Title: Business Proposal
Rating: R
Word Count: 549
Pairing: Marco x Ace
Topic: Rivalry
Type: AU, Modern Times, Based off of an RP
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: A bit dedicated to Little Pirate at Heart, based off of an RP that I was doing with her. I'm a bit out of practice, so forgive me if it's not that great.
Note: Both Marco and Ace are in Journalism competing for the same position and are both forced to work on a story together. Marco is a little sneaky and plays dirty. How dirty? Well...


Ace wasn't sure how this all started, they were alone in their motel room, they had a couple drinks, and soon enough they were in bed together, kissing and struggling for dominance. Marco and Ace were seated on the bed kissing, soon Marco moved to pin the younger man down, he took hold of Ace's hands and pressed the younger man's wrists into the bed. He then leaned in and captured the boy's lips with his own in another lust driven kiss.

Ace gave a muffled moan, he kissed back, his body wriggled slightly under Marco, he was not willing to let this guy get the better of him. But he soon found that he had lost that battle, he felt one of Marco's hands wonder along his body, the older man slipped it under his shirt. Ace shivered as he felt Marco explore and tease his skin, tauntingly Marco traced the curves and dips of Ace's toned body. He then moved his hand up higher and rolled one of Ace's nipples between his fingers.

"You like that?" Marco said after he broke the kiss. There was a smug tone in his voice. "Why not just give up being my 'rival'? It's not much of a rivalry, anyway. You could be my assistant you know, and continue to play naughty games like this." By now Marco had moved his free hand downwards and was pawing Ace's clothed erection.

"A-ah!" Ace's hips bucked when he felt Marco start to rub against him. His face flushed deeply, again he was losing to this pompous jackass. 'Assistant'? More like boy toy secretary. Ace tried to regain some dignity by prying his mind away from his lusts, but that was a lost cause. Marco, with his experience in such things, moved in and nipped and sensitive spots along Ace's neck. Ace gave a small, needy moan, he bit his lip at the feeling of Marco sucking on the skin of his neck and then biting down, leaving red marks behind.

Again Marco pulled away and looked down at the boy beneath him. He smirked at the look of needy lust in Ace's eyes, begging him to continue, to just take him. "So what do you say? Sounds like a fair deal?"

Ace frowned a little, on the tip of his tongue the word 'yes' wanted to escape him, he bit his bottom lip a little harder keeping it captive. Suddenly his body shivered when he felt Marco press again his aching flesh, tauntingly. That evil bastard, he knew what he wanted to say. Ace closed his eyes tight, trying with all of his will power to resist.

Marco licked his lips, he was getting aroused himself, this was more fun than he thought it'd be. This kid surely could put up a fight. But this still was a kid, he'd lose out to his lusts eventually, as all brats his age do. He forced Ace to rollover onto his stomach, and pressed his own erection against Ace's jeans. "Well, what do you say?"

Ace's face was deep red at this point, he wanted it, he really did, Marco knew how to push his buttons so well it was almost frightening. But Ace shook his head, he could barely force his words out. "N-no...Deal..."