"Cobb?" Ariadne called as she walked into his workspace.

"What's up?" Cobb asked her, turning away from what he was working on – God knows what it was – to talk to her. She looked slightly concerned about something and had a determined look in her eyes. She wasn't going to be leaving without answers.

"Why are Arthur and Eames acting like that?" she questioned. They were all having a holiday gathering together: Cobb, James, Phillipa, Ariadne, Eames, Arthur, and Yusuf. They were all close after what had happened. However, it had taken lots of pleading from Ariadne to get them all together now.

"Acting like what?" Cobb replied, feigning confusion. Unfortunately, he'd never been the best actor.

"Like they are. They're both so nervous and jumpy and scared. And Arthur's in the back, with a giant book, trying to distract himself from Eames and his girlfriend. Oh, and Eames brought this girl, but doesn't really want anything to do with her. It's all so confusing," she answered, figuring that would be faster than arguing with him about the fact that he was lying.

"Oh! Like that, umm, well, you know Eames and Arthur," he offered in reply.

"I do, but why do they act like that?" she asked.

"I don't think I should…" he said uncomfortably.

"Cobb!" she exclaimed angrily. "Just answer the question!"

"Fine, fine, fine. A long time ago, when we were all about your age, Eames and Arthur were a thing. But, Eames didn't want anyone to know. He was scared of what people would think. So, Arthur got really pissed off. He told Eames that if he wasn't willing to tell anyone, then it was over. Eames didn't end up telling anyone, so Arthur left. Then, for the mission, they were forced to work together, and Arthur couldn't deal with everything. But, at least, then, there was the mission to focus on. Eames came to Arthur's room one night and apologized. They both confessed that they missed each other. And, they slept together. But, Eames hadn't really changed, so Arthur left again. So, now, you organized this, and they're forced together without any distractions. And, it just makes it worse that Eames brought some girl that's hanging off his arm. Arthur is really bad at dealing with things when it comes to Eames, so we should probably go back in there and conduct some damage control," he told her.

"Okay, you handle Arthur, I've got Eames," she answered.

"Alright Ari," he replied. They walked out of his backroom together, looking for the two people they had been discussing. They found them in the library, together, talking, and decided not to interrupt, however.

"What do you want from me, Eames?" Arthur asked, like he was tired of arguing, as he ran his hand through his hair.

"I want to see you smile, darling," Eames answered teasingly.

"No, God damn it, I won't smile. You bring that…that hussy to this party and force me to watch you two be totally in love and expect to smile once she leaves, just because you're talking to me? Well, guess what! The answer is no," Arthur replied.

"I'm not in love with her," Eames informed him.

"Then, why?" Arthur demanded.

"So you would admit that you still feel something. God, are you blind or something? I paid her to help me with this," Eames yelled back at him.

"Well, I'm sorry if when I'm around you, my brain stops functioning, and my heart pounds way too fast, and I can't concentrate," Arthur replied. Eames stopped, shocked. Then, he moved towards Arthur slowly. Eventually, when he was so close they almost seemed like one person, Eames put his arms around Arthur's waist and pulled him even closer. Then they kissed.

"Apology accepted, darling," Eames answered. From where they were spying, Ariadne and Cobb smiled at each other.