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Chapter 17 –

They were surprised to find that the only lights on were the porch and entrance lights. Kurt unlocked the door and walked in, calling to see if anyone was there. When he got no reply he turned to Puck. "I guess there's nobody home."

Puck shrugged and headed to the bathroom.

Kurt went into the kitchen to check for a note. Sure enough a piece of paper sat on the counter.

Went out to dinner. Be back later. Keep the doors open. Burt

Kurt grinned in amusement that his dad even insisted on open doors while gone. He noticed Carole's neater handwriting underneath, though.

Taking Burt to the movies after dinner. Be back around midnight. Finn's with Rachel. Make sure you're both decent before you fall asleep. Love Carole

Kurt wished Carole was there so he could hug her in person. Instead he thought about what she had given him: two hours alone with Puck. two hours with access to a feather bed instead of a blanket-covered truck bed.

By the time he heard Puck exit the bathroom Kurt knew exactly what they were going to do with that time.

Before Puck could say anything, Kurt grabbed his hand and silently led him up to his room, locking the door behind him. He got Puck topless and lying back on his bed before giving Puck any chance to speak. But instead of hanging around, he disappeared into his closet.

"Kurt?" came Puck's voice, panting slightly. "What are you doing?"

"Changing," was Kurt's simple, muffled reply.

Puck had almost forgotten that Kurt needed to change his pants. But after a few minutes of silence and muffled curses, he called out again. "Kurt? Are you okay? How long does it take to change out of a pair of pants?"

"You forget that I only own skinny jeans, basically," called Kurt. "Besides, I wanted to change into something else completely."


"Well, you said you liked my motorcycle outfit, right?"

"Yeah. That t-shirt is just small enough to be the sexiest thing you own."

"I doubt that, but I think you'll like this just as much if not more."

"What are you talking about Kurt?"

"Over the summer Mercedes, Rachel, Tina, and I did makeovers of our own styles for each other. Rachel did Tina, which was hilarious and horrifying. But Tina did me. I had a punk shirt on underneath, but this is basically what she came up with."

"Kurt, what the hell are you talking about?"

Finally, Kurt stepped out of the closet. Puck stared, shocked. Kurt leaned against the wall, wearing a short, pleather jacket with three-quarter length sleeves and a skull on one side. He wore nothing beneath it and his flat stomach was perfectly displayed. His professionally faded, skin-tight jeans wear unbuttoned, possibly too tight to fasten, and a belt wrapped around one leg and up to his hip, closed with a skull and crossbones buckle. All topped off with gloved hands, a thumb tucked into the top of his jeans. Puck wasn't sure if it was to hold them up, or just for show, but he didn't care.

"Fuck," he mumbled.

Kurt blushed a little, but his confident grin didn't waver. "I thought you'd like it." When Puck didn't reply, Kurt chuckled, "Don't get drool on my comforter."

That got Puck to lick his lips and swallow. "Fuck, Kurt, that is the hottest thing I've seen in my life."

"Mmm," Kurt hummed, walking toward the bed. When he reached out to pull the comforter down Puck frowned in confusion.

"What's going on, Kurt? What's with the get up?" He lifted his hips to allow Kurt to pull the blanket all the way to the foot of the bed.

"By dad and Carole left some notes for us," Kurt explained, as vague as ever.

"Yeah, and they'll all be home soon, won't they?"

"They're at the movies, Finn's with Rachel, we have until midnight." Kurt carefully straddled Puck's hips on the bed, his hands on Puck's chest for support.

Puck put his hands on Kurt's hips and swallowed. "So?"

Kurt leaned down and gently kissed Puck before moving to his chin and neck and answering. "We have to be decent by the time they get home."


Kurt sat up a little, his nerves clear in his expression. "Fuck me, Noah."

Puck looked at Kurt with wide eyes. That came out of nowhere. "Kurt, are you sure? We just started dating last week."

Kurt gave a nervous chuckle. "Is Noah Puckerman turning down sex?"

Puck quickly moved his hands to Kurt's lower back, keeping him close. "No. That's not what I'm doing. This is important to me, Kurt. I don't want you to rush things and regret it later."

"We may have been dating for a week, but we've been physical for a month or more. I'm ready, Puck." Kurt took a deep breath, "I've only been waiting for proof from you that we have more than just physical attraction. You've proven that to me, and so much more, this entire week."

Nodding, Puck ran his hands up and down Kurt's bare skin, revelling in the fact that he was allowed now. That he could practically do whatever he wanted. "It's not going to last very long, Kurt. I've barely even considered having you like this. And add on this fucking hot outfit? I'd come if you told me to. Right now."

"Really?" Kurt grinned, plotting. "Let's put that to the test."

Puck gasped at the feeling of Kurt's gloved hands opening his jeans and releasing his leaking cock. Kurt pushed the jeans down to mid-thigh and ran his hands along the exposed skin. It was as he ghosted a finger up Puck's cock that he spoke.

"Come for me," Kurt whispered. "I want to see."

And Puck did. Shouting Kurt's name amongst various obscenities, spurting hot come onto his own stomach.

Kurt jut watched, taking in Puck's pained and intense expression as it began to relax as he came down from his climax. Tilting his head, Kurt played with the mess on Puck's stomach, running his gloved hands through the thick substance, making little circles. When Puck's breathing evened, Kurt brought his hand to his mouth and licked. He knew what Puck tasted like, but the underlying taste of leather made him moan.

"God Kurt, you're one kinky dude," groaned Puck, his cock twitching a little.

Grinning, Kurt just hummed and continued to play with Puck's seed, tasting it every now and then, until it got cold and sticky. He left a moment and came back with a warm, wet washcloth and cleaned Puck up, straddling his hips again.

"When will you be ready for me?" asked Kurt, noticing that Puck was already half hard.

"Just keep doing stuff, and I'm sure I'll be plenty ready to fuck you whenever you are."

"Have you… done anything like this before?"

"Not with a guy. Santana got kinda kinky once, but she stopped me before I got more than one finger in her."

Kurt wrinkled his nose. "I did not need to picture that."

"Just think of yourself in Santana's place," said Puck, rubbing a hand over Kurt's hip.

Kurt moaned and thrust the air in front of him. "Yeah, I like that idea."

"Then we should get you naked," said Puck, fiddling with the belt buckle.

Kurt shook his head and backed away. "Not before you. Take off your pants."

Kurt had never seen Puck move so fast. He slipped from between Kurt's legs, shucked off his jeans, and slipped back between Kurt's legs before Kurt could move too much. He couldn't help but chuckle at Puck's eagerness.

Puck stared expectantly. "Well? What about you?"

"Me?" Kurt scoffed. "It took me too much time getting into this to just tare it off." A thought came to him and he ran a finger down Puck's chest, a smirk on his lips. "Don't you want to undress me?"

Puck's eyes lit up. "Oh, fuck yeah!" He reached out and tried to pull off Kurt's jacket.

Swatting his hand away, Kurt shook his head. "I want you to enjoy this Puck. I'm not going to dress like this every time."

Puck pouted for a minute before giving in. He reached forward slowly, tracing the design on Kurt's belt buckle before unclasping it. As he pulled it away, Kurt sighed at the feel of the belt running around his one leg.

Once the belt hit the floor Puck reached for the jeans. The button was open so he slowly pulled down the zipper before spreading the material open. Kurt bit his lip, the material rubbing against his bare skin.

As Puck pushed away more material, one thing became clear: Kurt was going commando. He was completely hard within seconds.

"Kurt," he groaned, "I can't wait anymore."

Nodding, Kurt quickly jumped up. Dropping his jacket on the floor, he moved to his dresser and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. Tossing both to Puck, he ordered, "Condom, on, now."

Puck obeyed, fumbling only a little when he saw Kurt step out of his jeans. Puck barely had time to admire his boyfriend's bare body before Kurt was climbing onto him again.

Grabbing the lube, Kurt squirt some onto his fingers and his hand disappeared behind him. Puck groaned in arousal at the idea of what Kurt was doing, and in annoyance that he couldn't watch. He moved his hands to Kurt's thighs and the smaller boy looked down at him, gasping at his own touch.

When their eyes met, Kurt knew exactly what Puck was asking.

"Next…unh… next time," said Kurt, not pausing in his preparation. "In a… ah… in a hurry."

Puck nodded, happy to hear that there would be a next time. He reached out, gently grabbing Kurt's leaking erection.

"Yes! Noah!" Kurt gasped, eyes going wide enough for Puck to see the thin sliver of blue around his enlarged pupils.

In that moment Puck knew exactly why Kurt called him by his first name. Instead of replying, Puck just smiled, tightening his grip on Kurt. "You ready yet?" he whispered, voice rougher than usual.

Kurt nodded frantically, reaching for the lube again. He fumbled as he tried to open it, and Puck took it from him, applying some to his cock himself. Wiping his hand on his thigh, Puck gripped Kurt's hips as the countertenor rested his hands on Puck's chest. For a full minute they remained like that, just staring, barely able to realize this was happening. Then, at the same time, they breathed and moved.

Kurt pushed up on his knees, Puck reached and helped guide his cock to Kurt's hole. The first breech was slow, and based on Kurt's groan, slightly painful. But they kept moving, Puck holding some of Kurt's weight to help. Soon Kurt was fully seated on Puck, ass to thighs.

"Fuck yes," Kurt breathed. "God, Noah, I'm so full."

"Fuckin' tight, baby," replied Puck, trying to breathe to stave off his impending climax.

Again, they remained motionless, both getting used to the heady feeling of being connected like this. And again they moved in tandem. Kurt pushing himself up as Puck lifted, then dropping back down, Puck thrusting up to meet him.

At one point, Puck shifted and on his next thrust he hit Kurt's prostate. Kurt practically screamed Noah's name. Puck's arousal shot up exponentially and he released one of Kurt's hips in favor of Kurt's cock to help speed up his climax.

Kurt gasped at the touch. Speeding up his movements, soon their rhythm faltered. Puck kept up a steady pull on Kurt's cock, though and soon the smaller boy was coming.

"Oh, fuck, Noah!" Kurt cried out, his hands trying to claw into Puck's chest.

Puck groaned at the feeling of Kurt spasming around his cock and he moved his hands to mirror Kurt's, one going to rest over the fading mark above his heart. As they both came down from their high Puck leaned up, renewing his mark on Kurt.

"Mmm," Kurt hummed, "Yes Noah."

As Kurt relaxed onto Puck's chest, the jock held him close and whispered into his ear. "I love you too, Kurt."

Kurt froze a moment before relaxing again. "I'm kind of surprised you said it first. But I'm very happy you did."

"Me too." Puck shifted, and suddenly the realization that Kurt's come was drying and sticky on them, he carefully got up. When he returned with a wet washcloth, Kurt smiled thankfully and pulled Puck back to the bed before he could take the washcloth to the hamper.

"You know," said Puck, as he settled back next to Kurt, "Our one week anniversary was yesterday."

Kurt sat up suddenly. "Oh my god, we didn't do anything for it."

Chuckling, Puck pulled him back down. "Relax, babe," he said, kissing Kurt's temple, "I think tonight was pretty epic. We should be fine."

"Good point."

"You know what else?"


"You still haven't said it."

Kurt remained silent for a moment longer before pushing up on his elbow to look Puck directly in the eyes. "I love you, Noah Puckerman," he said, voice soft.

Puck smirked. "Definitely like it when you say it."

Kurt gave a satisfied smile in reply and glanced at the clock. It was eleven o'clock. "We should get dressed," he sighed. "If my dad figured out what Carole did he'll be rushing to get home sooner, and I'm sure Finn will be getting home soon, too."

Nodding, Puck pushed himself up. "I'll shower now so Burt doesn't have to know that I might be naked while in the same house as you."

"That should give me plenty of time to do my moisturizing routine. And I'm sure you could take a pair of Finn's sweats and a t-shirt so you don't have to sleep in your clothes."

"Will do," said Puck, picking up his boxers and giving a two-fingered salute.

Kurt watched him as he walked out of the room, still completely naked and heard him go into Finn's room, just as Kurt heard a car pull into the driveway. Hurrying over to his door while putting on his robe, Kurt listened carefully for Carole's voice, sure that she would give them a little warning.

Luckily there was no female voice, only the heavy footfalls as Finn climbed the stairs. Curious how this would pan out, Kurt peaked out his door just in time to see Puck emerge from Finn's room, carrying the clothes, but still completely naked.

Finn froze in the hallway. Puck paused, face expressionless. Finn took a deep breath, like he was trying to calm himself. It didn't work.

"Dude!" he wailed. "Please tell me you did not just do it with Kurt in my bed!"

Puck broke into a smirk. "Dude, there is no way Kurt would even consider doin' the nasty in your messy room. It would throw off his groove or whatever."

Finn stared at him blankly.

"We didn't do anything in your room," Puck explained. "I'm just borrowing some of your clothes so that Burt doesn't know he rode me like a cowboy."

A second of silence before…

"Duuuuude! He's my brother! You're not supposed to tell me that!" Finn covered his ears, running into his room and locking the door.

Puck glanced over at Kurt's door, their eyes connecting seconds before they burst into laughter.

Fifteen minutes later, when Puck returned, they were still chuckling. Kurt crawled under his covers but Puck stayed on top, knowing it would appease Burt a little seeing that the blanket separated them.

Just before Puck fell asleep, Kurt spoke.

"I can't believe that I seem to have tied down the infamous sex shark of McKinley."

Puck turned to Kurt, pulling him as close as the blankets allowed. "You may have tied me down," he whispered, "But I've never felt like I had more freedom."


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