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Chapter 1 –

The rumble was heard throughout the school. Even those on the other side seemed to be able to hear it. By the time its source came into view there was a small crowd gathered.

Across the parking lot Puck nearly dropped the freshman he was pretending to throw into the dumpsters. He didn't do this anymore, not really, but this kid had the nerve to complain about his mohawk. Figuring he had successfully shown that he was the school badass to the freshman, Puck carefully set him back on his feet.

"Keep that in mind next time you insult me," said Puck, eyeing the new arrival. "I'm the badass around here. I'm allowed to have a mohawk."

The underclassman just nodded, still slightly scared. When he caught sight of the crowd finally, the younger boy blanched. "Then it looks like you might have competition," he said, running away before anyone else attacked him again.

Frowning, Puck moved towards the motorcycle, where his supposed competition was dismounting. As he approached, he nudged Finn and some other fellow glee members, giving them a questioning look. All he got were a bunch of shrugs and confused looks by way of answer.

Fine, if no one else would find out who the possible badass was, he would. He stepped forward, ignoring the slight tightening of his jeans at the sight if the leather chaps coming off to reveal slim legs in skin-tight denim.

"Here's how it's going to work," said Puck. "I'm the badass around here. I don't care that you have some fancy motorcycle, you answer to me." He paused as the boy straightened from removing those chaps and turned to him. "So, who are you already?"

Puck crossed his arms and waited as the boy lifted his hands to remove his helmet. Puck refused to watch how the white t-shirt under the leather jacket rode up a little as his arms raised.

As the driver was revealed an audible gasp rang out through the gathered crowd. Puck gaped at the boy before him, hair still perfectly coifed. "Hummel?"

"Kurt?" the collective gasp coming from the rest of the glee kids, Finn's surprise being the loudest.

Kurt ignored them, glaring at Puck. "First, this isn't just a fancy motorcycle, it's a 2000 Kawasaki Ninja 500R. Second, I don't care if you have a mohawk or not, Puck, I answer to no one." Kurt emphasized his last few words with a finger poking Puck's chest.

Puck put up his hands in surprise and surrender. "Hey, chill Princess, I didn't know it was you. Nice wheels."

Kurt glared a moment then grinned. "I know, right? I can't believe my dad actually got me this."

Mercedes pushed Puck out of the way to grab Kurt's arm. "What exactly is 'this' Kurt?" she asked. "And why am I part of the crowd that didn't know about it?"

Kurt shrugged, releasing his bag from the straps on the back of the bike and shouldering it. "No one knew about it except for Dad and Carole."

"You're telling me!" shrieked Finn, his arms flailing. "Why the hell do you get a bike, Kurt? I just asked you about it in passing."

Kurt nodded, heading towards the building "And then I proceeded to list off all the specs on the exact bike I wanted." He turned to Mercedes and blushed. "I guess my dad thought that if his gay son was interested in something so "straight" he'd do anything to keep it that way."

Puck stopped him before he could go any further. "Dude, don't think that. You're dad is too awesome to think getting you a motorcycle would make you straight." He shrugged and let them continue walking through the halls. "You saw how I reacted back there. If anything, the bike will make people think twice about messing with you just because you're gay."

"He's right," said Tina. "Even though everyone knows who you are, they'll be second guessing their idiotic remarks about you."

Kurt bit his lip. "Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to that. But I think I still want to ask my dad, just to be sure. Because no matter how much I love that bike, I don't want him to think it'll make me straight."

Everyone agreed and started to trail off to their own lockers congratulating Kurt as they went. Eventually, only Puck, Finn, and Mercedes were left with Kurt.

Finn frowned. "Okay, I remember Burt making a deal with you, but how did he even afford it and when did he give it to you?"

Mercedes put up a hand. "Whoa, what deal? What haven't you been telling me, Kurt?"

"I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I kept it to myself," explained Kurt, leaning against his locker. "My dad said that if I took all the classes to get licensed, bought all the safety gear myself, and learned enough to do basic up-keep in the garage that he would consider helping me get a bike in a few years."

"So how did you end up with one so soon?" asked Puck, fervently ignoring the way Kurt's pale skin stood out against the black leather jacket.

"Apparently, they had been saving up to send me to Dalton again this year. I guess, when I told them that I wanted to come back here, they decided to still use the money for me."

"Okay," said Finn, nodding slowly in understanding, "But how did Burt manage to buy it without either of us knowing?"

"He kept it at the Garage," smiled Kurt. "I thought he had insisted on driving me to school because it was my senior year, and therefore my last first day of school. Then he drove me to the Garage instead, pulled off the tarp covering it and handed me the leather gear."

"But I thought you had to pay for that stuff?" asked Mercedes, confused.

"I think he wanted me to be able to start the year off with it. I got my license a month ago and I haven't saved up enough money yet for the leather safety gear. I just have to pay him back."

"Okay," said Finn, having all of his answers. "I'll see you in glee." He started walking away, but stopped and turned, "I'll do the dishes for a week if you take me home today."

Kurt glared. "Dad warmed me you'd do this," but he just sighed and shook his head. "Not today, I want to enjoy my first day with it in peace. But if you do the dishes tonight and tomorrow I'll be your ride tomorrow."

Finn looked a little upset at that, but nodded. "Deal." Then he walked off.

Puck shook his head. "That boy has no shame." He glanced at Kurt and gave a half smile, "But he did get a better bargain. Why not milk that one week free of dish duty for all it's worth?"

Kurt shrugged. "I promised Dad I wouldn't make him trade chores for rides. I figure if he's going to offer, I might as well accept. But I took it easy on him."

Puck just laughed. "Well, be careful, you don't want other people getting ideas and trying to trade stuff for rides. Later, Hummel." Then he was gone.

Mercedes grinned. "Okay, you are officially fabulously badass. Where can I sign up for a ride?"

Kurt shook his head. "I didn't get the bike to be noticed, I got the bike because I wanted it."

"I'll by you a month's worth of your favourite fashion magazines."

Kurt stared at her in amazement. "Did you not hear what Puck just said?"

Mercedes shrugged. "I'm sure I'll be able to get free rides out of you later, but right now I have a feeling you'll be bombarded with requests and I want to be one of the first."

Kurt thought about that for a moment. There was nothing wrong with letting people get him things for rides, and it's not like he would accept all of it, just what he could really use. Besides, the money he would save on a month's worth of magazines could help him pay back his dad. He stuck out a hand, "Deal, I'll be your ride on Wednesday."