I was going to do a similar story to this in my story Apologies, but I realized I wont reach that in time... so here it goes... its WAY different than my original take, but oh well. Somewhat loosely based on the spoilers for this season and my two friends Berry and Iris.


Chapter 1

Hell Hath No Fury

Oh no he didn't! OH YES HE HAD! Santana stormed out of the school that afternoon, her new shirt stained red, though it had been cleaned, but still. She was going to track him down and knee him in knards so fucking hard... she glared, his truck was already gone, she screamed in a rage, watching as people ran into other directions, she smirked, that made her feel a little better... but still. She growled, what the FUCK did that ass think he was doing? She took a breath and rethought what had happened slowly. She'd been talking to Brittany, she smiled, actually talking... though it was about Kurt's triumphant return mostly... but it was progress... and then... then that pendejo, Karofsky had slushied her. HE SLUSHIED HER! Nobody slushied Santana Lopez and lived, this meant war. She took another deep breath and smirked. She was going to do this her style, she was going to hit him where it hurt.

"Oh Karofsky, you have no idea, who your messing with," she grinned wickedly as she returned towards the school.

"Santana!" it was Brittany, her eyes wide, "Are you okay, you ran out as soon as the bell rang."

"Oh... I will end him, I swear! That... that, hijo de puta!" she yelled.

She sat in Glee that afternoon, listening to the arguing, the laughter, the chatter... Kurt was ranting about Blaine and their fight to Mercedes, Finn and Puck were attempting to convince him to dump Blaine, and anyone else who was in that particular conversation were either on the fence or supporting the now amply named Klaine. Santana would have felt a pang of jealousy if not for her seething anger. She needed to get Karofsky back, make sure everyone knew she hadn't gone soft. She noticed Sam wink at her, she smiled and winked back, her stomach turning. She felt sick every time he did that, but for appearances, she had to maintain her dignity... her secret. So if that meant a few make-outs, some sex, and touching that made her want to vomit, well.. that was life... she wished she just had a cheap excuse to lock herself in the girls locker room after all of it, and just watch... the locker room ... the LOCKER ROOM!

Santana walked down the halls after practice that night, headed towards the boys locker room. She looked around the empty, smelly room and then towards the locker tops of the old wall. She beamed, and wondered if it was still there... it had originally been to blackmail Finn a while back... her hand touched the dusty plastic, long since dead, of the camera. She picked it up and wiped it on a towel in the clean section quickly. Hoping that she'd got something dirty or incriminating of Karofsky on here... anything would be nice. She put the old camera in her purse and headed off, giggling to herself at the idea of sending a nude picture of Karofsky to everyone in school.

She was so set on her revenge that she didn't even answer the phone when Sam called, she grimaced. She was already planning on viewing hours of footage of naked men, she didn't need to add Sam into the mix. She walked into the five bedroom country style home ignoring a car horn going off from some douche yelling about her breasts. Her mother was humming in the kitchen as she headed up stairs. From the sounds of it, she'd just finished watching one of her soaps. She opened her door and locked it after entering. She tossed down her bag and yanked off the offendingly slushie stained garment, tossing it into the trash can near her bed and opening her laptop up. She turned on the small lamp on her desk, it barely lit up her dark room, but that was all she needed for this. As she took out the disc and inserted it, she glared, it had only got a few hours.

"Fuck," she growled, hoping that something.. ANYTHING was on here.

She played it, getting nervous. It was going fast and nothing was on, well save for a scene where Mike and Artie put shaving cream in Sam's locker, she'd remember that for later. She tapped her toe impatiently, her mother calling her down for dinner, she had fifteen minutes left. She almost slammed the laptop shut when she heard the door open. She paused, and then beamed, because there was her target. Karofsky came in beaming, but he let out a defeated sigh and walked towards his locker, looking sullen, sitting down to empty his locker. She bit her lip, this was nothing and then, her eyes went wide... as a furious Kurt came storming in.

"Hey! I was talking to you!" Santana smirked, Kurt could be just as much a diva as any of the girls when he wanted too.

She watched Karofsky's bored look switch, her brow rose, he looked hurt as he stood and yelled... why was he so defensive over the type comment... she watched the scene in boredom, if he punched Kurt, she'd show the others, old as it was... the guys would seek revenge and... HOLY SHIT! She re-winded the film, her mouth agape, eyes wide. As the scene went black, her whole body reacting to the shock. Her mother's voice was getting louder, but she didn't care. She'd been looking for something incriminating... but this... her eyes weld up, remembering the face... the tears... as he'd ran... it was a mirror... her breath caught slightly... so she wasn't the only one hiding... she sobered up and quickly unlocked the door as her mother leaned in, an older and slightly heavier version of herself.

"Bonita, dinner is ready," her mother said sweetly.

"Okay, mama, I'll be down shortly," she smiled.

"Is there something wrong?" asked her mother, looking her in the eyes.

"Just.. school stuff, not feeling well," smiled Santana closing her laptop and standing up.

"Oh, sweety, have your dad check you when he gets home," said her mother, eyes worried.

"Mama, daddy's a surgeon," Santana rolled her eyes as her mother left, she took another look at her laptop and then at her stained shirt in the trash. Her eyes narrowed.