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Enjoy – An encounter in the woods

Kagome walked with a skip to her step, feeling far too happy really. But you could die at any time, especially with a life like hers with all that adventure and danger in the feudal era. So she reckoned that she may as well enjoy herself, or at least try and convince herself she's having a good time, it made sense.

For the first time in just under two weeks she was actually happy though. She truthfully felt better, complete; you always did when you go home. It was so nice to be on vacation, but when you go home, that feels even better. Her time was home also, but only in the physical sense, the place where she was needed most was in the past. That was the time and place she was truly growing up in, that was home.

She was going back to the feudal era finally, which was where she felt she truly belonged anyway after two weeks of practically nothing but studying and tests. Inuyasha had for once not bothered her on her trip, on her orders, or kidnapped her (which he had done before on a couple of occasions).

She actually preferred fighting evil demons and hiking than school work, but what could you really expect? She was a teenager, she loved adventure, and Inuyasha and the others provided that adventure. Her life in the feudal era was complete with a full cast of characters to make her life of the past an action movie.

She had a love interest, Inuyasha, a rival, Kikyou, a sister, Sango, a son, Shippou, a comic relief monk, Miroku, a pet, Kirara, and a couple of enemies. There were actually quite a lot of enemies, it happens when you are the good guys, because for every band of good guys, there are always a few villains you have to fight. The main ones were Naraku, his incarnations and Sesshoumaru.

Well, Sesshoumaru was more of just Inuyasha's enemy and the rest were drawn into the fight because he was their alpha so had to defend him. There was no love lost between them, and he had tried to kill her on a number of occasions, but she was rather dismissive of those failed attempts. She had no idea why she was so accepting of him, she just felt a little sorry for him and what his past must have been like. His dad committed adultery, or went with someone whom Sesshoumaru did not approve of anyway, and he still hadn't found anyone himself. It still gave him no right to hate all humans and try to kill her for no reason; she still hated him for that.

"Kagome!" Called a young boy of about thirteen, running over to her from the house a couple of hundred metres back.
Kagome smiled and waited for her baby brother to catch up to her to say goodbye. She loved her brother more than anyone else, even Inuyasha, in fact, even more than Shippou, not that she planned on ever telling anyone. This was a reason why she could argue she was needed more in her home time.

Souta had Buyo in his arms when he reached her, apparently, according to his mother; they missed her when she was gone and sought solace in each other's company. Kagome had an inward smile at the memory, and the glassy expression over her mother's eyes as she told her daughter her theory. She always got a glassy expression when she felt she was saying something that she perceived as cute.

Kagome gave the attention desiring cat a couple of strokes on the head before picking him up out of her brother's arms and depositing him on the ground. "Do you have to go again so soon sis?" He asked her with a pout on his face which showed that he was disappointed and upset with her departure again.

Kagome sighed and dropped her large, overly stuffed yellow backpack from her shoulders down to the ground. "I'm afraid that I do have to Souta, you know that; I messed up big time and now I have to fix it, it's my duty. I have lost count of how many times I have this to you Souta; you know I love you right? I've stayed here for quite some time, and now I have to go back."

Souta was the only one she had revealed the whole truth too. Her mother knew about the feudal era and the demons, but Souta was the only one to whom she revealed everything that happened to. The whole time travelling thing had brought them closer, and he had become her confident and best friend.

"I wish you could have stayed a little longer," he sighed, sitting down on the step outside the shrine which contained the well.

"I wish I could stay a little longer too, but I promised Inuyasha and the others that I would be back today. It is not fair to keep them waiting when we need to collect the shards; they need me to see them. We have been making good progress, just you wait, I'll be back in a couple of weeks I promise, you'll see."

"Kagome, I... I will really miss you," he said turning his head to the side to hide his embarrassed blush.

"I'll miss you too."

"But you never break your promises."

"That's right."

"I just get... anxious when you go, because when you come back you are always covered in cuts and scratches and sometimes you are limping. You seem so tired as well, drained, there's this pallor under your skin. You have nightmares too about what you've been through, and you never talk about them."

"Look, I am sorry for worrying you and everyone else, I really am, but I can't change that. All I can do is assure you all that I am going to be fine. Whatever happens, I'll stay alive, I can handle whatever comes my way and I won't ever be broken. So you do not have to worry about me or what happens to me down that well, because I can handle it. I'm your big sister and a Higurashi, I'm related to you, and so you know I have to be brave and strong, nothing will take me down."

Souta smiled in acceptance of the half compliment. "Is that another thing that you promise me?" He asked quietly.

"Souta, I never make promises that I can't keep, and yes, I promise that it's the truth. When I come back we will hang out some more okay? We didn't really get the chance to because of all the studying I did. I can't promise I'll be back soon, but I will be back as soon as I can, just hang tight and wait for me."
He nodded.

The soon to be seventeen year old girl folded her arms around her brother and hugged him close. The boy no longer shied away from his sister's intimate shows of affection as younger brother's often did. Instead he learnt to cherish them because she was so rarely there to give them, he responded by hugging her back.

"Promise me one more thing Kagome – don't let your heart be broken again. I still have nightmares about the way you looked when you came back least time. If Inuyasha wants to go off with a dead woman, that's his loss."
"Souta, he is still deciding, and he needs to understand his first love is dead, but I am still here for him when he decides to realize that. I am sixteen though, I'm at the age when I'm meant to be swept off my feet with a glance and when my heart is meant to be broken. It would be weird if I didn't have these sorts of problems to deal with. Don't worry about the way I looked, I was just shocked and overreacted. I promise you this though, next time, I mean if it happens again, I won't let myself be hurt by it, he's not worth my tears, I'll just get angry instead and sit him all the way to hell, how does that sound?"


"Don't speak like that so formally Souta darling alright; you sounded just like Sesshoumaru when you said that."

"Alright, whatever."

"That's better."

"Look after mum and Buyo while I'm gone, and don't let gramps come up with too farfetched ideas for my absences."

"Yes sis."

"I'll be back before you know it."

"Alright. Love you, see you when I see you."

"Love you too Souta."

Kagome hoisted her bag back onto her back and climbed over the lip of the well. She wanted to go back and hug her brother and cry and say she wanted to stay. He looked so dejected and she knew he was being teased at school because of her constant illnesses and his complete inability to find a girlfriend, although he was a bit young for that. She also felt bad for leaving him to fend off Hojo's unending questions all by himself seeming as her mother didn't have the heart, but he could handle it.

She knew that he was going to miss her terribly, but there was nothing she could do to help that. She would be alright because she would be kept busy and she had Shippou to cry into the shoulder of anyway when she needed to. He reminded her of her brother and the close relationship they had formed. The kit viewed her as a mother instead of a sister, but actually that was better than anything else because then she never had to deal with any guilt over feeling like she was replacing her brother.

Kagome jumped down the well to stop herself from going back to her brother. The familiar blue light engulfed, but there was something else too which had never happened before. There was a black tinge to it, rising up from the soothing blue mystical haze and spiralling towards her. She gasped in surprise as it surrounded her and she also noticed the trip through the well was taking longer than necessary.

Fear sprang into her throat and she couldn't swallow it down, making her choke on it. Something had happened to the well on the other side; she knew it, that was the only explanation. What could she do though except wait to find out? She could only hop it was not Naraku and that her friends were not hurt.

Eventually her plight came to an end and Kagome found herself at the bottom of the well like usual. She stayed there for a moment and found that she could not hear anyone nearby, only bird song and the wind rustling through the trees. There was no one about, and the well seemed perfectly fine. Kagome decided to forget what happened and assumed that everything was normal, that was her vital mistake.

She grabbed a handful of the vines which covered the inner walls of the well and started her climb to the top. About halfway up she felt a little bit peeved that Inuyasha wasn't ready and waiting for her. He was usually there, complaining that he had been there since dawn and was sick and tired of waiting.

She smiled fondly as she thought of the hanyou; she had many typed of ramen to placate him in her bag. It was her present to him from her time, it always was, he never wanted anything different. Sometimes she would get him cakes and chocolate like she did for Shippou. Although he would thank her while gobbling it down and he obviously enjoyed it, she could tell her preferred for her to get him ramen. He liked to have both ideally, but there was a limit to how much she could stuff in her bag. She needed to get in clothes, first aid kit, presents, food and sleeping bag after all.

Feeding him ramen, something only she could provide him was her way of saying that she forgave him for going off with Kikyou, and hopefully he would understand that. By the time she had reached the top she realized Inuyasha must be wrapped up helping the village or he would have come for her, he usually recognized her scent and came. It was either that or he was seeing Kikyou, once again choosing the clay pot over her. If that was happening... then there was no ramen for Mr. Doggy ears.

She started in the direction of the village like usual, to where she was sure the gang was waiting for her to return after two weeks of waiting for her. They were going to be ecstatic to see her after so long. Kagome knew she was ready to see them and had brought back presents for every member of the pack.

She had a bathing costume much like hers for Sango, seeming as she had always been curious, well they were all curious of her strange garments. Her school uniform was too revealing for their liking so she had stopped wearing it, but the bikini was as decent as she could be whilst still managing to get clean. Kagome loved how Sango blushed when seeing her in it, as it did not seem too indecent to her, and she could not wait to see the look on her face and the look on Miroku's face actually when she presented her with a bikini of her very own. She would wear it, Kagome would make sure of that, and she would like it, and she would look stunning.

The inu tachi were all tired and curious of her frequent bathing rituals, bar Sango, and she had purchased some oils and soaps from her time for her sister as well. Women of the feudal era were not as fond of bathing as women from the twenty-first century, and not many women of the twenty-first century were as fond of bathing as Kagome, but she had found a kindred spirit in Sango who seemed to understand her need. For that, Kagome could not thank her enough; Inuyasha often needed two pairs of puppy dog eyes to relent. That along with a boomerang hit as well as a 'sit' before he would point in the direction of the nearest hot spring.

For the lecherous monk Miroku she had brought mainly clothing items, sunglasses to protect his eyes seeming as he had been complaining when travelling before. She had purchased him some jeans too, this was to settle her curiosity as to what he might look like in them than what he might want, but it was still a gift. Lately she had been dropping little hints mainly to Sango about how hot he looked in his new clothes and sure enough she had been agreeing as of late. He really did look amazing, even in his usual purple garb, and they belong together. Besides, setting up her sister helped get her mind off of her own unhappy and rather boring love life anyway.

For her little son Shippou, of course she had bought him a mountain of candy as well as a box of crayons. Recently he had taken to drawing and colouring, often drawing pictures of/for her. To encourage his artistic mind she brought him crayons and paper, when he was older she would start him on pencils and then paints. He may be one hundred and four, but he was still a baby inside.

Again she thought of Souta and his dejected look when she said she wasn't sure when she would be back. He really was a sweet boy, she wondered why she had never noticed it, or his affection for her, or her affection for him until the whole time travelling thing started. Maybe it was because they never spend enough time together as siblings before, and were only coming to appreciate each other now she was almost always gone. Oh well, she would make it up to him with a trip to the theatre or the movies, or an awful lot of chocolate or something like that. The boys in her life she found were easily pleased, Inuyasha with ramen, Kouga with... well practically anything from her.

She felt no reason to hurry and sensed no danger so walked slowly, the skip still in her step as she forced herself into believing there was no reason for her not to be happy. Kagome was three steps from where the trees stopped when a howl cut through the night. She sighed; there went her hopes of getting to the village and seeing her feudal family again. There was no way after all she was going to hear a howl of what sounded like pain and anger rip through the trees and not go and investigate it.

It sounded demon, and stretching out her miko powers, she found it. The being in trouble was about half a mile into the woods. She would go help who was in trouble and then go to the village and say she was back. She helped whoever was in trouble, human, hanyou; demon, woman, man or child, and the being needed her.

As she approached the aura about 4 minutes later she realized that it was very familiar. She didn't recognize it exactly, but it was familiar all the same, like to Inuyasha she and Souta smelled similar, or she and Kikyou, but they were not the same. She was almost upon them, stepping out from the cover of the trees she was confronted by a very dangerous situation that she could not run from now.

She saw two snake youkai ruthlessly beating something that was tied to a tree. About thirty demons littered the ground dismembered and the snake youkai were hissing in graphic detail about how they were going to torture whoever was tied to the tree for killing all of their comrades. As soon as she stepped into the clearing however, they notices her, and two pairs of red tinged yellow eyes narrowed at her.

"Look brother," one of them hissed, it ssseemss ass though a young maiden wissshess to join usssssss."
"Sssshe iss more than welcome," replied the other.
"Thank you for the invite, but beating someone to a pulp is not my idea of fun, so I'll pass this one amigos."
"We inssssisssst you join usssss woman," one of them slithered right up to her so they were practically touching and she couldn't even take a step back because she was right up against a tree trunk, just her luck.

She thought about babbling, but she knew there was no point; a fight was definitely going to ensue, whether she wanted one to or not, she had no control over that. She had no weapons bar her miko powers either, but she should win.

Time seemed to pass in a blur for a moment, too quickly and left her with no memories of how it came to pass. All she remembered was that one moment she was standing there with her hands in her jean pockets staring at a snake demon with an expressionless face, the next she was held against the tree by her throat.

That was when she was snapped back into reality. She grabbed the wrist holding her to try and alleviate the pressure thus allowing her to breathe. She had no such luck and the grip tightened in response to her struggles.

She was not entirely sure how she got in this position, but it was probably to do with her big mouth is some way or rather. She probably insulted him and his brother, hence the current attempt on her life. Let's face it, it is more than likely her bog mouth was too blame for the current mess she was in, it was always getting cocky, running away with itself and getting her into trouble.

When her breath was cut off completely, Kagome knew she did not have much time. The snake's fangs dug into her shoulder, making blood seep out and stain her ripped shirt. She had no breath with which to scream, but managed to place her hands on his chest in her oxygen deprived state.

She searched inside herself for her miko powers and the found the swelling bright light of purity and power that resided within her soul. She channelled that power to her hands and they started to glow brightly just like the swirling light of her raw power. Not wasting any more time she pushed it forward into the youkai before her threatening her life, willing for it to purify him all the way to hell.

The youkai, much to her contentment let out an agonized scream and fell to the ground writhing in agony before it disappeared from her sight in nothing but a swirl of ash. On a high from her victory, Kagome did not feel any pain and just turned to the remaining demon staring at her in shock and fear.

"Miko," it growled.
"That's right scaly, I'm not some weak little girl you can make a snack out of, I'm more than capable of purifying you to hell right now!" She was speaking in a loud voice, sounding too confident for her own good, and not caring in the slightest. "You may want to get out of my sight before I choose to kill you too!"

The demon just smirked at her. "Very well Priesssstesss, I sssshhall go for now. But I will be back for you and the dog."
With that he slithered off.
"Yeah you better run!" She shouted after his retreating tail.

Then his words registered in her brain, 'dog?' Oh yeah, there was something tied to a tree that they were beating up. Were they really beating up a poor defenceless dog? Then again there were about thirty demon bodies littering the ground, dismembered, and many of them looked like powerful ones capable of maintaining a human form and summoning youkai powers and stuff like a Taiyoukai can.

That meant the one who defeated them, to the overkill state too, had to be a very powerful Taiyoukai himself. Therefore, the one hanging upside down from the tree perhaps was not just a dog, but a dog youkai. There was only one powerful dog Taiyoukai she knew of, could it possibly be him?

Kagome turned her attention to the bundle still hanging from the tree and what she saw made her fall to the ground, wheezing with laughter. She knew she really shouldn't be laughing at him, and it signed her own death warrant but she couldn't help it. She had never seen anything so funny in her life, and it really cheered her up after her most recent near escape from death by suffocation.

Of course, chances were she was about to die at this dog's hands now, but for some reason she did not care. He deserved to be laughed at, perhaps it would actually bring his arrogance down a couple of pegs, and it was far past time someone really needed to do it. Kagome was glad to be given this chance.

She needn't worry; Inuyasha should be turning up any moment now to save her before her mouth got carried away once again. She was laughing too hard to form any words right now anyway, stick with wounding his pride for now. Everything about this scene was perfect (apart from the fact she was currently undefended), this was something she thought she would never get to see the likes of.

The best part had to be the expression on his face – he just looked so surprised! The arrogance was still there of course and annoyance was clear too. He didn't actually look overly angry, probably because he did not care that much, content he was about to kill her so word would never get out.

He looked so shocked though, that was what was making her laugh, that and the fact he had been bested. He was tied upside down to a tree by his bootstraps and had been beaten by a couple of snake youkai. If she lived past this, she had to remind him of this moment at every possible moment, it was just too good.

Eventually her laughs subsided enough for her to say something just to put the cherry on top of the cake. "Well, well, well," she giggled, still highly amused and wanting to insult him as much as she possibly could before her untimely demise. "What do we have here? This is certainly a sight I never thought I would see. Sesshoumaru sama," the honorific while he was in such a position that really did not call for respect should just annoy him even more, "what are you doing tied upside down to a tree?"

There, that response was suitably patronizing and should piss him off that bit extra. If Inuyasha would turn up that would be perfection, where was the stupid Hanyou anyway, he should be here by now.
No really, he could turn up any time now.