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Chapter 39 – Togetherness

Kagome had never put any thought into things like her marriage, or even her future. In one lifetime she was a schoolgirl, not ready to think about males yet. In her other life she was a miko and mikos do not usually settle down with someone, certainly not Taiyoukai's. It had actually been Touga who first said this, when she expected it to be someone who would disapprove like some villager, but all rules had been broken. Kikyou too had mated a hanyou, a powerful one at that, so she had said it was not all that uncommon, although she was the first ever case of a miko mating and demon, and not any demon but the Lord of the West.

She had answered with 'I am not your traditional miko', and they had both laughed. She had said that more than once, and everyone knew her for who she was. She helped all who needed it, even if they did not want it. That was after all what mikos were there for, and sometimes youkai need help too, because they get ill and hurt and need defending against those who would slaughter them. And she was with her pack now, and a huge pack it had turned out to be, nothing could hurt her when she was with so many friends and family.

Now here she was getting married and mated to a Taiyoukai she had thought she hated. She still hated him, but it was in a good humoured way this time and not a 'planning his death' in her spare time kind of way. She never thought she would see herself in a wedding dress like this, with her close friends beside her in bridesmaid dresses. It was a strictly private wedding, only very friends and family allowed, so here she was.

They were going to get married in a church, not that Touga really knew what one was. He had been fascinated by shops, and this building sent him into excitement. Seeming as it was a small wedding, he did not need a best man, and Kagome did not care about the lack of ceremony, they were only having this much on account of her mother's wishes. Touga was remaining rather disinterested in the whole thing and was more excited about their wedding night, a night Kagome was rather apprehensive about truth be told. Touga's lecherous grins and teasing and suggestive smirks were not helping ease her either.

Still, she clutched her mother's arm as she was led up the aisle so hard she thought she might bruise her. She could not help it though, she thought she was not excited or scared, but here she was all the same, binding herself to a demon. Touga was waiting for her, dressed in a suit, and he looked... unreal, it was breathtaking. Still, she could not keep the smile off of her face, she was binding herself to a Taiyoukai yes, but it was also the man she loved. When you are asked about your lot in life, you can't really ask for more than that.

She was in a stupor for the whole ceremony and only slipped into semi consciousness in time for the 'I do's'. However, when it came for the kiss for the bride, she was swept off her feet once more, losing herself into his tight grip and his soft but demanding mouth. It was meant to be the best kiss of her life but although it was deep it was rather quick and she almost asked 'was that it?' but managed to keep herself from voicing her objection. It must have showed on her face though because he replied "just you wait until tonight, little miko."

After the ceremony they went back to the feudal era. Her family had no qualms about letting her go; even her mother did not ask her to stay for a night or two like she was expecting her too. Her grandfather told her new husband in a very stern voice not to hurt her which was beyond embarrassing until she realized he meant during their life together and not during that night's activities. Touga said he would not dream of it, and cast another look her way reminding them of the long night ahead.


He carried her into the bedroom bridal style, which kind of fit the situation seeming as she was a bride this time. He laid her on the bed and crawled over her he was laying on top of her one the sheets, and locked his lips with hers. "If at any time you want me to stop," he whispered into her mouth, "please tell me." He shed his clothing in seconds, the cloth seeming to disappear from his body, and wasted no time in ridding her of her coverings too.

Once bare to each other he claimed her lips once more, holding himself over her with large muscled forearms. Once he was finished with her mouth he moved down, leading a trail of kisses down the column of her throat. Kagome never thought she would react this way to a man's touch, it was not like anything she had ever felt before, and arched into the feeling of his lips on her skin as he quite literally ravaged her.

A moan escaped her lips as he started to suckle on a piece of skin near her mark which had turned into a mating mark recently. He made sure there would be a mark there when he lifted his mouth away to accompany the bite. He wanted to cover her body with those love marks, her throat, her stomach, her core, her thighs, to thoroughly bind her to him, and to show to all who came close she was not to be touched.

Being part of such a large pack that was going to steadily grow larger with a mated younger son, a lecherous monk and a going to be mated soon older son, his claim had to be well asserted to make sure. There were many unmated males yet to find a partner, Hiro and the wolf prince. Of course the one who may cause most problems would be Yamazaki seeming as he had a connection to her via her son. But while he could do that were she a demon he could not to a human, she would not heal as quickly. What is more, her pain tolerance is not as high, and the painful pleasure would weigh more strongly towards pain than the pleasure.

He gave the spot one last tender kiss before paying attention to her breasts. It was clear she was no child, she was fully grown and matured into a beautiful young woman and those luscious mounds were like a delicacy to him. His licked the underside of each one and found that their weight was perfect against him. While he sucked and nipped at one breast, he massaged the other, holding his whole weight above her with the one hand on the mattress beneath them.

He gave a groan as she laced her fingers through his hair and pulled it as he buried himself in her bosom. She gave out a moan as his tongue flicked over the nipple and he did it again and again so she was letting out a continuous hiss of pleasure as he pleasured her. She never knew it was possible to feel such bliss and the best/worst part was yet to come, she was scared about that, but he promised her he would not hurt her. This she had trouble believing this but the reason she was married to him was because she trusted him.

His mouth moved lower, tongue lacing over her stomach, tickling her, before dipping lower once more towards her heated core. He littered the insides of her thighs with kisses and licks, starting at her knees and moving further up tantalizingly slowly, he was teasing her, she was sure of it, but she had never been with a male in this intimate way before, she had no idea what sex was like, or what it was meant to be like. Of course they had not actually moved onto the joining sexually yet, but they would come to it soon, there was no way she was leaving this bedroom until he was satisfied, he had told her that on the way here.

But he had said she could tell him to stop... but that was not going to happen. She could not remain he mate-to-be forever, and as his tongue reached her centre she was sure she wanted this too. She wanted it with him; she loved him, everything about him, all of his sides. She shivered in delight as she felt his tongue run across her closed lips before darting inside the folds to taste the interior. She let out a gasp and gripped his hair tighter, pulling him to her, trapping him there, she didn't want him to ever leave her and continue the bliss.

His tongue flicked over the bundle of nerves that brought her ultimate pleasure, as it happened she momentarily saw stars and breathed his name. He flicked his tongue over it again, harder and more forcefully, and she said his name slightly louder. In and out his tongue went and she had no idea it was possible for someone's tongue to do that to her, but this was the Lord of the West and he had wanted this for 200 years. It was weird to think about that, that someone, anyone, let alone the Western Lord had wanted her for two centuries.

She felt a coil of heat building up in the pit of her stomach, becoming tighter and tighter as he carried on his ministrations. Then suddenly she came, a lot, her orgasm spilling over his face and soaking her thighs. She screamed his name as she climaxed, mind blanking for the moments it happened. He chuckled as it happened and kissed her centre many times in appreciation of her exclamation, seeming to take her scream as a compliment. He lapped up all of her precious nectar before withdrawing his tongue and moving it back up to her lips.

She tasted herself on his lips as he kissed her, exploring her mouth with his tongue, not missing one inch of the moist cavern, not one tooth. "You came a lot," he mentioned casually in a voice one would use to state the weather. She blushed a bright pink at the comment wondering whether this was something that a male would usually say. She had never had an orgasm triggered by another before and did not know what a suitable response would be, or if she was even meant to give one. "Well it's more than you have come tonight," she settled with, immediately realizing it was a mistake from his dark smile.

"My time will come little miko. You will have many more climaxes too, let's step it up shall we for the next couple of rounds?" With those words he moved towards her nether regions again and with no warning slipped one finger into her entrance. She gasped at the intrusion but it was not at all an unpleasant feeling, it was strange and new though. When he was sure she had accustomed to his finger inside her he started pumping her slowly in and out.

She breathed his name as she started rocking her hips along with his movement. Then another finger joined the first and they did a scissor motion inside her, stretching her walls, preparing her for what was to come. A third finger followed shortly after the third and she could feel the knot building up inside her once more. He pumped her perhaps three times with all three fingers before her walls clenched around his fingers and she came again, once more screaming his name as she soaked his finger with her juices.

The fingers disappeared without a word from him and she felt something hard and big positioned at her entrance. He nipped her ear, telling her to be ready for the stinging pain. He planned to move in slowly, allowing her to get accustomed to his size, and he did so until he reached her maiden barrier. He could not hold himself back any longer, pulled all the way out and with one powerful roll of his hips thrust into her.

She cried out in shock and pain and he cursed himself for losing himself like that, he had not meant to hurt her. He gave an apologising nip to her shoulder and licked the mating mark to say he was sorry for the loss of control. She nodded marginally in acceptance, but a single tear rolled down her cheek in the pain anyway. It hurt him more than it hurt her and guilt twisted in his heart, but he knew that she would have felt some level of pain anyway, and from now on it would just get better and better and all she would feel in pleasure.

To make up for the loss of control he stayed still inside her for a long time until she smiled at him, her permission for him to continue. He rocked slowly, the thrusts slow and short, afraid to hurt her more, but she was still smiling. He picked up the pace, quickly he felt himself losing himself again, the thrusts becoming faster and more urgent as he raced towards his release. He bordered on the line of vicious but she did not seem to mind and eventually he came at the same time as her. He shot his seed deep within her as she coated his length in her nectar. They screamed each other's name into the night. Well, Kagome screamed, Inutaisho was a dag Taiyoukai and his scream of exstacy was more like a triumphant howl.

All knew he had finally mated; their alpha was together with his intended once more.

He collapsed beside his woman, arms wrapped around her, smiles on both of their faces. This was one of many nights to come. For tonight they would sleep and the rest of the world would stay away while they rested. Tomorrow they would face the world and carry on with their lives. Maybe be in a month or so she would find she was carrying pups and a few months later she would birth them. Every week she would see her parents and she would spend her spare time with Shippou and Yamazaki and Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru and the rest of the pack. Tomorrow life would go on as time passes, but not tonight.

Kagome sank into hr lovers embrace, finally they were together, for all of time. She turned into him and said the three words he wanted "I love you." He buried his face into the crook of her neck and made the promise back to her. "I love you too." They sank into a slumber, ready to spend the rest of eternity in their togetherness.

The end





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