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Pillow Talk

Part 1

It was one of those calm summer nights when darkness had yet to take over the sunlight. The air was warm, the streets were quiet and everywhere the world seemed to be sighing with contentment, for another busy day had come to an end.

Santana Lopez lay awake in bed, a book sprawled out across her knees and her reading glasses perched on the end of her nose. She'd had one of those hard days and she was tired and almost ready to sleep but of course, she pushed herself to stay awake and finish the chapter she was reading, otherwise she would never settle down.

The bedroom door creaked open and a young woman with light blonde hair and bold blue eyes tiptoed inside, dressed in a silky white nightdress. She walked around to her side of the bed, lifted the covers and clambered in next to Santana who tried to ignore how her lover wriggled and writhed to get comfortable.

Moments passed and the blonde seemed to settle, resting on her back, eyes fixated on the ceiling above her. Santana could almost feel herself slipping into the world of her book when...

"Can we turn the light off?"

Sighing, Santana didn't take her eyes off her book, "no Brittany, we can't." She said.

Brittany turned to look at her, blinking in confusion, "why not?" She asked.

"Because I'm reading." Santana replied. She turned to look at her companion and almost melted at the sight of the bright blue pools of innocence staring back at her, searing an imprint into her soul.

"No you're not, 'Brittany said, shaking her head, "you're talking to me."

"Well I am now, 'Santana said indignantly, "but I wouldn't be if you'd shut up."

"Oh, 'the blonde's cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment and she turned and rolled onto her side, facing Santana with her eyes closed, "sorry."

Somewhat relieved, Santana turned her attention back to her book, wondering how many pages she had left to digest. She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt an arm snake around her waist from under the blanket.

"How was your day?" Brittany whispered.

Sighing, the Latina said, "fine. Yours?"

"Fine." Came the answer.

The clock chimed on the bedside cabinet, telling them that another hour of the night had gone by.

"Can we turn the light off now?" Brittany asked.

"Brit, I just told you that I'm reading!" Santana sighed.

"Couldn't you put the book down?"

Anger getting the better of her, Santana thrust her book shut and shoved it aside, onto the bedside cabinet. She sunk down into her pillow and lay on her back, arms folded over her chest angrily, "there! Happy now?"

Brittany didn't answer her. She glanced across at the other woman with open curiosity, threading her fingers up and into the dark locks of hair. Santana allowed herself to be stroked and caressed, closing her eyes at the wonderful sensation, and unconsciously rolling towards the blonde that loved her so.

"I was thinking about getting a dog." Brittany said.

Opening her eyes, Santana decided to just go with this casual new line of pillow talk, "really?"

"Yeah. We've been living here for the past five months now. Don't you think it's high time we got a dog." Brittany said.

"I don't know, 'Santana said shrugging her shoulders, "what kind of dog do you want?"

This seemed to be a difficult question for Brittany who took ample enough time to think about her answer. Santana was kind of hoping for something small. A Chihuahua maybe? Or a pug?

"A great Dane!" Brittany said enthusiastically, almost shocking her partner out of bed.

"There is no way in hell we're getting a Great Dane. It'll eat us out of house and home!" Santana said determinedly, tucking her hand under the pillow and preparing herself to get cosy.

Brittany pouted, "but I wanted a dog like Scooby Doo."

"But it'll be huge Britt!" Santana whined.

"But it could help us solve mysteries. What if monsters start taking over Lima?"

Santana knew Brittany was dead serious and she had to find a way to sway her train of thought, "ooh, what about one of those spotted dogs from that Disney film you like?"

"A Dalmatian?" Brittany perked up.

"Yeah!" Santana said, feigning interest.

"Ooh, yeah, 'Brittany clapped in excitement, "let's have one of them San."

"I'll do some searching, 'the Latina said, "if your patient you might have yourself a puppy by the end of the week."

Brittany squealed with delight and curled herself closer to Santana, pressing her lips into her neck.

"We still haven't painted the kitchen?" She whispered.

"Because I refuse to let you paint it green." Santana laughed. After only a few weeks of being together under one roof, the girls had argued about everything, ranging from furniture to the shed at the bottom of the garden. The tears and tantrums had been unbearable but the makeup sex had been mind-blowing.

"What colour do you want us to paint it?" Brittany asked.

"I don't know, 'she shrugged, "a nice blue."

"Ugh. Blue is a boys colour." Brittany groaned, dissatisfied.

"Green is a boy's colour." Santana retorted.

Tucking her hands up Santana's shirt, Brittany said ever so seductively, "why not come to a compromise? 'she licked her lips and looked up at the Latina through thick blonde eyelashes, "yellow is right in the middle of blue and green."

Santana would've agreed to paint the frickin' kitchen brown at that precise moment in time. Santana wasn't even sure yellow was in the middle of blue and green.

She felt Brittany's fingers trace the curve of her breast and nodded numbly.

"Are you sure?" Brittany crooned.

"Yeah." Santana swallowed and she was rewarded with a soft kiss and a moan of contentment.

A few seconds passed and Santana could feel herself starting to drop off, exhaustion finally getting the better of her. It was so easy to find some sort of calm when she had the heat of another lying beside her. Brittany had stopped fondling her which helped in the long run.

"Santana?" The blonde said gently.


"Will you turn the light off now?"

Throwing herself up and onto her side, Santana reached for the bedside lamp with a grumble. She flicked it off and sunk back into bed with a thump, hardly responding when Brittany wrapped her arms around her waist and tangled her legs around her hips.

"Thanks." The blonde said timidly, "Ilove you."

Santana smiled, forgetting their ditzy pillow talk for one night, "I love you too Britt," she said.

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