I felt as if my cold, dead heart could come pulsating back to life in that very moment. The large cat had slick, spotted fur and sharply trimmed claws that looked like they could pierce my very steel flesh. I knew Bella and her family were something entirely different, but I never could have imagined that they were….cats.

Ha, big pussy cats. Emmett's snide comment slipped into my mind. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. How could he not be fascinated by this?

"How is that possible?" Carlisle mused, the scientist in him coming out. He studied Bella as she slowly crawled around us. "Can you still communicate with us while in feline form?" She growled lowly, obviously saying no. Suddenly, she was morphed back to her human self.

"Have you never heard of them before? It happens when bit by a wild cat, then you transform if your blood and their blood fuse. Only a few people are lucky enough to survive the transformation." Bella explained, the edge in her voice coming through loud and clear. This woman amazed me in every aspect. If she is one of those cats, that means she was strong enough to live through the transformation. Are the immortal like us? My own thoughts buzzed through my head as I could hear the light buzz of my families thoughts. I was accustomed to giving them privacy and trying to stay out of their heads.

"When did it happen for you?" Jasper asked, studying her shape and form. Bella sighed, motioning for us to follow her inside the house. Carlisle shot us all apprehensive looks. A mutual thought went around for us to be on our toes. We did not know what these people were capable of. I was almost sure that Bella wouldn't do anything to harm us.

The inside of the house was very open and spacious. A long black couch went around half of the living room, where the rest of the cats, er well, humans were at. There was a large sky light in the roof. The furniture and decorations look very similar to something Esme would purchase. The others on the couch all looked surprised when we came through the door. Bella motioned for us to sit on the couch, while she joined sitting her family.

"I was bit after mine and Jet's parents were murdered. I was working at the zoo, and one of the cheetahs got out and bit me. I noticed the change a few days later. It is not like your change, it is not painful. Your blood cells and the animals cells just have to match correctly so it will work. It is very rare that it will match up just right, so many people die from it. It's rumored that only certain animals in the world are like this from their encounter with a vampire." She explained. I took all this in with amazement. I knew that some of my kind had tried transforming creatures, but I never heard of it working. You would think that they wouldn't have the competence to know not to kill everything in sight.

"This is so breathtaking." Alice mused. "Are you all cheetahs, or?" She asked, looking at the rest of the group. Simultaneously, they all morphed into their breed. Mixi turned into a petite bobcat. Angel morphed into a slim black panther. Talon changed into fairly large leopard. Jet turned into a huge tiger with piercing green eyes. My family sat in amazement, staring at the species in front of us. They each morphed back into their human forms.

"Does it hurt when you morph from human to feline?" Jasper asked, staring at the Chaos family.

"No, it's just a surge of power rippling through the body. It's something hard to explain and you wouldn't understand unless you experienced it." Talon spoke up. I couldn't imagine feeling that powerful, even though I know my own power.

"Why did you move here?" Esme softly asked. Mixi looked towards Bella, as if asking permission. Bella nodded slightly.

"We came here to protect the human race. We are aware of the vampires here, and the werewolves. The Volturi are suppose to be making appearances around the world, killing off people. Mainly, we are here to make a new living." Mixi explained. Carlisle's eyes widened momentarily, but he went back to normal. The Volturi would be appearing? Aro never left the comfort of his Volterra, so he would probably send the guard. Yet, what will posses them to start killing off people? That goes against everything they stand for really.

"I haven't seen the Volturi in any of my visions." Alice pondered, wrapping her arms around Jasper. Jasper comforted her softly. This is amazing, Edward. His thoughts came into my mind. I nodded slightly towards him.

"What do you eat?" Emmett asked. Hopefully not vampires. I wanted to laugh at the thought. Bella laughed, obviously seeing Emmett's apprehensive look.

"The same as you." I could see Emmett visibly relax. That made a mutual laugh go throughout the room. Now that I could see Bella more visibly, I could see the ink that was permanent on her perfect skin. On the left side of her neck, she had angel wings. They were dark grey colored with a yellow halo in between them. It seemed to have a lot of meaning behind it. I couldn't see the other tattoos that she might have.

"Well this is certainly amazing. I've heard of the cat hybrids, but I never thought I'd see them up close and personal. With the Volturi coming at some point, we should work together, agreed?" Carlisle mused, looking towards the family in front of us. I could hear him going over everything in his head. Bella exchanged looks with each member of her family, as if communicating through their minds.

"That would be for the best. I'm positive the mutts wouldn't want an alliance unless it threatened them, so we can agree to leave them out." Bella spoke with a positive tone. I see they are on the same side as us when it comes to the wolves. Not mentioning the fact that cats don't like dogs. "We'll see you at school tomorrow." Bella motioned for the door. One thing was for sure, she wasn't shy on telling us when we needed to go. She had a very dominant side to her personality that I could read. What I wouldn't give to get some insight to her mind!

Rude. Rosalie's thoughts burst into my mind. I gave her a look and she just shrugged her shoulders. Rosalie never cared about much unless it involved her. She has been the most vain person that I've ever met.

"See you then." Alice said, happily. Bella walked us down the steps. My family had taken off into the dark, ever green forest, leaving Bella and I alone. The beat of her heart was soothing to listen to.

"Your lifestyle is quite amazing." I told her as I leaned against their wooden home. Bella smirked slightly, stepping towards me.

"You have no idea." She grinned slyly. I couldn't help but smile back at her. Something about her brought me feelings that I've never felt before. She stepped closer to me, where she was mere inches away.

"Really now?" I tried to say as coolly as possible, not letting her get a hint that she was driving me up the wall. Bella gave a coy smile and reached on her tiptoes to get closer to my ear. Her hair brushed against my cheek. Her smell was of freesia. It was the most beautiful thing I've smelt in my entire life.

"Positively." It was almost a purr in my ear. If I was mortal still, it would have sent chills down my spine. I knew I needed to pull something that will do the same to her as she is doing to me. Quickly, I flipped us and had her pressed against the lodge. My arms became a barrier around her. Her breath hitched in her throat, and her heartbeat was rapid.

"We'll see." I softly whispered into her ear, seeing the goose bumps rise on her arms. I tore off in the way of my house, leaving her dumbfounded. I found myself laughing by the time I reached my home. My family stared at me, questioningly. It must have been so long since I've truly laughed. Alice knew exactly what provoked my laughter.

"She's a tease." Alice giggled. "From the looks of it, she got to you. Who knows Eddie, this might just be the girl for you." Emmett boomed laughing hard.

"As if he can get that." He laughed, holding onto Rose tightly. I gave him a glare.

"Edward actually stepped out of his bubble and teased her back." Emmett got quiet after Alice spoke up again. Jasper chuckled. This was the beginning of something very interesting. This thing between Bella and I, or was it even anything, would it go somewhere? It was true, I was feeling something for her, but I have been complete by myself for so long. I'm still not sure if I could trust her yet. My head rambled on as the night drew to dawn.

School: Bella P.O.V

The morning light poured into my bedroom. I groaned, stretching in my queen size bed. I thought back to last night, and a smile crept onto my face. Edward Cullen was something else entirely, but I'm lost trying to figure him out. He appears intrigued by me, but is that something that I want or not? We are two different species, is it even possible to be with a vampire?

"Get your ass dressed!" Mixi hollered from downstairs. I growled lowly in my throat, jumping from my bed and landing by my closet. It was one of the perks from being a cheetah. Our enhanced movements made the world much simpler and we could move much faster.

I dressed in tight black jeans and a shirt that revealed my hip tattoo if I stretched, shoulder tattoo, and my neck tattoo. I quickly curled my hair, pulling it into a pony tail. I pulled on some old tennis shoes and headed downstairs. Mixi rolled her eyes when she saw me. She never did approve of my body art. I laughed.

"You like?" I asked her sarcastically. Mixi flipped me off while stuffing the rest of her toast in her mouth. Talon had on a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans, which quickly got Mixi's attention. Everyone knew that she liked him, and that he liked her, they just were oblivious to each others attention.

"Morning girls." He said, grabbing an apple from the counter. Jet slid down the stair railing and came flying into the kitchen. He always had so much energy.

"Tally ho! Let's go!" He hollered. I laughed at my blood brother, shaking my head while pouring a cup of juice.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" Talon asked, looking at Jet questioningly. Jet shrugged, taking the apple from Talon and eating it. Talon growled and shoved Jet. The boys began horsing around. Angel was the last to come downstairs. Her shirt revealed the giant dragon tattoo on her back. She was wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots. She was a redneck living in the wrong time era. Unbeknown to Angel, Jet has a huge crush on her. I'm not sure if it is the same way for her to him, but I believe so. I had always thought it amusing that I was the odd ball out. Everyone headed out the door and piled into my truck. It is a Dodge Ram 2500. We had to have something big enough to accompany all of us. I hopped into the driver seat, like always. Jet got in the passenger seat while Mixi, Angel, and Talon rode in the backseat.

Jet flipped on the radio and some rap song came blaring out of the speakers. He started dancing around in the front seat, playfully. I laughed at my crazy brother as I sped towards the school. It wasn't too far from where we lived, just about 9 miles. Jet rolled down his window as we got closer to a person riding their bike.

"Ahhhhh! Don't fall!" He screamed at them, making the person on the bike fall. The entire truck busted up with laugher. Jet was a nut sometimes, but its good for him to be happy again. He use to hate life, but ever since moving here, he's been happier. He couldn't stand the thought of living forever without our parents, but he accepted it after a long brother to sister heart to heart. I think that he just likes the rain and the forest and it makes him happy to be in the open instead of a crammed city.

"You crazy asshole." Talon chuckled, slapping Jet on the shoulder with encouragement. He rolled up the window as I parked at the school. The Cullens were standing by the gate, waiting for us. Or that is what I assumed at least.

Edward greeted me with a coy smile. He looked very nice today. He had on black jeans and a button down shirt. I returned his smile playfully. I wouldn't have him in class until biology, which is right after lunch. I had Talon in my first class, Mixi in my second, Angel in my third, and then was lunch. Talon was in my fifth class also. I had Edward in my sixth class, Jet in my seventh, and all the Cullens and Chaos's in my eighth. The school managed to pull that one off with magic or something.

"Would you like me to walk you to your first class?" Edward asked politely. I nodded, shrugging my shoulders. Talon went with Mixi off to her first class. Everyone else departed off towards their classes.

"How was your night?" I asked, looking towards him. He was absolutely gorgeous. His molten gold eyes went perfectly with his tousled bronze hair. He was definitely someone who could make my pulse rise. I hadn't felt any of these feelings in so long. How could someone I just met make me feel so…alive?

"It wasn't anything too eventful." His voice was smooth. We reached my class and he left me there. I wonder if he feels anything towards me? Probably not, I sighed to myself as Talon joined me at our table.

"Why so glum?" He teased, looking at me with playful eyes. You could give that man a ball of yarn and he'd be satisfied for life. Talon was the one person that I didn't feel comfortable talking about everything to.

"Nothing, just waiting for this boring day to be over with." I answered. Only the day didn't seem as boring as I had thought.

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