{- Hi guys, this is my attempt at a Skins Fanfiction! -}
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Skins or any of its material, I'm just using their characters to write for mine and your entertainment! :)
My name is Jenn, I have started writing this Fanfiction, which isn't like others because rather than focusing on the obvious characters, (as much as I love them, and as much as I love fanfictions that focus mainly on two characters) -
in this fanfiction I use characters from Series 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5.

I hope you like it!

Chapter One
Something Blue

Emily Fitch was confused.
Okay, so marriage. It's not really that big a deal, right? Of course it's not.
Well, obviously it is a big deal but it's not something to be frightened or ashamed of. It's something you look forward to, something you dream of.

She let her fingertips release the pages of the glossy magazine in her lap, exhaling deeply. Familiar phrases that had recently adorned the woman's mind swam faithfully through her thoughts.
"Maybe I'm too young."
"Maybe it's not the right time."
"Maybe I'm just not the marrying type."
"The wrong place."
"The wrong circumstances."
"The wrong person."

Snapping out of it, Emily shook her head and sighed again.
Determined, she re-opened the bridal magazine and engrossed herself within an article dedicated to the traditional 'something blue' aspect of weddings.

Karen McClair was sat on the island countertop that stood boldly in the centre of the kitchen, her legs were crossed, her hair was held back and her lips were pursed in a dark scowl. Karen meant business.

The unlikely friendship between Emily Fitch and Karen McClair had occurred three and a half years ago, when Emily was verging nineteen.
Karen's father, also the father of Emily's late best friend Freddie, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since the death of her brother, Karen had kept to herself – and Emily knew she was alone in the battle.

One night, whilst Mr McClair was in hospital waiting out his remaining days – Emily approached Karen at his bedside. She'd had a shit day anyway, James had been winding her up and she'd fought with Katie, her mum was being a number one bitch – she needed to get away.

The first few seconds had been awkward.
"Hi," said Emily.
"Hi," replied Karen, not taking her eyes from her dad's bed. Emily had dropped her handbag on the floor, sat by her side and gingerly wrapped both arms around the skinny girl's body – holding her close.
After a few seconds, Karen had wept.

She wept for her mum, the one who'd always been the beacon – and the detrimental grief her loss had rained upon the family.
She wept for Freddie, her brother whom she'd always been privately proud of for the person he'd turned out to be – she wept for his cruel kidnapping from life and the tatters it'd left them in.
She wept for her inner refusal to accept his death, and the turmoil it caused her, torturing herself over where he was, dead or alive.
She wept for her father, and how the two heaviest blows in his life, the deaths of two people held dear in his heart, had finally won him over.
She wept for the night before, when she'd held his arm and he told her gently that he wanted no more tests, no more medication, no more morphine, no more anything. He told her gently to let him go, because he needed to. And then he told her how beautifully strong she was, and that she'd always be his little star.
After that she'd let him sleep. He hadn't woken up since.
Finally, Karen wept for fear.
The sinking, settling fear that she was ultimately on her own.

Emily Fitch let her sob for hours. She stroked the girl's dark hair and murmured quiet things of condolence. When Karen's crying had stopped, and Mr McClair's heart ceased to beat – Emily Fitch and Karen McClair became inseparable.

And now, years later – the painful grip on Karen's heart had noticeably loosened; she was as ambitious and bossy as ever, sharing a small flat with her friend.
"I'VE FOUND IT. OH MY GOD, EM, I'VE FOUND IT!" she shrieked, disturbing the calm silence that'd previously coated the flat.
Emily jumped out of her skin and dropped the magazine, she stood up and entered through to the kitchen.
"You've actually decided this time?" she said, amused.
"Yes! Yes, definitely the right choice now, seriously," said Karen, thrusting a flimsy bit of paper in Emily's face. Emily cocked an eyebrow, then took the paper from her hands. Surveying it, she let her lips melt into a smile.
"Yes, this is it."
Karen beamed at her, proud to have finally got one aspect of her role as Maid of Honour correctly.
"Well, now that we have the colour AND the design – we can call in the bridesmaids! Who did you decide on in the end? Katie? Cass?"
Emily swallowed, quickly averting her gaze to the floor. Karen let a moment pass, then opened her mouth indignantly, pointing an accusing finger at Emily.
"Alright, alright! I just didn't know who to choose, okay? I love them all," said Emily miserably. Karen rolled her eyes and swung her legs off the counter, walking towards Emily and tapping her under the chin.
"Oi, it's your wedding. Just don't blame me when Miss-Mighty Katie Fitch gets her bloody knickers in a cyclone when she locks horns with Effy."