What was that smell? I sniffed the air, trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. With horror the realization hit, last week Billy had mentioned to Jacob that some hikers had gone missing. I immediately asked Seth and Jared to come to where I was; I didn't want to find a body on my own.

"Eww, you're right, that's worse than garbage mixed with bloodsucker," Seth put his muzzle down, swiping at it with his paws, trying to remove some of the odor.

Jared's head suddenly popped up, "I think I found it, yeah, I did, it's over here and its worse that you thought."

I shook my head, but looking at what Seth was seeing, he was right. Jared started to knock some of the leaves, brush, and snow off the body. The body appeared frozen, with a faint blue tint to the skin. I turned to Seth, telling him to go back, to tell Jacob to tell Chief Swan that we had found the hiker.

"Embry, I know, my shift was about to start and since none of you guys had come in yet I phased early to see what was going on."

"Oh man, Jacob the smell is horrible, I know I've never seen someone dead like this before, but this is like nothing." I knew I didn't need to finish that thought, Jacob knew not just what we were thinking, but he could feel what we were smelling too.

"It moved" I turned to look at Seth; he was still gently knocking the snow and other debris from the hikers' body. No one could have survived looking the way that hiker did, besides being frozen the body was crumpled and looked like they had fallen from the cliffs overhead.

Seth poked at the body again, "I think it's a girl" he looked down again and as he exhaled his warm breath onto her the smallest of moans escaped from her.

"Jacob, get here, get here now. . ." We could all hear his thoughts as he ran towards us, within minutes he was there.

Jacob came to a sudden halt when he was within feet of the hiker, his feet still poised in the air like he had frozen midstep. He lifted his head; with short sudden sniffs he began to smell the air. As soon as he identified the smell we all could too, but we all wondered the same things, who was this?

"Seth, run ahead and tell the Cullens what we found, we'll be right behind you."

I couldn't help but think at time like this that Jacob was a good Co-Alpha, even if I wasn't the greatest fan of his imprint with the half-vamp as I called her, he was a great leader.

Seth took off over the hill towards the Cullens, I could hear him thinking not only of what he was going to tell them, but also wondering if Esme would make him breakfast while he was there, that kid always thought about his stomach, even when there was much more serious ting to think about.

Jacob had phased human, Jared and I did too, all we needed was this vamp to wake and see three werewolves staring down at her. Jacob looked at each of us, the smell only slightly more tolerable in out human forms. He and Jared looked at each other, both of them turned to look at me, "you found her, you carry her."

Looking down at her I at first didn't know how I would pick her up, her body, though covered with layers and layers of nothing more than rags, was twisted, broken, and contorted in angles that should have been painful vampire or not. Jared pointed out that as a bloodsucker I couldn't hurt her anymore than she already was, and with that I sucked in my last breath of clean air before reaching down to pick her up.

I didn't want to get her smell on me, to feel her against me. Jacob and Jared both laughed as I carried her, arms outstretched towards the Cullens. The both walked to my right and more than a few feet away, upwind. We all wondered who she was, where she had come from, and most importantly what she was doing there. Jacob especially was worried; with his imprint on Nessie anything dealing with the bloodsuckers had him worried.

Edward was the first one out of the house; you could see the amusement on his face as he read our thoughts about the lost hiker. I thought about dropping her right there, on the Cullens back porch. She was a leech, let them deal with her. I might have too if Carlisle hadn't walked outside at that moment to take his first look at his new patient. His eyes quickly assessed her and looking at me he pointed towards the house, "bring her to my office, Alice will show you the way up"

Great I thought to myself, I'm in the Bloodsuckers house. I had never felt at ease or comfortable there. I knew that Jacob hung out there all the time, that even Seth would visit, but to me being there always put me on edge, the same way I felt before I would phase.

I walked in, quickly scanning for Alice. She started down the steps and came up short part ways down. With a sneer on her face, "Guys, what did you roll in out there?" Ahh, they smelled her too, I almost laughed to myself, this girl must be ripe if she was offensive to her own kind.

I laid the hiker on an exam bed in Carlisle's office, realizing that his office was much like a hospital room. I looked around in amazement, looking at all the equipment, shaking my head as I once again realized just how rich these bloodsuckers were.

Happily stepping aside as Carlisle walked in, I started to leave. I heard Carlisle asking for Edward when I reached the top of the stairs, asking him if he could read any of the hikers thoughts, if there was anything Edward could see that would help figure out who she was.

Downstairs I saw Jacob sitting on the couch, Nessie curled up against him. Seth and Jared both in the dining room, I guess Esme did make her cinnamon rolls. I watched the two of them stuffing themselves, wondering how they could even think of food; I knew my stomach was till turning from that hiker.

Looking around that room, at all the bloodsuckers in there, the hikers smell still clinging to my nose I turned to Jake, "I'm heading home, unless you need me for anything else, I need a shower in the worst way."

Jake grinned, nodding, "Yeah, I can smell you from here," "While you were getting her settled I let everyone know what was going on, but I think I'm going to stick around, see what's going on, stay with Nessie, and who knows, they may end up needing my help when she." Jake lifted his eyes upwards, "wakes up"

I hear Emmett laugh as he heard Jake say the last, but I was so drained by that time all I could do was walk outside and head for the tree line. I debated with myself for about half a second, phasing would get me home quicker, I could was this stink off me faster, but my sense of smell was much greater as a wolf. When I was sufficiently hidden I phased. I might smell it worse, but at least I could get home quicker and I planned on hitting every stream on the way home to get a head start.