A girl with short cut, golden brown hair walked through the doors that led to the front room of the Ouran High School. She smiled as she walked around the room. "Wow! It's huge!" She heard the door shut with a loud bang! She looked around to see a girl a girl with longer, darker brown hair and a single neon blue streak in her hair with a disgruntled look on her face.

"Doesn't matter how big it is." She growled, "I cannot stand overly fancy places like this. I swear to you, every boy here is obsessed with sex, and every girl is as shallow as they come." The lighter-headed brunette gave the other an exasperated look.

"You're exaggerating." She said, "I'm sure that everyone at this school is very polite." She began walking down the hall, her knee-length purple skirt swishing from side to side as she did.

"Yeah, and I'm a golden platypus." The other growled under her breath as she followed her. Her already somewhat disheveled jeans scraping against the heels of her boots. These two were Isabella and Mirabella Marino. Two sisters from America, whose father recently made a lot of money in the fish business. He decided to go where fishing was good, and made a good meal when chopped, fried, baked, or covered in wasabi paste: Japan.

He had recently started up a sushi business, and it was flourishing. He already had a nationwide chain. With this new money, he decided to send his girls to one of Japan's most prestigious schools, Ouran High School.

Isabella, his pride and joy, was a sweet, innocent girl with loving tendencies towards others. She made good grades, joined good clubs, and always ended up making large numbers of friends. She was courteous, kind, polite, and made good relationships with all her teachers. A perfect example of daddy's little girl (She was the youngest by fifteen months) but she didn't use it to her advantage. Her friends were normally girls a lot like her, who liked fashion and boys and other girly stuff.

Mirabella, however, was a different story. Mirabella and Isabella were his only girls, so, while Isabella spent more time with her mother, Mirabella spent time with her father, and two older brothers. She was unusually tough for a seventeen year old, and had a fondness for sports that included mostly men. At their last school, she had been the running back for their power puff football team, and was pretty good at it. School life, however, was a different story. She had problems with authority, and she was constantly getting sent to detention. She made good grades, straight A's in fact, but that didn't really help her attitude. She had antisocial tendencies and normally made almost no friends, if she did, it was some boy with a fondness for alcohol and multiple piercings across his paper white face. She got into fights, had pulled pranks on teachers and other students, and had taken in too many street smarts for his taste (Last month, he found a charge for a switchblade he didn't buy on his credit card…).

Both girls walked down the hallways of the school, looking for the office of the school chairman to get their uniforms and schedules for the rest of the year.

Mirabella began to hate the decorating more and more as she kept walking by. She didn't like floral designs, or large windows with unbelievably large curtains. She was more comfortable in a cozy place, like a house small enough for you to holler someone's name and have him or her hear you, or her bedroom. She looked over at her sister, who was engrossing herself in the architecture and design of the halls. Isabella loved large buildings with complicated designs, mostly because she wanted to be an architect herself when she got older, or at least an interior designer.

Mirabella took her single neon blue streak into her hands and began twirling it around her finger, something she did when she was nervous or, in this case, bored.

"So, where exactly is this guy's office, anyway?" Mirabella suddenly asked her younger sister, who looked back at her with a slightly startled face.

"You mean you don't know?" She asked, Mirabella stopped twirling her streak and stared at her sister incredulously.

"Izzy, I thought you were leading this whole time!" She exclaimed.

"I was just observing the architecture of the columns!" Isabella said, pointing to the columns on each side of the windows. Mirabella let out a groan. Her eyes immediately saw a small boy with chestnut hair and big brown eyes walking down the hallway, at least, it looked like a boy.

"Hey! Kid!" The boy looked over at her as she trudged over, "Which way to the chairman's office?"

"Chairman Suoh?" The boy asked, Mirabella glared at the boy.

"Who. Else?" She asked through clenched teeth. The boy pointed down to the end of the hallway to a staircase.

"If you go up that staircase and go to the right, you should find his office pretty quickly." He said, "It's marked 'Chairman's Office.'"

"Thanks, kid." Mirabella said as she walked past him and grabbed her sister's shirt sleeve.

"Ah! M-Mira!" Isabella whined as she was dragged. The boy looked after them with a peculiar look.

"These rich people keep getting weirder and weirder…" He murmured to himself as he kept going down the hall.

Tamaki strolled into his father's office, his expression simply radiating joy and excitement. "Father!" he called, getting the attention of the school's chairman, "I just had the most wonderful idea for the host club tomorrow!"

"Oh, really?" He asked, smiling at his blonde son, "And what would that be?"

"Well, I was thinking about a-" He stopped when he heard a loud bang. The incoherent sounds of voices, one he knew was his father's secretary, the other he didn't know. Both Suohs' attentions were at the door as they heard the secretary yell, "Wait! You can't go in there!" A girl in a black T-shirt with a white skull on it, underneath a denim vest, wearing a pair of jeans, suddenly kicked the door open and both of them were staring at the bottom of her brown boots. She lowered her foot to reveal a pair of green-grey eyes and a single streak of neon blue hair framing the heart-shaped face of a pony tailed teenage girl.

Behind her came Mr. Suoh's secretary, and a girl who appeared to be only a little bit younger than the other was, wearing a pink tank top underneath an open short-sleeved collared shirt with a floral pattern. She also wore a knee-length purple skirt and a pair of heeled pink sandals. Her golden brown locks framing her heart-shaped face and letting her green-grey eyes stood out because of her make-up.

"I'm sorry, sir." The secretary apologized, "She just came barging into the office, demanding to see you." Said girl walked forward, looked over Tamaki once before turning her attention to his father behind his desk.

"Chairman Suoh?" She asked, placing her hands on the desk's edge, he nodded, she smirked triumphantly as she spoke, "We're Mirabella and Isabella Marino. Your new students from America." His eyebrows rose considerably when he heard their names.

"Oh, yes! The Marino siblings." He stood up, shook her hand, and walked around the desk to shake her sister's hand, "Welcome to Ouran. We're very happy that you decided to attend-"

"Yeah, yeah, cut the intro and get to the point." Mirabella interrupted. Isabella shot her sister an angry look.

"Mira!" She hissed abashedly, Mirabella sneered at her and waved it off. "I'm sorry about my sister, Mr. Suoh. She's not exactly the most mannered person."

"Or the nicest, or the sweetest, or the most air headed, or the shallowest…" Mirabella listed off, counting them on her fingers mockingly. Isabella shot her a look and she stopped. Mr. Suoh laughed.

"It's fine." He said, "I suppose you two must be here for your school uniforms and books?"

"Yes, sir." Isabella answered, "And we were wondering if we could have a list of the school's clubs?" Mirabella groaned.

"Certainly." Mr. Suoh said, pulling out a file from a nearby drawer, "If I may suggest a club to you both?" Isabella nodded as she took the file from him, "The school's host club is very popular, my son," He gestured to Tamaki, "Is the club's president." Tamaki walked over to Isabella and took her hand in his.

"Enchante, Isabella-hime." He greeted as he brushed his lips against her knuckles. Isabella blushed shyly as he dropped her hand.

"Oh… It's nice to meet you, too, Suoh-san." She said, Tamaki held up her hand.

"Please, call me Tamaki." He said, Isabelle's blush deepened.

"Okay… Tamaki-san…" She said. Mirabella pointed to her mouth and made a gagging sound, and Isabella's shy smile disappeared and turned into an angry glare. It didn't work on Mirabella, but it definitely scared both men. "What is with you?"

Mirabella shrugged, "I dunno." She said uncaringly. Isabella rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the headmaster as he handed her two more sheets of paper.

"These are your class schedules, and we sent your uniforms to your house this morning." He said as he looked over a form, "But we were told the Marino siblings were a sister and brother…"

"Yeah, that was on purpose." Mirabella said as she snatched the paper from his hand, "I've seen your school's uniforms, not exactly fond of poofy yellow dresses. So I told the old man to put us down for one girl's uniform and one boy's uniform." She folded up the paper and placed it on his desk.

"May I ask why?" The chairman asked, Mirabella smirked and Isabella grimaced.

"Yeah, because yellow is the color of piss." She took her sister's arm and they both walked out of the office. Over her shoulder she called, "Catch ya later, old man!"

When they were out of sight, they both heard Isabelle reproachfully yell, "Mira!"