The tall blond so-called King of Slytherin was sat in a brown leather arm chair by the window. The sunlight was shining right through the window which made his blonde hair almost appear white and his skin glow. He was reading a book on Ancient runes, but by the expression on his face anyone walking past would have been able to see that he was not enjoying it one bit. ''I can not believe I listened to Granger, this is utter humbug. Who in their right mind would enjoy this piece of rubbish.'' He tossed the book over to the left and it landed on the old wooden table with a loud thud.

Right at the second, his best friend Blaise Zabini entered the room, as usually wearing a big grin on his face. ''Talking to yourself again, Malfoy?'' He asked casually, his voice laced with mockery.

The blonde boy across the room scoffed, ''Hasn't anyone ever told that this isn't the way to talk to the Head boy?'' Draco answered in an all-so-familiar drawl.

A low chuckle escaped the boy with darker skin as he sat down in the seat on the other side of the table. ''Never short of a witty remark are you, Malfoy. How ever could I've forgotten?'' Blaise replied. He reached across the table and picked up the book which was now lying carelessly on the table.

''Since when are you interested in runes? Actually, don't answer that, I don't want to know. Guess where I just came from?'' Blaise said jolly, his voice thick with smugness.

''Blaise, how many times have I told you, I'm not interested in hearing who you've shagged, or how your process is going with that blonde creature. What was her name again? Was it loony, loner, or something like that?'' Malfoy drawled lazily, his voice showing no interest in the matter whatsoever.

A big frown appeared on the handsome features of Draco's friend. ''Her name is Luna, actually and it's going very well, thanks for your concern. She hasn't admitted to anything yet, but I know she wants me. She'll come around, they always do.'' He finished and got up. ''Now if you'll excuse me, I have a paper to get on with.''

Draco scoffed once more ''Whatever helps you sleep at night, I'd rather shag Parkinson than be associated with a Ravenclaw, but it's your reputation. I just hope you're aware that you won't ever be taken seriously again, should anyone find out that you were fraternizing with the enemy.'' With that said, the Blonde boy got up also. He walked past Blaise, patted him on the shoulder and winked. ''Just don't say I didn't warn you.'' And with that, he left, leaving his friend standing in the door way with a big frown on his face.

''Oh, sod off, Malfoy.'' Blaise called after him angrily.

Draco stepped out of the portrait hole, his trademark smirk plastered all over his handsome features. For a second, he stopped, contemplating his next move. He could go to the library and finish his Paper for potions, but he knew he still had plenty of time left, and even if he rushed it, he knew it would probably still be better than most others. Or he could go outside and scare a few of those silly first years, but that always got boring after a few minutes. Just then, another thought crossed his mind and he headed straight outside into the bright sunlight.

Draco casually walked down the path leading down to the black-lake, knowing that this was a popular hangout spot for all those annoying Gryffindors. After glancing around for a few minutes, he had finally spotted his target, sitting under an old oak tree.

Her read flaming hair was hard not to notice, just like her face. It was covered in those dreadful freckles and it looked like someone had splashed tiny little paint droplets all over her face.

''Well if it isn't the littlest weasel. Nice spot you picked there. All nice and dirty, must almost feel like home, right?'' Draco drawled lazily, a smug grin on his face as he looked down at her, examining every inch of her face, his smile as lethal as a swords blade.

"What is it you want, Malfoy? Lost without dumb and dumber? Or did they finally realize what a big conceited git you are?'' Ginny replied just as casual, not even bothering to look up from the book she was reading.

''What's wrong, Weasel? Scarhead not doing a good job? You seem frustrated.'' Draco smirked, raising his eyebrows, his cold grey eyes slowly wandering up and down her body.

''Frustrated or not, Weasel, you should know this is not the way to talk to the Head boy, but don't fret it, I'm in a generous mood today so I won't take any points. For now.'' He added, winking at her.

Ginny sighed once more "Malfoy, I don't have time to listen to your poor attempts at being witty, so why don't we just cut to the chase. I'm poor and my family is a big bunch of blood traitors, yeah, yeah. Interesting story, lovely chat, now. go. '' She said smoothly, motioning for him to go with a pretty little wave of her hand, still not looking up from her book.

The blonde boy frowned and stepped closer to the redhead. ''Why you little Weas-'' but before he could continue, Ginny cut him off, waving her hand at him again, ''Yes, yes, how dare I talk to you like this, a precious, precious Malfoy. I'd offer you an apology, but I can't promise it will be a sincere one.'' Ginny answered, yawning slightly.

Draco could feel his blood starting to boil. How dare the little she-Weasel talk to him like that. He was a Malfoy for crying out loud! He looked down at her, his cheeks slightly flustered from anger or the embarrassment, or maybe it was from both. He couldn't believe she was talking to him like this, no-one in the entire castle dared to talk to him like this, apart from maybe Blaise, but that was a completely different story. What sort of game was the little wench playing?

''Listen here, you little Wench, I will not tolerate being talked to like this by a ruddy muggle-loving-poor-red-haired-gimp! Just wait till my father hears about this!'' Malfoy spat angrily, growing even more angry as he noticed Ginny's lack of interest. She wasn't even looking at him, her face was buried deep in a book.

He moved closer so he was almost kneeling in front of her and knocked the book out of her hands. '' I said, listen to me, Weasel!''

As if someone had just emptied a bucket of cold water over her head, Ginny finally looked up, a fierce expression on her face. ''Get. it. back. Now.'' Ginny spat back, pausing after each word for emphasis.

Triumphant that he had finally gotten a reaction out her, he smirked. ''Er, I don't think so, Weasel. That'll teach you to never talk to a Malfoy like this again. About time you learned some manners!'' Draco was about to get up when he felt something pointy poke into his chest.

''Get the book back, Malfoy, or I swear I will hex you into the next Century!'' Ginny spat back at him, her lips suddenly trembling with anger.

Draco shook his head, raising his eyebrows. ''I said no, Weasel, get it yourself, you're used to rummaging around in the dirt. Shouldn't be that much of a problem for you.'' Hearing his words, something clicked in her head and her vision went red with anger, in an instant, she had knocked him over and tackled him to the ground.

Her hair was flying around loosely and her cheeks were flushed with anger. ''You-You-Insufferable, conceited, narcissistic git you. I will hex you so badly, you'll wish you'd never been born!''

The breath was suddenly knocked out of Draco's lungs as his back hit the hard ground with a loud thud. It took him a second to realize what had just happened, before noticing that She-weasel was suddenly on top of him, her face almost as red as her hair. A few buttons of her white standard issue blouse had popped open, giving him a lovely view of her creamy white décolletage.

''Oh, Weasley, you flatter me, but I'm still not getting your book back for you, but this is cozy, don't you think?'' He replied in a low drawl, his grey eyes wandering frantically over her body. He noticed her school skirt had risen up a little, exposing a little more of her creamy flesh.

His vision suddenly went hazy, and he blinked, realizing what was about to happen. He cursed under his breath and grabbed her arms. ''Weasley, stop wiggling around so much, would you.'' Draco yelled back at her. This could not be happening, he had to get out of this, but he couldn't think straight, his mind was suddenly clouded up with images of him and her in compromising positions. He wanted to scream, or better yet, hit himself with something hard, preferably something wooden, but he couldn't stop it. So he did the only thing he knew would get her off of him. ''Alright, I'll get you your damn book back, just get the heck off of me!''

Hearing his words, a bright smile appeared on her lips. ''Finally, took you long enough,'' Ginny said triumphantly, but just as she was about to get off him, a soft voice came from behind her. Ginny froze and she was sure her heart was about to burst out of her chest.

Ginny slowly turned her head and groaned. The blonde Ravenclaw Luna and Slytherins second biggest git Blaise Zabini were standing only mere inches away from them. Both looking at them with their eyebrows raised and with big grins plastered over their faces.

''Sorry for interrupting you two, I can come back later.'' The Ravenclaw with the big doe-like eyes said. She looked at Ginny with that wicked grin of hers and quickly turned around again. Ginny groaned once more, got up quickly and ran after her friend.

''Luna! Wait, I can explain. It's not at all what it looks like!'' And without another look back, she was gone.

Blaise Zabini was leaning against a tree, watching Draco wipe the dust of his trousers with obvious amusement. As Draco had finishing dusting of his clothes, he picked up the book and frowned. What the hell had just happened? Draco sighed as he walked up to his grinning friend. Just as Blaise was about to open his mouth to speak, Draco raised his hand, cutting him off.

''Not one word, Blaise, not one.'' Draco threatened. ''I don't want to hear it, and wipe that stupid grin of your face.''