Note: This story is a continuation of The Love Game, so don't read it

unless you already know what happens.


Elizabeth Wakefield:

All my life I've been somewhat "perfect." I've often been the teacher's

pet, and always made good grades. I've hardly rebelled against the

rules. Teachers call me a model student. Parents wish their kid was like

me. I'm not trying to sound stuck up, but it's true.

Then everything changed this year. I snuck out. I cared less about what

my parents thought. I didn't always do my homework, and I let my grades

slip. I rushed into a new relationship, and went to far.

No doubt I've changed. And that change hasn't been for the better.

Jessica Wakefield

Until this year, I was always the popular girl. I wore cool clothes,

had cool friends, and acted like I was the queen of the world. Everyone

admired me, and I know I treated a lot of people like trash.

Then I learned the hard way that popularity doesn't last forever. It

only takes one wrong move, and everyone can turn on you. Luckily, that's

been cleared up now, and I'm back where I was a year ago.

I have changed. I realized that there was more to life then gossip,

guys, shopping and cheerleading. I think I've changed for the better.

Conner McDermott

When I was thirteen, I ran with a bad crowd. I did things that I regret

doing, even now. I cut school, and shoplifted, and hurt people that I

was close to. I dated at least three dozen girls and broke a lot of


I've changed since then. I never thought that I'd end up in a serious

relationship. That's probably the biggest change. Who ever thought that

I'd end up dating some one like Liz?

Melissa Fox

To get popular, I'd put others people down to make me look better. I've

spread roomers about dozens of people. Really mean roomers, lots that

were untrue. And I never regretted it, until I became friends with

Jessica. She instantly forgave me for all that I've done to her. I regret

that I ruined her reputation, and stole her friends. I really wish that

we could have been friends sooner.

I've changed. There's no doubt in my mind that I have. I've been the

way I am since elementary school. Now I realized what I've done all these

years, and I don't like it. I'm going to change my ways and become a

whole new Melissa.

Oh yeah? The other change that I've made? I don't love Will. I hate his

guts. For all I care, he can go screw himself.