Disclaimer: Do I have any of the characters from Harry Potter or Twilight in my bed? NO! Do I have lots of money from movie royalties & book sales? NO! So why would anyone think I wrote either of these master pieces? I bow down to the awesome chicks that are Stephanie Meyers & J.K. Rowling!


"INAURITUS." My world went silent after that. The ministry of Magic deemed the irreversible curse that Voldemort used on me punishment enough. My mother was released when Harry Potter revealed what she had done during the final battle at Hogwarts. My father was not so lucky; for three months he was kept in Azkaban until he was able to make a deal with the Head of the Wizengamot; he would pay restitution to all the wizarding families he personally affected and he would donate one thousand galleons to a muggle charity. To top it all off he promised to remove our family from Britain. So this is where I find myself, Draco Malfoy, living in a small Indian Reservation known as La Push going to the local muggle high school... in silence.

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