Ghost Hunt belongs to Fuyumi Ono.


When tragedy strikes and the SPR crew is nowhere to be found, Mai learns to make her own way in Tokyo's red light district. Maintaining a cheerful countenance proves difficult as Mai is tormented by marathon night terrors and a psychic stalker, but companionship arrives from a most unexpected quarter. As the true intentions of her psychic stalker become evident, Mai and her Davis twin companion are forced to acknowledge just how much they are willing to sacrifice in the name of love, friendship and duty.


I hope you enjoy reading Unlucky. It has been a pleasure and a challenge to complete. I'd like to thank the readers and reviewers who inspired me to redraft Unlucky Lady and Unlucky Secrets. I hope you like this new story as much as you liked the old one.

Most importantly I couldn't have finished it off without the keen eyes of my beta team: Calkat, Chibi-Kari, Ariana Taniyama, GilShalos, and Friggy Esquire. Thank you so, so much.

Happy reading to all and thank you in advance for your reviews,

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