EDIT: I am guessing that most of you who have read my stories have at least a hunch that I have retired from Fan Fiction. You are correct. I quit watching the Mentalist, and quitting Fan Fiction was the next-very difficult- step. I thought for a long time that watching TM was okay, despite the language, sex, and drug use, as long as I didn't write the same way, or let that be reflected in my life.

Actually, I take that back; I have known for a long time that I need to stop watching the Mentalist, but I found it impossible to quit. I thought I couldn't do it.

I was obsessed.

Thinking about the Mentalist 24/7.

Planning my life around being able to watch the Mentalist.

I skipped too many after-church dinners to watch The Mentalist.

I rarely wrote about anything non-Mentalist related.

And I was starting to bend my standerds to allow my favorite characters the life they wanted.

I needed to quit.

The actual story behind what finally pushed me to quit is kind of long, so I won't bore you with it.

But after what happened, the actual act of quitting wasn't so hard.

But doing this-admitting that I wouldn't be finishing any of my stories... That was the hard part. For nearly two months I put it off.

But I owe it to all of you-the ones who kept me sane during a nearly impossible time of my life- to tell you the truth.

I hate not finishing projects. But these will remain unfinished.

I'm sorry.

I will be leaving my stories up, because I remember it driving me crazy when someone quit and taking their stoies down. "Hey! I was going to read that!" I would gripe to the computer, (Not that anyone could hear me.) and I could never understand them doing that.

All of you mean so much to me, and I will never forget all of the things you've done for me.

Good bye.

I love you all, and God Bless.