The Spartan and Oni A.I

Chapter one: Unreported UNSC document

The Spartan-II project has created many Spartans, but there is one Spartan stood out from the rest named, Spartan-413.

UNSC Spartan-413 profile


Birthplace: Tomobiki, Japan

Reasons to become a Spartan: UNSC found him to be very use due of his inability to feel pain and no damages what so ever. Easy for parents who wanted girl at the first place and UNSC grabs Ataru as they flash clone him, but flash clone dies and the parents move on with new child which it is now a female.

Situation: harassing Female Spartans and any females within his contract which create a problem within Spartan program and put him in suspend and Put in cyocamber in Pillar of Autumn along with Spartan-117 after battle of Reach

Kills: None due of running away from battle for unknown reasons.

A.I construct program

UNSC began making A.I units which it will help UNSC to fight better in wars, but there is one A.I is strangely different from the others.

A.I name: Oni aka Lum

Special abilities: lighting for reasons of unknown

Data: Massively including location of Earth.

Reason to be an A.I: more a nuisance than helpful due cold and hot personality, but mostly ditzy at some time. But the creator who wanted make A.I different by adding horns and fangs like Japanese Oni with human features.

Level of A.I: It enter self-aware which it desires to become a living organism.

Status: Safe in the vaults, but it was along with Cortana due valuable data.

NOW to the story!

Disclaimer: Halo belongs to Bungie and Urusei Yatsura characters belong to Rumiko Takashi. This was supposed to be a parody of Halo and Urusei Yatsura if Ataru was Spartan and Lum as A.I.