Edward POV

Alice predicted that five new students would be joining our dreadfully boring Forks High today. I told her that it was wonderful, and she got upset at me for the sarcasm. I couldn't help it. I absolutely despise being a vampire. I don't know why I live. I have no idea how to get rid of myself anyway. I'm just a lost cause damned to live forever.

Right now, my family, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and I are sitting inside the high school cafeteria. High school is horrible. Especially when you have gone through the same things at least twenty times. There is nothing better to do for us vampires though. We had nothing better to do than socialize ourselves with a bunch of humans. Jasper was going through some struggles, being the weakest link and all.

New student alert! Alice called to me, blinking twice, and turning her head towards the door. The smell was lovely, like freshly baked mountain lion, but better. Yet, something about the blood made me want to vomit.

The first to enter was a male. He looked to be well built, maybe 6'1, with light brown hair, blue eyes, and fair ivory skin. Behind him was a beautiful female. She was tallish, slender with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had plump lips, slender brows, and a small nose. Coming in next was another male. He was tall, taller than Emmett, he had shaggy black hair, a buff body, and light blue eyes. Behind him was another beautiful female. She was short, with tainted brown hair, and blue/green eyes. The last was a gorgeous female. She was slightly taller than the last lady, with long brown hair, luscious lips, and flawless skin.

The group walked with cat like features. Instead of walking flat footed, they all walked lightly on their feet, with silent movements. Their heads were held high, as if on alert. They sat at the table next to us, arching their wrists as they sat. That is peculiar. Alice smiled, already dancing over to them.

"Hello! My name is Alice Cullen. I'm a junior here. Are you all new here?" She asked, in her happy voice. Jasper grinned cheekily at his wife. The last female answered for her group.

"Hello. We are new here. I'm Isabella Chaos, and this is my family. My brothers, Jet and Talon. My sisters, Angel and Mixi. We are all in the 11th grade." Isabella said, her voice tinted with a foreign accent. The first male was Talon, the first female was Angel, the second male was Jet, the third female was Mixi, and the last was Isabella.

The group intrigued me to say the least. Its an amazement because hardly anything captures my attention. Forks is full of boring and simple humans who live the same life day to day. I tried to focus in on their minds, but I was blocked, as if there was a force field around them.

"Goodbye." Jet said, just as the bell rang. Almost a second before the bell rang indeed. The group all rose at the same time, and headed out of the cafeteria. Alice strolled back to us. Her expression looked slightly confused.

Those students have strange features. The group looks nothing alike, yet they are related. We must find out more, correct Edward?

I gave Alice a look, and she gave a slight smile. We all departed the cafeteria, going to our next classes. I had biology. For what has felt like the millionth year, I walked to that dreadful classroom. The students all tensed some, their defensive parts of their brains warning them that I am not one of their kind. I sat in my usual seat.

Michael Newton walked in with the new girl, Isabella. Mr. Molina smiled, taking her pass and signing it.

Man, this Isabella chick is cute. I wonder if she has a date to the dance. I rolled my eyes. On their first day, Michael is already trying to get into her pants. Typical Newton.

Why, another transfer from Phoenix. Ah, she was in the advanced placement. This should be nice. Mr. Molina's thoughts rang out in my head. I'm usually very good at staying out of peoples minds, but sometimes, thoughts escape.

"You can have a seat next to Mr. Cullen, right over there." He directed her to the open seat next to me. This may be one of the only opportunities that my family will have to learn about these strange new students. Isabella made a slight face of wretch, but took her seat next to me. Again, as her family had done before they sat, she arched her wrists.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen." I said to her softly, my gentlemen like ways from the early 1900s making an appearance.

"The pleasure is mine." She murmured back to me, brushing her luscious brown hair behind her ear.

"Where did you move here from? If you don't mind me asking." I asked, taking the microscope and putting the first slide of onion root on it. I've done this laboratory procedure at least 50 times.

"Phoenix, Arizona." She answered, pulling the microscope after I was done. She gave the answer to me, and I checked to see if she was right. She was.

"Your accent proves that your from another part. Where we're you born? What's your origin?" I asked her, putting the different slide on.

"I am half French and half German. Do you always ask this many questions?" Isabella's voice was a tad bit sharper than it was.

"No. I only ask because I am curious to get to know you. Why did you move to Forks?" I asked her, as she gave me the answer.

"My family and I had no choice." She said, clenching her jaw together. I tried to get some reading on her mind, but it was like there was a wall, or force blocking me. Everytime I would try, I would get a zap of electricity.

"Why, Isabella, I'm only trying to learn about you. Would you like to know about me?" I asked her, trying not to make her angry.

"Call me Bella, and yes, I would." She said, calming down some.

"Well, my brothers and sisters and I are adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen. We've lived almost all over the world. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. My parents died of small pox." I told her. My voice became tinted with sadness. It hurts to think about my parents.

"I'm sorry about your parents. My parents are gone also. Well, they were murdered." Bella said, shaking her head. The bell rang, and she was out of her seat, with her stuff, before I was. That should be impossible. I'm a vampire, and she is mortal. It is not adding up.

The school day passed with me trying to figure out Isabella Chaos.

Alice, Jasper, and I met at my Volvo. Alice looked to be in perpetual concentration. I looked at Jasper with a bit of concern, before we got into the car to drive home. Alice's vision suddenly hit me hard.

Bella and I sat on a moss covered tree branch in the forest somewhere. When, suddenly, electricity was shoved into her, and a cloaked figure moved from the shadows.

I kept my face calm and emotionless. It was the way I am used to handling things. "When do you think that is?" I asked Alice, as her eyes returned to their normal state.

"I'm not sure. I would estimate about a week or two." Alice's usual perky voice was dull and somber. I sped down the road to our home, keeping my thoughts focused on Bella.

Carlisle was not at home when we arrived. Being the best doctor in town sometimes had its consequences. Esme was humming and dusting the kitchen. Alice told her of the new students. She was also intrigued by them.

"I don't think they are human." Jasper said from the counter. I looked at him with a perplexed expression.

"Why so?" I asked, leaning against the wall. He sighed before explaining the long lost story of cat features.

"Well, it doesn't matter at the moment until they provide a threat. But you need to get off my counter Jasper." Esme hit him with the wash cloth she had. He jumped off the counter and went to find Alice. I will find out more about these new kids in Forks, Washington.


Those Cullen kids are really interested in us. It bothers me. They are vampires, that one was obvious. I smelt it as soon as we entered the cafeteria. Edward really was a good looking guy though.

Angel sat on the black leather couch in the living room. "You looked really goody-goody today Bells." She laughed. I growled at her.

"That's because you didn't want me scaring the school." I said, taking off my purple t-shirt, leaving me in a wife beater. The wife beater revealed the tattoos on my neck, shoulder, and hip. I have just one on my each, but they were very descriptive. "Tomorrow's going to be different." Mixi laughed, plopping down on the couch with a bowl of sushi.

"Your going to scare everyone." She said, eating fish, which happened to be her favorite food. I rolled my eyes and sat on the couch.

"This town is crazy. There are wolves and vampires. And now us." Jet said, joining us in the living room with Talon behind him. Their eyes were turning dark red, the sign of needing to hunt.

"We need to hunt tonight." I announced to everyone. Everybody nodded in agreement.

"I say we run by the Cullen house." Mixi smirked, deciding to play dangerous. I shrugged. Being the leader, I get to call the shots, but as long as we aren't endangering ourselves, I usually go along with most of the others ideas.

"It's time to play the game." Talon smirked, standing up. We all got ready for the hunt.

Edwards POV

The family was sitting relaxed in the living room. Jasper and Emmett were playing a video game on their Xbox, while Alice and Rosalie were painting each other's nails, and Esme was humming a tune in the kitchen. Alice's eyes glazed over quickly. I slipped into her mind to see what she was seeing.

A pair of emerald green eyes stared at our house from the bushes.

The vision went blank after that. I wonder what those eyes could have been. It could just be a stray animal searching for shelter. Alice gave me a pondering look.

"We'll just have to wait and see." I murmured, laying on the couch. Alice nodded happily, skipping to Jasper and pulling him up the stairs. She was acting very mischievous. Emmett and Rosalie went off somewhere in the garage. I let out a sigh, letting my mind wander about Isabella Chaos. She is such a gorgeous girl, but something is different about her. I crave to know more about her.

Emmett's booming laugh brought me out of my thoughts. "What the hell is so funny Emmett?" I asked him, abruptly sitting up on the couch. Emmett was doubled over, clutching his stomach, laughing hysterically.

"Rose." He managed to choke out. I looked over at Rosalie. She looked murderous. I also noticed she was covered in hot pink paint.

"I'm going to murder you Alice!" She screamed, racing for the stairs with a trail of pink paint being left behind her.

"Run Alice!" Emmett hollered, falling onto the floor rolling with laughter.

"Oh jeez," Esme muttered, sitting down at the piano and letting a soft tune come out. I joined her on the bench. "Edward, why don't you play anymore?" She asked, her golden orbs filling with motherly concern. I honestly don't know why I don't play the piano anymore. I used to play almost everyday, but then I just stopped.

"I'm not exactly sure." I hummed, placing my fingers onto the keys and letting a soft melody drift out among the craziness. Before I even knew, I had written a brand new melody. It had drifted into night as I continued playing. Esme smiled, placing a motherly hand on my shoulder.

"It's beautiful." She whispered. At some point during this Alice, Jasper, Rose, and Emmett all had joined her, standing around the piano. Carlisle had also joined, wrapping his arms around Esme. Rustling in the bushes brought us all out of the hypnotizing melody. We all shot outside simultaneously to see what was there.

Emerald green cat shaped eyes stared back from the bush. I blinked and the eyes were gone. I could hear feet hitting the ground all around us, but there were no thoughts besides my family's.

"Whose there?" Carlisle announced loudly, standing tense. I could hear feet running on the roof. A growl was heard and then there was silence. We stood pondering over what could have been out here.

"It might have been those damn wolves." Emmett suggested, growling. Everyone was dumbstruck on what it could be. We all headed back inside the house to find a note on the couch. It read:

Hello Cullen's

Your house is very neat and nice. We liked it a lot. We just wanted to stop by and see how things were. We'll see you at school tomorrow.

There was a cat paw print. The room was silent as each of us tried to put together what that note could mean. I slipped into my families thoughts.

I wonder why I didn't see this coming- Alice

I'm ready to defend myself against some big pussy cat- Emmett

I wonder what a fight could be like with a giant cat- Jasper

Stupid felines- Rosalie

Could it be the new kids that the children met at school- Esme

I've never heard of a cat species- Carlisle.

"What is it, Alice?" Jasper asked, holding his wife's hand while her eyes glazed over. I slipped inside her mind, watching her vision.

A large bobcat stood outside the door to our house. It wasn't a regular bobcat though. In it's mouth it held a deer. The large cat laid the deer outside the door and took off into the night.

I sat there puzzled. "Why would a bobcat just leave a deer outside our house?" Alice asked, running to the door. Outside on the porch stood the bobcat. We managed to catch it in the act before it ran loose.

"What do you want?" Emmett growled, crouching. Rosalie placed her hand on his shoulder, calming him. The bobcat responded with a hiss, and took off into the night. The sound of many thudding paws hit the ground once more.

"It's probably someone trying to scare us. The thought of something trying to scare vampires." Jasper mused, examining the deer. It was covered with large bites from sharp teeth. The markings weren't like wolf teeth, but cat teeth. Without thinking, I took off after the large beast. My family followed right behind me.

The scent was easy to track. It led to a large house deep in the woods. It looked like a lodge. Almost like a house that Esme would buy. The door to the house opened and there stood Isabella Chaos.

"What do you want, bloodsucker?" She snarled, staring us down. How she knew we were vampires shocked me.

"How do you know?" Alice asked, giving her a snarl right back.

"I could smell you before I walked into the cafeteria." She hissed, crouching.

"What are you?" Carlisle asked. "We want no harm or problems, we just wish to know what species you are." Bella gave a wicked cat like grin.

"Let me show you." Before the words came out of her mouth, a large and fierce cheetah was before us.

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