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A/N: Little Puckleberry drabble that's been sitting on my laptop for a while now and I'm just now getting around to finishing it. I came up with the idea ages ago but after watching 'Original Song' I changed it up a bit. It's a little short but I'm happy with how this turned out. Hope you guys do too.

Puck was packing up his guitar after Glee when he noticed that the only other person still in the choir room was Rachel. He set the guitar case down on his chair and walked down to sit beside her on the piano stool.

"What's up my hot little Jewish American princess?" He asked, just trying to make her smile.

She glances over at him but doesn't say anything. She just sits there on the bench next to him, holding her little MVP trophy and admiring it.

"You deserved it." He told her. "You were great up there at Regional's. That song was amazing."

"Thank you." She finally spoke up.

"It would have been better if you weren't singing it about Finn." He said and she tensed. "Don't get mad; I'm just giving you my honest opinion."

"How do you know I was singing about Finn?" She asked.

"It was kind of obvious. What I don't get though is why in the hell you're still pining after him. You would think that a girl as smart as you would have learned from last year." He said from beside her and she shifted on the bench.

"He still loves me." Rachel whispered.

"Then why is he with Quinn right now?" Puck knew he was being mean but he didn't understand how Rachel was so oblivious to how douche-y Finn was to her all of the time.

"He just hasn't realized that he belongs with me. He's going to forgive me. It's just going to take some time." Rachel let out a breath.

"Forgive you? Rach, if he loved you as much as you think he does, he would have forgiven you months ago. If he can forgive Quinn for doing what she did with me, he can damn well forgive you for kissing me."

"It's not that simple, Noah." She shook her head.

"Let's not forget that Finnessa isn't innocent in all of this. He's not the fucking Saint you all play him up to be. He might be dumber than a stick but he knew what he was doing when he showed up to that hotel room with Santana. He knew how upset you would be and that's exactly why he lied about it. He has no right to be mad at you."

"I kissed you, Noah. I made out with in my bed while I was dating Finn. He trusted me and I betrayed him." Rachel jumped up from the seat and glared at the mohawked boy.

"How about when he started dating you last year right after he found out about me being Quinn's baby daddy? You trusted him not to break your heart and he dumped to go out with Santana and Brittany. Or how about when he told he loved you at Regional's last year and the second our junior year began he started being an ass?"

"He loves me." Rachel repeated.

"How about when he kissed Quinn knowing that she was with Sam? How about how he tried several times to get her to cheat with him? How is that any different than what we did, Rachel?" Puck stood up as well, just as fired up as Rachel was.

"That's completely different." She retorted.

"Really? 'Cause it sounds to me like a shitty double standard. You and every other girl in this damn school think that he is perfect. Let me tell you something, when you two were dating this summer, I was one that was convincing him to keep going out with you. Do you know how many times he would tell me that he wanted to break up with you? Do you know how many times I planned you and Hudson's dates because the best he could come up with was taking you to a fast-food drive-thru?" Puck stepped towards her and she squared her jaw. "You might be in love with him but he's never going to love you back the way you want him to. It's always been Quinn; it's always going to be Quinn and the sooner you get that through you're thick skull the better we'll all be. I am so tired of watching you mooning over that asshole. He's not worth it. Do you know how many times he's made cry just in the past few months? Do you know how many times he actually cares that he's hurting you? I can assure you it's close to none. The entire time you were singing 'Get it Right' the other day he was holding Quinn's hand and smiling. He doesn't care that he's broken your heart countless times. He doesn't care, Rachel."

"You're being really mean." She tried not to let the tears build up in her eyes.

"Fuck, Rachel." He sighed. "All I'm trying to say is that… you don't need anybody to tell you how great you are… you used to know that all on your own."

He was surprised when he saw her face contort in anger and she narrowed her eyes at him. "What about you?"

"What about me?" Puck matched her gaze.

"You've spent the last few months trying to 'woo' Lauren? It's ridiculous. Since when does Noah Puckerman ever try that hard to get a girl?"

"I like her." Puck defended himself.

"She is constantly putting you down and she's horrible to you, Noah." Rachel shook her head. "She's not worth it and for some reason you have it stuck in your head that you two could work out. You say that I'm changing for Finn, what about how you've changed for her?"

"I haven't changed for anyone." Puck rolled his eyes.

"The Noah Puckerman I knew wouldn't go out of his way to get a girls attention. You were always so proud and adamant about doing songs strictly by Jewish artists, Noah. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think anyone from Queen is Jewish."

"Don't go comparing Lauren to Finn." Puck stepped towards her again.

"How is what she doing any different than what Finn is doing?" She crossed her arms. "They are both just stringing us along."

Puck felt his stomach drop at her words. He took a deep breath and looked away from Rachel.

"Maybe…" Rachel sighed. "Maybe we should try to move on. Forget about Finn and about Lauren. I think that maybe what you're saying might have some truth to it. Maybe Finn and I don't belong together but neither do you and Lauren. You used to know how great you were too, but it seems like ever since you started this thing with Lauren you're changing, Noah, and not for the better." She took a few steps towards him. "You shouldn't have to change yourself for someone else. If Lauren can't see how amazing you are all on your own, then she doesn't deserve you in the first place."

"I could say the same thing about you." Puck looked back at her. "You spent all of last year trying to fit into this damn girlfriend cutout Finn had. It's not you, Rachel."

She nodded. "Maybe you're right." She sunk back onto the piano bench and Puck soon followed suit.

"I am right." Puck's fingers slid across the keys. "I'll make you deal. I'll help you get over Finn and you can help me break up with Lauren. I'm going to need witnesses because I'm about 104% sure she's going to try to break every bone in my body when I tell her it's over."

Rachel laughed softly. "How are you going to help me with Finn?"

"Remember that girl last year that was talking about Broadway and New York and how she was going to take them both by storm? I'm going to help you find her again." Puck smiled over at her, nudging her shoulder with his own softly.

"I would like to get her back." Rachel nodded once, smiling as well.

Puck was right, Lauren was mad when he called it quits a week later but as he sat in his kitchen with a black eye and Rachel standing over him, holding an ice pack to his face as she teased him for getting beaten up by a girl he couldn't help but think that he had done the right thing. The amusement in Rachel's eyes as she laughed made Puck think that maybe she was thinking the exact same thing.