening, as Wally flattened to his stomach on the mattress and yanked Dick's naked hips to him. "…itsfinerrgh."

His hands wrinkled the silk shirt towards Dick's abs that flexed with a pleasured groan when Wally took his cock into his mouth, sucking in the walls of his cheeks to press lightly against Dick. His taste was a mixture: salty and musky and essentially everything Dick was. Ha ha. Lowering his eyelids, Wally stared up and held his breath at the sight before him. Oh god. Dick was on his back, keeping a sturdy hold to Roy's bucking hips as the younger… oh god, Dick was rimming him.

One of Roy's hands tugged at the top of Wally's hair fiercely and he was gasping on Wally's ear and Wally knew now that no amount of laundry detergent would salvage his sheets with how much precum he was grinding into them below. Wally whimpered, mouth clamping tighter to Dick when a finger strayed over his tailbone, moving to massage into his already thoroughly slickened entrance, and Roy thrust that finger inside. Dick shuddered without noise at Wally's whimper, clawing Roy's thighs seated above him.

Hell… maybe they all were in some kind of porn movie just… with better quality than most available.

Wally could definitely revisit these a couple days a week.