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Chapter 5


I did not completely understand why Jacob wanted to show me around LaPush, but I felt an unexplainable pull in my soul, if I had one left after all of the atrocities I had committed, that told me to be near him. Spending time with him would be the easy part… finding a way to communicate with him when I am trapped in my silent world would be the real challenge, but life was rarely easy when it came to me.

Sure I never needed for anything my family's vast fortune provided me with everything I needed and more. The universe on the other hand seemed was out to make me pay for every wrong I had committed. I think Indian muggles called it Karma. It was a concept that I had come across while reading. Usually I did not read muggle works, but I was desperate to find an understanding to what had become of my life. As far as my understanding is I was unwilling to listen to the opinions and point of views of those around me, so the universe took my ability to listen to anything.

The constant silence has forced me to re-evaluate my life and how I lived it. The problem was that none of my soul searching explained what was happening between Jacob and me. It also did not explain how I should deal with the situation I currently found myself in. True I could go to my parents, but they helped me with so much that I could not bear adding more to the burden that I had already become, so I guess I will go back to my research and until I find my answers I will be forced to wing it, as the muggles say, and hope that all goes well. Here is hoping that my life will smooth out and become easier for me to live…. I think a nice mint green will be best for my walls.

An: I in no way think that the deaf are a burden on their families. Draco is still going through a transition period where he will have to come to terms with his deafness. Maybe Jacob can help him along the way.