Eugene was heading towards his girlfriend's room hoping to see her beautiful face before she woke up. Today was the anniversary of the day they first met and he was still raking his mind to find the perfect present. And one of the most complicated parts of finding an ideal gift for Rapunzel was that she already had everything and more. Plus the princess was someone who enjoyed any little thing the world had to offer- so long as it had nothing to do with people trying to hunt her down for selfish reasons.

Rapunzel was usually so hard at work with his presents the last thing he received from her was a new wardrobe that she sewed herself. It was amazing how fast that girl could learn. Rapunzel was definitely someone worth spending on, but unfortunately, he didn't have enough money to buy her a decent gift and he definitely wasn't good at making things. How could he show her how much he truly loved her?

When he reached her room, he was disappointed to find her bed empty. But he did manage to find a book and an envelope on of the volume with his name on it. He opened the envelope and read its contents.

Dear Eugene,

Sorry I had to leave in such a rush, but a princess' life is mostly work. I just wanted to whish you a happy anniversary and I hope you enjoy my little gift. It took a little work, but it was worth it.

Look inside the book and you shall see

All that has lead you towards destiny

From the epic chase to the wondrous sight

From great peril and desired fights

Fate's hand sent to show

The freedom in sparkling glow

Great trust came from the sun

To this, I send my one true love

One dream done a new one set

From the very day our eyes met

The noble steed that sent you running

Gave me a chance to see homecoming

The first chance given from a loving gaze

Always set on sending praise

The enchanted tale of our dear life

Forever is remembered the day of light



Eugene, placed the note back on the bed, took the volume and opened it. To his surprise, he found several drawings of their adventure together. Drawings that she made. From the tower to the Snugly Duckling. From the cave to the lanterns to his untimely demise and to the day, he returned her home. This made the ex-thief feel a bit worse. How was he possibly going to compete with something so amazing?

"Now what am I suppose to get her?" he muttered to himself.

Before he could sink his mind in thought any further, he noticed a small color-changing, smirking reptile on his girlfriend's bedpost. Using his old reflexes he, quickly, grabbed the little lizard by the tail, which caught the little creature completely by surprise.

Rapunzel decided to go to the stables and give a few apples for Maximus as a thank you for modeling for her. She wanted Eugene's anniversary present to be the best it could be and everyone wanted to model for her little adventure journal. She needed to use her sharpest skills and her best eyes. When it came to her boyfriend, everything needed to be the best it could be.

As she walked inside, she saw the white steed wide-awake, neighing happily for the princess and the apples in her hands. Rapunzel took an apple and handed to the horse's mouth that gladly engulfed it to the core. And he neighed in delight as response. It wasn't' a rare occasion when the princess visited the stables, but to visit the stables with sweet treats.

"Here you go Maximus," she cooed, giving him another apple. "It's a big thank you for being such a good model."

Maximus went into a regal posture and gave a proud cry. The princess was one of the kingdom's most talented artists; it was more than an honour to model for her.

"Do you know where Eugene is?" she asked.

The horse pointed with his hoof the window that her bedroom was located. Rapunzel thanked the horse and headed back to her room.

As she happily made her way to her room, the princess could hear familiar voices coming from the door.

"So… do you think she'll like it," asked a male voice.

Rapunzel could very easily recognize her chameleon's squeaking language and his response was a maybe.

"Oh come on. Be honest with me here." This time the voice was almost shouting.

This time the squeaking sounded a bit more sarcastic.

"Can you write down what you're saying?"

Rapunzel couldn't keep the suspense any longer. She crept towards the door as quietly as she could and peaked through the door opening. She saw Eugene and Pascal arguing about something, but she couldn't tell what the argument was about.

"Listen I really want this to be perfect so do you mind…" He trailed off after noticing his girlfriend's green eyes peeping through the door. "You know you can come in Blondie."

"Of course I can," she replied, "This is my room."

The ex-thief chuckled at her remark. He loved her cheerfulness and her charm. Everything about her sent his heart beating. He quickly took her hand and tried to kiss her.

But before he could even get close, she managed to slip away from his grip. "Sorry Eugene. But if you want a kiss you need to earn it," she teased, leaving her ex-rogue pouting.

"Come on Rapunzel. On our anniversary."

"Fine," she said. Rapunzel made her way towards his arms and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Well better than nothing." Eugene held out a small wrapped box in front of her, "I thought you might want your anniversary present now," he said.

Rapunzel grabbed the box from his hands and unwrapped it. Inside she found a beaded necklace, but the beads were arranged in a messy way and the colors were a little disorganized.

Eugene rubbed his hand on the back of his head, "I was never really good in arts and crafts," he admitted.

Rapunzel smiled as she donned the necklace around her neck and stared in the mirror. "Well I think it's perfect."

The ex-thief smiled back at her, "Happy anniversary Rapunzel," he said pulling his girlfriend into an embrace.

"Happy anniversary," she replied, sinking deeper into his arms.

This might have been the best anniversary they ever had.

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