The Greatest Man In The World

Chapter Eighteen: I will never be extinct

Lovino watches as Antonio and Mathias ready the ship. The wedding will be later in the day, and fast, then they will return to sea. Arthur and his men have already left, giving them a surprisingly nice goodbye, so it's now only their crew and Mathias's men. Including a strange Asian man.

"So, you're the captain's sex-toy, hm?" Said Asian man asks and Lovino glares at him.

"Aren't you just the captain's sex-toy's brother's sex toy?" He asks back, realizing how stupid it sounds immediately after he says it. The amused look on the other guy's face also doesn't help.

"Ohh, you mean Týr? He's my toy, not the other way around." The guy says before a blade comes from behind and to his neck.

"Watch it, Li Xiao. I can still kill you." Týr says calmly and Li Xiao looks over at him amused, blowing him a kiss.

"I love you, too." He teases, making Týr go bright red and drop his sword, now flustered.

"Y-y-y-ou-! Sh-shut up!" Týr huffs and Li Xiao walks up to him, stroking his hair.

"Ugh…public displays of affection are gross…" Lovino mumbles in distaste before two arms wrap around his waist.

"Hey Lovi, I'm all ready to leave, let's go to Francis and Joan's wedding now." Antonio says into his ear, making Lovino blush.

"C-cut it out!" Lovino whines, pushing him away. "L-let's just go!"

"You're so cute~! Waiting for me so nicely~!" Antonio teases, following him to the others so they can all prepare.


Everyone gathers for the wedding outside, Gilbert and Matthew sitting together next to Abel and Kiku, who has decided to stay with them. Lovino, of course, is sitting behind his brothers and their boyfriends so he can keep a watchful eye and remains oblivious and uncaring about Antonio next to him with an arm around his shoulders. Antonio had figured this would happen and so he offered to hold Dorian, which didn't work out for some reason. Nope, instead the youngest Scandinavian boy and his Asian boyfriend have him. Joan insisted that Týr looked the most gentle of anyone here, aside from the man Tino who was marrying them.

Just because Antonio almost dropped the kid a couple of times, and Lovino started to ream him a new one, making the baby cry, doesn't mean they are bad babysitters. Babies cry at anything, and Antonio is a very busy man, it stands to reason that while holding a baby and doing work one of the things would slip. The baby just happened to move more than the papers. He's heavier, too.

Antonio has to admit though, the Týr boy is great with the baby. He's not outgoing and playful with it which Antonio isn't surprised by, since he met the boy he has been quiet and reserves, but Týr is definitely gentle and somehow in tune with the baby's needs. Watching the two young boys fuss and care for the baby makes Antonio really grateful he doesn't have one. Highly grateful Lovino can't get pregnant, and EXTREMELY happy that Dorian is in no way his problem. Being a doting uncle is far easier.

Soon he is pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of music playing, Mathias and his boyfriend Tore playing a flute and violin respectively. The music is beautiful and as soon as Joan comes out, Antonio smiles. Everyone watches as she slowly makes her way down the aisle, Demitri being the one who is giving her away for some reason.

The whole scene is quite beautiful, even if Antonio isn't a fan of wedding or marriage. With such beautiful flowers and trees framing the event makes it seem so peaceful, as if there is no baby being taken care of by two boys, no Italian shooting death glares at his crewmen and kicking the German one's seat, and they didn't have to go through hell to get to this point. Antonio doesn't like peaceful. He likes hectic, being able to enjoy chaos and schemes and of course violence.

Not to mention he is highly proud of his work at the church. He even plans on making sure the story spreads all over. Achievements should be celebrated and heard of after all, and since he and Lovino already celebrated now it's time to brag.

"Oi, bastard, you're grinning like a dumbass." Lovino whispers, pulling Antonio from his thoughts to look back at the wedding.

"I'm just so happy for mi amigo, Lovi."

"Liar. Stop thinking about stupid wars and shit during a wedding."

Antonio sighs sadly. "Si, si…" He watches the wedding, the smiles on both of their faces as they say their vows. Soon bored with that, his mind begins to wander again when his eyes fall on Berwald. He has always admired the man, known for his amazing focus and strategies in battle, Antonio looked up to him as a child and tries to surpass him now as a man. However, while Antonio has taken his place on the sea, Berwald apparently had even become amazing with domestic things; he did help Joan decorate for the wedding after all. It seems weird to know that his hero has such a soft side.

Of course Antonio can't say anything now; he's become disgustingly soft as well. Lovino, while not being the most gentle or loving person, has brought that out in Antonio. He's become one of those people who always wants to be with the person he loves, sadly since that person is Lovino he also has become one of those people who gets highly annoyed with the person he loves as well. One minute he will be going out of his way to piss the boy off, laughing at the boy's reaction, then the next minute when Lovino goes to leave he clings to him and throws out a slew of apologies. It's annoying and wonderful and disgusting and beautiful, he loves it so much it pisses him off.

Finally the wedding is over and they are all eating, Francis and Joan now gone to spend time alone for their 'honeymoon'. As soon as they leave Týr walks over to Tino and hands him the sleeping baby.

"Oh, don't want to hold him anymore?" Tino asks and Týr twitches a little.

"No, no I do not." He answers, walking away while grumbling about never having children and how happy he is that both he and Li Xiao are male.

Antonio nods knowingly to the small boy's rants before he looks to Lovino curiously. "Did you enjoy the wedding, Lovi~?" He asks and Lovino nods.

"I like weddings, they are beautiful and peaceful…" Lovino looks at Antonio. "I'm guess you hate them, right?"

"Hate is such a strong word, Lovi…" Antonio says nervously and Lovino nods.

"Hate it is. How lucky for you I am a guy and we can't get married." He mumbles, staring down at his food.

"…Does that bother you, Lovi…?" Antonio asks and Lovino blushes.

"Of course it doesn't! Sh-shut up!" Lovino stutters, looking away annoyed. "There's no reason to get married to a pirate."

"Si, it's a poor marriage choice." Antonio mumbles before looking over to Demitri. "Speaking of which, what do you plan on doing when we find that boy you like?"

Demitri smirks at the two. "I'm marrying him immediately. No way he's escaping me."

Lovino and Antonio stare at him surprised for a moment. "…Isn't that…?"

"I'm so proud of you, Demitri! That's the pirate way; take without concern for others!" Antonio exclaims, patting the man on the back as Lovino watches them disturbed.

"Y-you guys are horrible…I shall pray that this boy has the foresight to run away before we get there." Lovino says and Demitri looks at him with a dark smile.

"I will find him. My love can't be stopped."

"C-creepy!" The Italian whines, sinking into his seat.

"Hey! Antonio, this sort of makes your ship a type of love boat, doesn't it?" Feliciano asks happily and Antonio cringes.

"…Oh god…Lovi, damn you!" Antonio groans and Lovino looks at him annoyed.

"What the fuck did I do?" The Italian hisses and Antonio remains silent, ideas for wedding rings running through his head.

A/N: OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THIS SHIT-TASTIC ENDING! I'm sorry. I'm going to be honest,after they left the church, I had NO idea what to do with the story. Let alone the ENDING. I have written and re-written the ending and this is the best thing I got. So I decided to show...this crap. If it's too horrible, I can re-write it. I apologize a million times over! Such a good story having such a crappy ending...ugh...*goes into a corner of shame*