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The high pitched squeaking of Mr Shuester's pen was the only thing that could be heard in the unusually quiet choir room. Once the word 'heartbreak' was written in bold black ink, he spun around to look at the group, a huge grin etched in place."Everybody experiences heartbreak at least once in their life." He quickly and subtly glanced at Finn, Rachel, Puck, Sam, Artie and Quinn unknowingly before continuing."Whether it's from losing regionals, someone close to you passing away or losing the person you lo-"

Will's sentence was cut off by a girly giggle. He sighed in frustration at the sight of Rachel and Quinn, who were both lost in their own world, as they playfully poked at each others sides, laughing without a care in the world as they did so."Girls please." he scolded.

The couple blushed at all the stares they had gained before ducking their heads in embarrassment."Sorry Mr Shuester. It will not happen again." mumbled the little diva apologetically for the both of them.

Quinn gently squeezed her hand and softly smirked at him."Nope."

Will nodded, choosing to ignore the mischievous glint in the blonde girl's shining hazel eyes."So as I was saying, a majority of songs are based around heartbreak which gave me a great idea. I want all of you to come up with a song about-"

"Oh! Oh! I know! Heartbreak?" asked Brittany swishing her arm about in the air, almost hitting Puck on the head If he hadn't of ducked.

"Girls." He mumbled grumpily.

Will laughed as Artie pulled his girlfriend's hand back down into his lap."Right! It has to be emotional and make us really fe-"

"Will you just stop it?" Santana's shrill voice suddenly rang out across the choir room as she stood up and whipped round to glare at Quinn, who in a state of shock, pulled her hand away from a very red Rachel Berry's thigh as if she had been burned. "This is a Glee club, not a sex club Juno! Entiendes?" she hissed darkly, brown orbs glinting dangerously in the room's light.

Quinn snarled at her in return."That's rich coming from a slut like you! Face it Satan, as my girlfriend so rightly said, the only job that you will get is working on a pole!" She tried to lunge at the Latina but a pair of tanned arms wrapped wound themselves around her waist, preventing her from fully getting up." Rachel! Let go! What the hell? Let. Me. Go!" she growled but the brunettes grip only tightened.

"Baby stop." The blond continued to struggle."Please."

Quinn sighed before reluctantly obeying her girlfriend's plea and slumped against her. The small exchange between the two only made the tanned girl angrier."Aww isn't that sweet." she said, her words dripping with sarcasm."Since when did you become Berry's bitch Fabray? That's ju-"

"Santana that's enough!" shouted Will pointing to the door."Out! And don't even think about coming come back until you have calmed down."

The said girl huffed and glared at him. Uncomfortable and Intimidated by Santana's stare, Mr Shuester adverted his eyes away from the seething Latina. Smirking in grim satisfaction, she then turned on her heel and stormed out of the room in a proper diva fashion, one that could rival Rachel Berry's, but not before casting Quinn's girlfriend one last look.

The rest of the stunned Gleeks were silent, unable to form any words.

"What the hell just happened?" questioned Puck after a moment's pause.

Quinn just shook her head at her friend's unusual behaviour and slung an arm effortlessly around her girlfriend's shoulder, oblivious to the fact that Rachel was gazing confusedly at the door that Santana had just exited through.



Rachel stared blankly at her locker, too deep inside her own mind to care what was going on around her. What the hell had just happened? Why did Santana look at her like- like... she expected her to do something, to stick up for her? The pain and rejection that was reflected in her dark chocolate eyes gave her a flashback of all the times she used to gaze at Finn like that. When he pushed her away at the bowling alley, the auditorium, Christmas... it all left her feeling wounded. But why was the Latina looking at her like that?

"You know I don't think staring at your locker will make it open Rach." A slender pale hand on her arm snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up to see Quinn smirking playfully as she leaned forward to place a kiss on her lips."did you do a Brittany and forget your combination?"

Rachel laughed and shook her head, allowing the blond to open the locker for her."I love you." She smiled as Quinn pulled the door open and collected the books needed.

The taller girl gave a soft smile in return and handed her her books."I love you too." she whispered sincerly before kissing her goodbye and walking off to her next class.

Rachel eyes trailed after her, a small smile gracing her features at how truly wonderful the girl was. Way too good for her.


"We need to talk." demanded Santana retrieving her hand back from the locker door as she stepped right in front of the diva; so close that meer inches seperated their noses.

Rachel quickly nodded her head."o-okay." she mentally planned her escape route in case the Latina decided to hurt her or something.

"Why are you looking at me if i'm about to murder you?"

"Are you?" replied the diva almost instantly and clenched her eye lids together, fearing the response.

The smirk instantly dropped as the taller girl took in the scared brunette's posture and darting eyes."L-look, I need to tell you something." She took a deep shaky breath and prepared."I-I've been thinking and.. I've realized why why I'm such a bitch..." Her eyes flickered to a passing jock as he walked by, as did Rachel's as she patiently waited for her to continue.

"I'm a bitch because I have feelings..." she clenched her fists tightly and locked her eyes onto Rachel's willing her to get it.

When the little diva showed no signs of catching on, she sighed and mentally banged her head against the lockers."F-for you." she muttered quietly.

Rachel could only gape at her, her books dropping to the floor with a thud, as she digested the new information."You- You have feelings.. for me?"

Santana gulped and glanced around worriedly in case anyone was listening before fixing her gaze timidly onto the floor."Please say you feel something for me. Anything at all?" she pleaded.

"Santana." Rachel hesitated before resting her hands upon the girl's shaking shoulders."I-I'm with Quinn."

Santana winced,"I know." she muttered, her voice close to breaking as rapid tears gathered in her dark brown orbs. She knew this was going to be the outcome form the very beginning but that didn't mean it hurt any less. She looked around to find the fastest route ot escape from this embarrassing situation. Santana Lopez's heart was breaking and Rachel was the cause.

"I'm sorry." Whispered the diva sincerely before pulling the dark skinned girl into her arms but Santana quickly pushed her off angrily and sprinted away in the opposite direction.

Rachel ran a frustrated hand though her wavy locks and leant against her locker dejectedly. She was torn, everything had just all become a lot more complicated in the space of a minute. she sighed and, conflicted with her emotions, walked to her next class. Little did she know, Quinn had seen the whole exchange between the two, a thoughtful frown adorning her delicate features.



Quinn gently pressed on the C note as she prepared herself for what she was about to do. She had been thinking about it since the moment she saw Santana pour her heart out to Rachel. It confused her to know end as to why the Latina would do that. It's not something she would normally do, put herself on the line. Rachel must be someone really really special... she thought.

The blonde took a deep breath and looked up to the sound of footsteps. Hazel met brown, but instead of seeing her girlfriend, she saw a distraught Santana with tears streaming down her pained face.

"You took away the only thing that I really wanted, the only person I have ever fallen in love with. You've ruined me Fabray. Ruined Me."

"Quinn?" Santana slowly melted away into Rachel as the girl gazed down at her in concern."You okay?"

Quinn nodded her head rapidly."Yeah fine." she cleared her voice, hoping Rachel wouldn't notice the higher pitch it had taken on but by the slight tilt of her head and furrowed eyebrows the blonde knew she had. She was always very observant like that."No. I'm not actually- Look Rachel we need to talk."

And all of a sudden Rachel was back in the hallway standing in front of Santana as she too uttered those exact words. The diva started to panic, her heartbeat increased and her palms started sweating, dreading what was about to come out of her girlfriend's mouth.'no, no, no, no.'

"I think we should break up." NO!

"What!" Screamed the brunette, not caring when Quinn winced. She stepped towards the blonde."Why? We were okay this morning. What the hell has happened to make you want to break up with me?"

Quinn winced at the rare use of a curse."Santana." she replied calmly, even though she was breaking inside. She slowly pulled herself up from the stool and walked around the piano towards the diva on shaky legs. Rachel could only gape after her."That's right. I overheard your little 'conversation'." She hissed, her walls falling back into place. I need to do this. For me and for Rachel... And Santana.

"Nothing Happened!" protested Rachel grasping at Quinn's pale hands with her own tanned ones."Nothing at all." her eyes expressed so much love that Quinn's breath hitched.

She allowed the diva to continue to hold on to her, willing her tears to stay back."But you want it too thoguh. You want her." She fixed her hazel eyes onto Rachel's as confusion, hurt and anger flashed through them.

"How do you know what I want? You don't have a fucking clue Quinn Fabray!" the diva growled ripping her hands away as if she had been burned.

She didn't even deny it..."It's not very often Santana says she loves someone. In fact this is the first time." she replied calmly, choosing to ignore the shorter girl's outburst and use of the F word. Her eyes refused to stray away, determined to make Rachel believe that they were done. The very thought pained her to the very core.

"I don't care! And don't change the subject!" huffed Rachel but she was once again ignored as the blond carried on, trapped in her own mind.

"She told me she would never fall in love. Her exact words were 'eww no! Love sucks, it's for losers'." she chuckled at the memory."But she did. She fell in love. She fell in love with you... You must be something special huh Rach?" a stray tear made it's way down her slightly reddened cheek before she angrily wiped it away. stupid emotions.

Rachel shook her head as she sobbed."But I love you. I. Love. You. Don't you love me too?" She glanced up at Quinn, her eyes wide, vulnerable and hopeful.

"Of course I do." There was no hesitation in the ex Cheerio''s voice."I love you enough to let you go."

"B-but I don't unde-"

"You will. It's for the best, trust me." She whispered touching the diva's lips with her index finger, preventing her from saying anything else. Her eyes studied the brunette's features before she planted one last lingering kiss on her forehead; The brunette closed her eyes, relishing the contact."Good night Rachel." She mumbled against her head before pulling away and making her way towards the exit."One day you will thank me for this."

Once Quinn was gone, the brunette allowed herself to collapse on the floor in floods of tears."I don't think I will Quinn." she muttered brokenly to herself.




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