Special Chapter

Thank you for reading this Fanfic, I know it's too short in some way. But I prefer to write this way so anyways. Many weeks ago, I have thought the story first, but it was slowly become the story I have wrote this story. As Halo fan, I have made references from Halo series and the Characters are from there to fill up the plot.

For the fans of Urusei Yatsura as I, You will recognize the characters very easily which I have able to use them in the story to have a comedic relief in the plot. It is a parody, but yet it is a romance on Ataru and Lum which I love that Couple the most. BY seeing Master Chief's relationship to Cortana, why not put Ataru as Spartan and Lum as A.I.

My story so far has broken the barrier between using old anime series and video games series into one crossover story. I thought this story is going to suck really bad, but there is one reviewer has kept my plot going which I will credit Ludra90 for making my fanfic into an epic one. I would thank Bungie to create the Halo series which I love it so much.

I thank for Rumiko Takashi to create Urusei Yatsura as her greatest masterpiece ever had been made that I have put her in the story.

Spartan and Oni A.I cast and FAQ

Ataru as Spartan-413 or basically Ataru if you want called him

Lum as A.I also named Lum, but her A.I name is Oni which I put there for no good reason.

Mendo as Junior class officer of UNSC

Onsen-mark as gruff veteran who fought every single battle in the entire war

Ryuunosuke: A girl dress up as a man due of her father who just want to get away from him to only desire is a dress.

Ryuunosuke's father: One of the worse fathers I have ever heard besides of Gemma.

Kosuke: Like his manga counterpart, he is a basic cool marine who want an adventure of his lifetime (this is a parody).

Shinobu: Marine specialist who is love with Inaba, the ODST

Inaba: Boyfriend to Shinobu, ODST member.

Sakura: Combat medic who is niece to Cherry. Engage to Tsubame

Tsubame: Combat medic who also engage to Sakura

Ryoko Mendo: Sister to Mendo as UNSC officer.

You know the others.

Why Ataru pick Lum on the A.I selection?

Because Lum remind Ataru of girl who look exactly like her, but more human features. Ataru totally falls in love with Lum after his nightmare which if you didn't know.

What did you come with up fanfic?

I don't know. It just pop out of my head since Urusei Yatsura and Halo are sci-fi genres. I thought I can put two stories into one.

Did you ever play Halo?

Yes, I did play Halo 1, part of 2, parts of third one, and firefight on Reach. Halo is a good series, but I am more a Nintendo person than xbox person.

Did you like Ataru and Lum to be a couple?

Dude, seriously they are the best wonderful couple I have ever seen my entire life. It just reminds of other Rumiko couples.

Why you put Rumiko Takashi in your fanfic?

I just want to in order to fill the plot you know what I mean.

Last question: Who will win in Halo match? Lum or Ataru?

….Lum I think because if Ataru was on xbox live chasing women instead of playing the game.

Do you have Xbox live?

NO! I don't have a freaking Xbox live! But I got steam and also I got black Ops on the Wii. My username is basically coolest one I got.

Which Chapter was the saddest part?

Chapter 14 I say. Well, originally I was going to let Lum stay, but when I read Baby Our Baby by ChanChanandMosasi which it just wanted me to do a sad scene which it was a human thing to do.

What if your Fanfic was picking up by Japanese reader and decided to create a dounjishi?

I love it, but the Dounjishi which the majority was created by a pervert who has no life at all. I hate those Hentai Dounjishis! I just want a clean one for the love of Humanity!

What you do later on?

I am going to make Red vs. Blue Girls in Blue and guys in Red which it will take time. And see what the future holds. I'm not a good writer to begin with. But I can redit the fanfic which it will be the rendition of Spartan and Oni with edited chapters with longer plotlines to make it interesting and correct grammer. It would in the same story, but more different. Make sure copy and paste the original if you like it.