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The thunder crashed outside, where a little girl of only 6 walked down the streets of Konoha in the rain. She had been abandoned at 3, and had been on her own since then.

She walked through the rain, head down, letting the tears stream down her face. No one saw them, though. She liked the rain. No one saw her pain and tears. She had been through so much.

No one knew though. She was just another girl at the orphanage, another little kid that the ninja had to protect. That's what everyone thought her as at least. If she died no one would care.

She had never been adopted, no one wanted her. She had a huge forehead, and she was too quiet. She was always sticking up for everyone though, and that's a good trait.

She didn't even have a single friend in the world. Even that Naruto kid didn't like her. He thought she was too weird. Though, he didn't make fun of her. No, he sat back and did nothing.

You could say she was used to being alone. A little too used to being alone actually. So, she walks down the wet streets of Konoha in the dark. No one cared enough to worry about the little girl.

Her past was worse than anyone elses. But she won't tell a soul her story. Who did she have to tell it to anyway?

Oh, well. Let's see through her eyes. Watch her as she goes through the ups and downs. See if you can find her past. Read on.


I was walking down the street, letting my tears run freely down my face. No one cared. No one cared enough to look through the mask of happiness, to see the pain, to see the little broken girl.

"Sakura! Come inside! You'll get sick!" One of the caretakers yelled. Sakura. How much I despised my name. I was not a cherry blossom. I don't have an ounce of pretty in me. Or at least that's what everyone else says.

They might make it seem like they care, but they don't. They don't care if I'm sick, they just don't want to waste their money. They'd kill me on sight if they could.

"Coming," I whispered, knowing full well they couldn't hear me. I walked towards the orphanage, and walked into it. Someone gasped. "Sakura, your soaking wet! Let's get you out of those clothes..," One said.

Translation: Brat, your getting the floor wet, go change!

I trudged up the stairs, and changed my clothes. It was around midnight, and I sat by the window, staring out into the rain. I didn't go to sleep. I knew I couldn't.

'It'll be okay, hun... One day you'll have someone that'll adopt you, and then they'll love you, and you'll have a family!' Inner coaxed me. Inner, you know no one will, so why do you still try to make me cheer up? One day you'll find someone else to be with, and then you'll leave me.

'Hun, I'd never leave you. And Sakura, if you don't stop being so pessimistic, I will leave you for a whole week!' Inner yelled at me. I blinked.

I felt the tears slowly run their course down my face. I remebered when Inner left me for a week before. I locked myself in the closet and wouldn't come out for anything because I had lost my friend.

'Oh, I'm sorry, hun... I'll never leave you again I promise! Don't cry...'Inner said frantically. I blinked away the tears. I really hope you won't... You're all I have...

But that's okay... I like you. And even if you're not in this world, you're still the best friend a girl could ever have! I could hear the smile in Inner's voice when she said,

'Alright, hun. Now, I'm going to make you fall asleep okay? Go lie down on your bed.'I walked over to my bed, and lie down. I closed my eyes, and I felt sleep cover my entire body, while I floated into unconsciousness.

I woke up to the sun beating down on my eyes. I yawned, while opening my eyes, and stretching. I think that was the best night of sleep I have ever gotten.

I took a shower, changed my clothes, brushed my hair and teeth, and trotted down the stairs. I watched as all the other kids played with each other and their toys. I sighed.

Sometimes, I wish I could be a normal six year old... Being able to have friends, and act like there was nothing wrong with world. I shook my head. I couldn't be like that, not after what I've seen.

I walked into the kitchen, and climbed up the little stairs, and began to munch on an apple. I hopped down from the counter, walking into the living room. I put on my best fake smile, the one that looked real, and sat on the couch, playing with the little locket that was around my neck.

I've had it since my family left me. My aniki (Older brother) gave it to me on my second birthday. It had a picture of my mom, dad, him, and me inside it. It's all I had left, and I don't go anywhere without it.

All of a sudden, the head mistress bust into to room with a dude with short brown hair. The entire room fell silent, as this could only mean one thing. Someone was getting adopted, and by the brown haired dude.

I looked down, and continued playing with my locket, knowing it wasn't me who was getting picked. The head mistress looked around the room for a minute, then walked up to me.

I looked up stunned for a minute, and then fake smiled brightly. "Sakura!" She boomed. "Yes, Ma'am?" I asked politely. She gave me a small grin and said, "This man would like to adopt you."

My entire world stopped, and the fake smile fell off my face. Someone... Wanted to adopt me? Gasps were heard throughout the entire room, sounding everyone's disbelief.

"Really?" I whispered. She nodded, and picked me up. She walked over to the man, and put me into his arms. "This is her. This is Sakura," The head mistress said.

"Now, do you really want to adopt her? There's plenty other girls that are prettier than her, that need homes as well," She tried to persuade him. He shook his head and said, "No, she's the one we're looking for."

Something then clicked in my head. I narrowed my eyes. He was using a henge. I don't know how I knew this, but I just knew he had one on. "Okay...," The head lady said unsure.

"Sakura , do you have everything?" The head mistress asked. "Yep!" I said with fake happiness. She nodded. We walked out the room, and the dude signed some papers, and we walked out of the building.

He walked throughout the village, passing through the gates, and walking through the forest. I shook my head. This dude could go faster, he's a ninja. he looked down at me, and said, "What?"

"Put me down," I said quietly, letting all my fake happiness fade. My smile dropped, and he raised an eyebrow, but put me down anyway.

I stared up at him, and I said softly, "Who are you? I know you're using a henge, so you can drop it." He stared at me in shock for a minute, and then let the henge fade off, revealing his long blonde hair, and pretty blue eyes.

I studied him for a minute, and then it clicked. My eyes widened in realization, and the thoughts went through my head on who he was.

Deidara of Iwagakura, missing nin, 17, in the Akatsuki, partners with Akasuna no Sasori, bomber, his kekkai genkai being mouths on his palms which form clay 'art' that explode when he says, 'Katsu'.


I stepped back and whispered, "What do you want from me?" He looked at me oddly, and I heard him think, 'Does she know who I am, un? Nah, she's just a kid, un.'

Oh, did I mention I could read minds? Only when I want to though. "I know who you are, Deidara of the Akatsuki," I mumbled in fear.

His eyes widened, then returned to normal as he grinned saying, "Well, Leader-sama did say you were special, un." I shook my head. "I'm not special," I whispered.

"I'm just a useless, worthless, annoyingpest." He looked down at me for a minute, but the ring on his finger glowed red. He shot a quick look at me, and said, "How do you like birds, un?"

I nodded, showing they were okay. He suddenly grabbed me, and we ran through the forest quickly. We made it to a clearing, and it showed a huge white bird, with his partner Akasuna no Sasori on it.

He jumped on with me clutched to his chest tighly. "Ready?" He said happily. I blinked once, then nodded. The bird took off, and we began soaring through the air.

Sasori looked at me. "Aren't you happy someone adopted you?" He asked. I stared at him for a second before saying, "I'm worthless, and once you figure that out, you'll leave me like everyone else did."

A pang of sadness ran through his eyes, before they became blank again. He shook his head. "We want to help you, Sakura," He said blankly. I blinked again, then closed my eyes.

They don't want to help me. They're criminals, they just want to hurt me. 'I don't know... They seem sincere... Maybe... Maybe you would open up just a little, ya know, let them in, and let them try to fix you. But just stay at a distance, don't get attached.' Inner said.

I nodded mentally. I couldn't do that. But that's also easier said than done. Maybe I could let them in.. I sighed. I don't think this is meant to be.

"No one can help me. I've already fallen too hard," I said, opening my eyes. They both shook their heads, and looked at me sadly. "We're about to land," Deidara said quietly.

We landed, and we walked into their base, going through the mansion-like house, and stopping at a huge door. Deidara kneeled down next to me, looking into my eyes.

"You have to go meet Leader-sama, alright?" He said. I nodded. He stood up, opened the door, and I walked in, them closing the door behind me, leaving me in there alone with this 'Leader-sama' guy.

The room was pitch black, and all of a sudden the lights came on, revealing a man who had tons of piercings all over his face, sitting at a desk. He stared at me with no emotion whatsoever crossing his eyes.

We stared at each other for a good five minutes, neither of us blinking. I finally got bored and said, "Did you bring me here, just to have a staring competition?"

He stared at me for a second before saying, "We will be your new guardians, got it? Don't think of trying to escape, as you will not make it very far. Understand?" He asked sternly.

"Why run, when you have nowhere to run to?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. This dude was weird. He raised both of his eyebrows, his eyes showing amusement, before going blank again.

"Very well. Konan, show her to her room. And you will call me Leader-sama," He said, as a blue haired woman with an origami flower in her hair came out.

I nodded, and the blue haired woman led me out of the room, and into another room that was pink. I stared in awe over the huge, but awesome room.

Pink walls with cherry blossoms painted on them, a bathroom, a huge closet that was filled entirely from what I could see, a beautiful pink bed, with matching comforters, a radio, a desk, a bookshelf, and about three different gaming consoles.

"Do you like it?" The lady asked. I shook my head, and she looked like she was ready to cry. "I love it," I whispered. A huge grin broke out over her face, and she hugged me tight, saying, "Yay! I always wanted another girl in the Akatsuki, but I've wanted a daughter more! Now I have both!"

I smiled. It was small, but it was real. 'This might not be so bad...' Inner said. Yeah. This won't be that bad at all.

She gasped. "I almost forgot. You have to go meet the others!" She said. I looked up and nodded. She smiled and squeezed me one last time, before grabbing my hand, and leading me through the halls where there was a large living room at the end, of one of the halls, filled with the Akatsuki members.

We walked into the room, and everyone looked at me. "I'm Sakura," I said quietly. They all stared at me before someone with a swirly orange mask bound up to me and said, "Tobi is Tobi! Nice to meet you Blossom-chan!"

I nodded to him, and people began to introduce themselves. I met everyone and then Konan took me back to my room. I lie down on my bed, and fell asleep, letting all of today process through my head.

-No one's POV-

Everyone was quiet, staring at each other, letting the dead silence fill the air. Finally, Kisame said, "I'm hooked on her already." Everyone nodded.

This girl might be broken, but they knew there was something about her, that made them take a liking to her, almost instantly.

"She had pain in her eyes," Itachi said quietly. "She probably had a rough past," Konan said sadly. "We have to fix her, un," Deidara whispered.

They all nodded at this. "She has a heart that was meant to be healed, and we have to do that," Pein said. They all nodded. She needed help.

They were going to give her that help, and she'll be theirs'. The Akatsuki's blossom...

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