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Even though it was their anniversary, no one gave them much time to celebrate- alone at least. Since Rapunzel had disappeared for so long, she required the proper education of a princess. She was multi-talented, of course, but there were some things in that high tower you couldn't learn inside a great big palace full of people. So, it wasn't easy to ask for a day off. And as for Eugene, well you could say that some of the guards haven't forgotten.

Rapunzel spent most of the day attending her lessons. And it all seemed so complicated. She'd prefer to dance freely, but a specific dance was required, she loved to dress in her own dresses, but royalty had to be attired with something a bit more uncomfortable. No one said being a princess would be easy, but no ever said it wouldn't be impossible either. Eugene waited at each lesson for his girlfriend to come out, but he couldn't even one second alone with her, considering he was being watched like a hawk. The poor girl wasn't getting it easy either; imagine spending hours in gruelling lessons with tutors who won't give you a break especially when your boyfriend was once a notorious thief.

They finally managed to get a moment alone, while Pascal and Maximus 'distracted' the servants and guards. The couple decided to run off into the castle gardens to get a perfect glimpse of fresh air. Rapunzel and Eugene sat under the shade of a blossoming peach tree, gently cuddling and admiring each other.



"Happy anniversary," the princess whispered leaning in closer towards her boyfriend.

"And to you too," the ex-thief replied happily.

The couple leaned in towards each other, until their lips were close enough to taste each other's breath. Then they steadily leaned in closer and closer, and suddenly their lips met peacefully without a single interruption. At that moment, it felt like nothing could ruin such a perfect moment. The weather was perfect, a lovely summer breeze gently brushed into the air, flowers of different colors sprouted all over the gardens and grass as bright and green as emeralds carpeted the ground.

Suddenly, when they finally pulled away from each other, Rapunzel felt a rather uncomfortable sensation overwhelm her. It was hot and cold all at once and her head felt like a continuously tightening band. She tried not to show her discomfort before Eugene it was their anniversary and nothing was going to ruin it.

But Eugene quickly sensed her pain. "You alright?" He asked with complete concern.

"I'm fine," she replied a bit hazily.

Eugene pressed his hand against her forehead, it was pretty hot. "Maybe we should get you inside."

"No," she interjected. "I'm perfectly…" She couldn't finish her sentence because the throbbing of her head was too intense.

Eugene didn't care what his girlfriend told him. The poor girl looked sick and needed some special attention. And since the princess wouldn't move he had to carry her all the way back to the castle, much to her dismay.

Once they arrived at the castle, Eugene immediately sent for a doctor and Rapunzel's parents, the King and Queen, they were very concerned for their only daughter. Even though it didn't look like anything serious, according to the doctor, just a minor little fever or possibly a head cold. But the princess still required plenty of bed rest.

Rapunzel didn't expect to spend the rest of her anniversary in bed. Of course she relished the idea the Eugene was keeping vigil over her until her health was restored. Though she'd much prefer the outside.

Eugene spent the whole daylight with his eyes open as his girlfriend slept peacefully. He was relived that it wasn't anything serious, but he could tell how troubled she felt. She really wanted to spend her anniversary together out in the great wilderness, singing, playing, and forgetting all the cares of the world. But at least they got one wish, to spend their special day together, alone.

Rapunzel's eyes opened, happily staring at the handsome ex-thief before her. It wasn't the day they were expecting, but they finally got to be alone.

"Happy anniversary," she said softly.

"And to you princess," he replied tenderly as they embraced one anther deeply.

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